Do-it-yourself support for a climbing rose for a summer cottage

The arrangement of a summer cottage sometimes takes years. How to make your site so that you want to be there all the time?

do-it-yourself rose support

Supports for flowers in the country

At the summer cottage, the support for the climbing rose looks beautiful . With your own hands, you can make it from rods or aluminum tubes intertwined with wire. On such supports, the climbing rose that adorns the summer cottage until late autumn, and the bindweed, which also blooms all summer, looks great. A climbing rose loves the sunny side. Three times during the season, old branches are cut, giving room for young shoots. The rose is very tender and beautiful. Having planted a couple of bushes of such a rose near the house, it can even decorate its walls. To do this, a trellis net is attached to the wall of the house, not a very expensive support for curly flowers, made of willow branches stuck in the ground and interwoven with wire at different levels. To prevent the trellis from sagging, it is attached to the wall with nails or hooks. A wall decorated with weaving roses will look like an elegant flower bedspread. Roses in the country look very beautiful both in the ground and in large pots decorating the entrance to the house. Decorating roses with a fence that separates your paradise from your neighbors, you will create the effect of an old European estate.

Varieties of supports

Original looks are made of arches located above the tracks of the site. This is a good support for a climbing rose. With your own hands you can make it from metal ste

curly flower support
rust and welded between them rings or beams, on which a rose with thin shoots will wander. Arcs set in the form of an arch. They are fixed in the ground by concreting at a distance of 50-80 centimeters from each other. Large flowers of spray roses, combined with weaving, planted along the paths, look very beautiful. And if you install a couple of small shops in such a tunnel, this will be a favorite vacation spot for all family members. You can install a plastic grill. She is not afraid of either cold or ultraviolet radiation and is suitable for clematis and ivy. Steel wire is the most reliable and durable. Wire mesh lasts 10-15 years. They are usually well suited for grapes and roses. Wooden lattice - another support for a climbing rose, made by yourself, this is the most common form. It is suitable not only for weaving roses, but also for many other plants, but is less durable than metal. It is worth noting that the supports should be aesthetically beautiful and reliable. You need to carefully consider how they will be fixed in the ground, than to be attached to the wall.
roses in the country

Well of ideas

There are many more ideas on how to decorate a summer cottage with roses. For example, you can entwine weaving roses around trees or shoot on the railing of the stairs leading to the 2nd floor of the house. It is worth looking through design magazines or taking a walk and looking at the summer cottages of neighbors, where you can get a lot of interesting ideas. Maybe some of the neighbors have a support for a climbing rose, made by their own hands, but not the same as yours. Take a look, maybe this is also a good idea for your summer cottage!


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