Feng Shui wealth zone in the apartment: location, design features, activation

According to the adherents of the practice of Feng Shui, any home is a living organism, filled with energy. It happens that a person feels comfortable, feels cosiness, protection and peace. But it happens the other way around, when people, being in their own home, experience fear, inconvenience or other unpleasant feelings. This is due to the fact that the house does not always harmonize with its owners, and may even reject them. But do not be upset: any home can be put in order, make it pleasant and comfortable for living, filling with positive energy.

Properly designed space can establish business in various areas of life. This is what the eastern practice of Feng Shui is dedicated to.

where is the wealth zone of feng shui

Speaking of financial success, it is important to know that in any apartment there is a sector responsible for material well-being. If you put it in order and arrange it properly, you can improve your financial situation. This is what is described in the article. The information below also answers questions about where the Feng Shui wealth zone is in the apartment and how to make it work for the benefit of the owner.

How to find a sector responsible for material well-being?

Before embarking on any changes, you need to find out the location of this site. If you believe the practice of Feng Shui, the wealth zone in the apartment is located in the southeast. To determine the desired room, you can use the compass.

where is the feng shui wealth zone in the house

The next step is to assess the condition. Maybe this part of the house is cluttered or furniture is installed there? You should know that the more things are located in the wealth zone in Feng Shui, the weaker the circulation of Chi energy will be. Namely, she is responsible for filling the space with vital force.

Cleaning and tidying up

When a Feng Shui wealth zone is defined, where energy needs more free space, you should put things in order here. Assessing the condition of the southeastern part of the home, you also need to understand how comfortable it is to be here. Are there any junk and unnecessary furniture? Maybe there are other foreign objects? If furniture is installed in this sector, it is recommended to rearrange it. It is important to remember that the money zone should always be clean and comfortable. Dirt, dust and debris should be disposed of regularly.

wealth zone in feng shui apartment

Disposal of unnecessary items

It is very important to remove antiques from the Feng Shui wealth zone in the house . Any antiques has a powerful energy field. Moreover, it can change from positive to negative, which depends on which people previously owned the thing. Negative energy can harm the positive circulation. Therefore, even if this thing fits perfectly into the general surroundings of the room, it is recommended to remove it away from the money zone.

There should not be a bin or broken items in this room. The Feng Shui wealth zone, if it contains garbage, will give only a negative result. And this will negatively affect the homeowners and their financial situation.

Poor or dry flowers emit bad energy. A plant such as a cactus generates Sha energy, so it is better to place it in an area that is designed to work.

If this place falls into the kitchen, it is recommended to remove the refrigerator from the southeastern part of the room. When this is not possible, experts in the field of Feng Shui advise you to regularly clean it and keep order. Be sure to get rid of the ice, missing and stale products.

It is undesirable to have a fireplace in the money sector. According to experts in Feng Shui practice, fire negatively affects this area and repels material well-being. However, if it turns out that the fireplace is located in the apartment in the southeast, you can achieve harmony with the help of water: install a home room fountain or an aquarium nearby.

How to activate the wealth zone in Feng Shui?

This is a very important point in the harmonization of the money sector, therefore, it must be taken very seriously. Having cleared the Feng Shui wealth zone in the apartment and put things in order here, you should proceed to its activation. This process includes the placement of some elements and design in a certain color scheme. To cope with such a task is very simple.

Various items and optional items

The main method of activating a money zone is to place a tree in it. It can be an ornamental plant or an artificial tree with coins instead of leaves. The most suitable plant for these purposes, which can be planted in a pot, is a fat girl. The flower is better known among the people as a money tree. A significant advantage is that the plant is unpretentious to the living conditions, and also easy to care for. In addition, you can hang a picture on which the forest will be depicted.

Feng Shui wealth zone

Among the additional little things that will help activate the zone, we can distinguish such items:

  • money frog ;
  • image with a hieroglyph denoting money;
  • "The music of wind";
  • various souvenirs from precious metals;
  • Chinese coins (with a small hole in the center).

All items can be purchased in souvenir shops or brought from the countries of the Far East, if you can go there.


Aquarium is an ideal option for activating the Feng Shui wealth zone in the apartment. He will have especially good energy, there is a launch of gold-colored fish. It is important to clean the aquarium and change the water in a timely manner.

wealth zone in the house by feng shui

Water is an excellent source of attracting money, so do not neglect this point. In addition to the aquarium, you can install a home fountain. However, this is quite an expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford.

According to experts in the field of Feng Shui, if suddenly a fish dies in the aquarium - this is a good omen. So she took away the trouble from home. After that, you need to run one black fish into the aquarium, which is necessary to protect the home.

In extreme cases, you can use images of water. But this is only on condition that it is impossible to place a vessel with water. There are also certain recommendations. For example, the water in the image must be in motion. Pictures with a stream or a waterfall are well suited. Photos depicting stagnant waters like a pond, lake or sea should not be placed in the monetary sector.

Feng Shui wealth zone in the room

Colors of Feng Shui Wealth Zone

There are several shades that will help attract money:

  • the black;
  • purple;
  • lilac;
  • green;
  • gold;
  • Navy blue.

But this does not mean that you need to repaint the room or hang bulky carpets on the walls. It is enough to place here decorative elements or home decoration in the corresponding color scheme.

In what cases is it not worth activating the wealth zone?

If it so happens that a bedroom is located in the southeast, you should abandon the planned action. This is due to the fact that Yin energy reigns in the room. With the additional activation of the Chi energy field, disharmony is possible, which, again, will negatively affect households. As practice shows, if this rule is violated, a person begins to feel tired and is in a state of constant stress. But do not worry: if the bedroom is located in the southeast, then the owners of the house are already influenced by positive energy.


Feng Shui practice can help harmonize the energy background of the home and its owner. Often people do not think why their life is not as good as they would like. And in vain, because everything can be fixed for the better.

colors of wealth zone by feng shui

This world is filled with various energies that can both destroy and improve people's lives. Having put in order the zone of wealth in Feng Shui in the apartment, you can stabilize not only your financial situation, but also to establish affairs related to other areas of life. You just need to believe that it really works, and follow the rules described above.

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