Unexpected problem: how to know your email

Forgetfulness is one of the most interesting traits of a human character. Sometimes it is useful to forget certain events and facts, but more often the loss of the necessary information leads to significant problems. For example, the loss of an email address will not allow you to receive the necessary correspondence. And then the question arises before the person: "How do I know my email?"

What is the difference between email

E-mail is almost a complete analogue of ordinary. With its help create and send mail messages. You can embed in the letter not only text and photos, but also media files.

how to know your email
The e-mail address is unique for each user. Naturally, it is quite difficult to compare with the usual address of residence e-mail. An email account is a virtual creature. This is a repository of information on the network. It is created on special mail servers, access to it can be obtained from any device connected to the Internet. The address consists of two parts, separated by the @ sign. The presence of this sign is a prerequisite. The first part is the user's unique nickname, the second is the name of the mail server. An email address is acquired upon registration on the server. In this case, it is necessary to remember another set of unique parameters: password, answer to the security question, mobile phone number to which the address is tied. The latest data is needed to recover a password that is the property of the owner and is not transmitted to outsiders.

Features of access to the address

So, having successfully completed the registration process, having received your unique address, you have safely forgotten it. Before you find out your email, remember the name of the server on which you registered.

Usually use free: mail, yandex, rumbler.

how to find out my email address

  • If you open the corresponding page on your own computer, you can see the login that was used earlier in the "Mail" section. Usually it is the first part of the address, and the server name is the second. The latter is in the address bar of the browser.
  • Separate mail servers have several domains, offering them to the user. In this case, the problem of “how to know your email” becomes as many times more complicated as the domain names the server offers.
  • Using special mail programs installed on a PC leads to a situation where a person is not trying to remember his address. Automatic application settings do not require constant input, as a result, information is forgotten. You can find what you need in the settings. Normally, just open the accounts section. For insecure users, this becomes an insoluble problem. A person asks, “How do I know my email address?” - and finds no answer. But the solution is simple - find the "Sent" section, look in the letters.

Active address - prerequisite

Confidence in having an e-mail address can be shaken by the inability to send messages to your inbox. “Undelivered message” is the scourge of blocked mailboxes.

how to know email in contact
If the mailing address is not used within three months, it is blocked by the system. You must go through the recovery process. Without an answer to the question of how to find out your email, this is impossible. Break the vicious circle will help friends to whom you sent messages. True, you can search for a record in a notebook, perhaps you did it after registration.

Help social networks

There is a fairly simple way to determine your email contact details. Social networks in the registration process offer to publish a number of contact information (section "Personal Information"), including e-mail. It is enough to carefully research the necessary page on the network. Personal data is often publicly available.

ID - a set of numbers that uniquely determines the registration on individual sites, is often replaced by a login, nickname, etc. The use of special programs is classified as prohibited means. Hacking a page is administratively prosecuted; it does not matter that this is a personal page. The simplest way to find out the email in "Contact" is to check: it may be used as a login.

It’s great that the world is full of good friends with whom you are in contact, contact them. Perhaps they know the address you need.

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