Kater Kostromich, T-63 and 1606 projects: technical specifications and purpose

In the article we will examine in detail one of the vessels of the technical, service and auxiliary fleet. Usually vessels of this type have a small tonnage. These are various tugboats, as they have excellent maneuverability and great stability at a relatively short length. Such small vessels are used as protection of reserves, conduct inspection of Rybnadzor. You can meet them in the service of border guards and customs.

General information

It will be about the boat "Kostromich". This small ship has recently gained unprecedented popularity among lovers of both water recreation and fishermen. Many enterprising people buy out old ships, make major repairs, turning the interior into beautiful apartments, where you can relax in comfortable cabins, cook food in a fully equipped kitchen.

boat kostromich

The cost of the Kostromich boats available for sale, of course, is high - from one and a half million to two million rubles. However, it is still in great demand among entrepreneurs. After all, after reconstruction it can be leased and earn good capital on tourists and fishermen. Such a boat will pay off in a few years, and then there will be only net profit.

Ship history

A boat of the Kostromich type was created at the initiative of the Central Design Bureau Glavlesprom in the late forties of the last century. The official date of approval of the design of the vessel is 1949. There are two modifications of this screw tug - T-63 and 1606. They are significantly different from each other. Next, we will take a closer look at two versions of this vessel. Motor ships were built at the shipbuilding enterprises of Sosnovka, Kostroma and Rybinsk (previously named Andropov).

fishing boat

The initial purpose of the vessels was as follows: timber rafting, towing non-self-propelled barges and vessels, pontoons, transportation of goods weighing up to one and a half tons, passenger groups (mainly timber rafting workers) in groups of up to 20 people.

However, after the start of the work of the Kostromich boats, they were also actively used for service in the Navy and border guard services. In civil shipping, they were used as tugboats and traveling boats.

These small motor ships have gained popularity in many shipping companies in the country, so a huge number of them have been produced over the years.

Description of the boat "Kostromich" project T-63

The motor ship of this type has a steel hull. This is a ship of propellers, a propeller is reliably protected from soil, fuel, even when stranded, you can be absolutely calm, the screw will not get damaged.

Kostromich project 1606

The features of this Kostromich boat project are as follows:

  1. Overall length of the vessel is 17.5 meters.
  2. Case width - 3.78 meters.
  3. The class of the vessel in the River Register is designated as β€œO”.
  4. The type of boat has an official name: a single-deck helical tug with a developed forecastle and a semi-sunken wheelhouse.
  5. The boat has a small draft, only 0.87 meters; therefore, it is often used on shallow rivers and lakes of the country.
  6. Engine power is 150 horsepower.
  7. Diesel engine, type 3D6. However, many now put a more powerful engine. Here, when buying, you need to pay attention to the technical specifications described in the ads.

Description of the ship "Kostromich" project 1606

This ship also has a steel hull and a shallow landing, designed for transport and towing work on rivers and lakes. This project was created in the Design Bureau of a shipbuilding plant in the city of Andropov (now Rybinsk). The length of the vessel is slightly less than the previous version - the T-63 boat, is 17.3 meters, with a width of 3.7 meters.

project t 63 kostromich

The speed that the boat has in idle runs up to 20 km / h. At full speed, it can reach speeds of up to 14.7 knots. The displacement of the boat is 23.4 tons. Initially, 3D6N engines with a capacity of 235 horsepower were installed at the shipbuilding enterprise. Such boats "Kostromich" were produced from the docks of Rybinsk from 1972 to 1989. Most of these tugboats were used for civilian purposes, but many served as PSKA (transcript - border patrol boats).

Over the entire production period of such a model, more than 500 motor ships were built. These fishing boats are of interest today. Not to mention the fact that such maneuverable and small vessels to this day are among the ships of the Black Sea Fleet. There is one of the motor ships of the Kostromich type, project 1606, based at the Quarantine Bay in Sevastopol. He daily performs the work of a traveling boat.

Boat Safety

Motor ships of the Kostromich type are perfect for safe recreation on the water. Tourists who rent a fishing boat can be absolutely calm for their safety. Firstly, as stated in the article earlier, the ship's propeller is perfectly protected from damage, even if it gets aground, you can not worry about it for integrity.

The ship is fully equipped with rescue equipment. This and special equipment, lifebuoys and belts.

On each fishing boat you will see a fire corner, in which there is a hook, a box with sand, scrap metal, a nightmare, a large ax and, of course, buckets.

Also in the wheelhouse there is a sound siren and a large headlight that illuminates the terrain well even in fog. They can, if necessary, give a light and sound signal for help.

The crew of the boat "Kostromich" consists of 4 people who are trained in all the necessary skills for action in extreme situations. Passengers can be absolutely calm.

If you decide to buy such a vessel for personal use or rent it out, then you also need to learn all the safety rules on the ship, to know how to act correctly in the event of a fire or landing boat aground. This is of great importance for the safety of both the crew and passengers.

Ship improvement

Currently, craftsmen are installing advanced equipment, introducing new technology. This also applies to navigation devices and diesel engines. It would seem that simple fishing boats, and after improvement, turn into a real mobile complex. Right on board the boat you can use a laptop, Internet, Wi-Fi. Using the latest technology, you can carry out all kinds of measurements, calculate the distance and amount of fuel needed for travel.

screw tug

Naturally, the purchase of such motor ships is much more expensive than the purchase of an old vessel with rusty sides and bottom. Then the new owner will have to invest a certain amount of money for repairs anyway. Not to mention the time spent. And there are not so many masters who can perform such work qualitatively. There is always a risk that there will be scammers who will do the work through their sleeves and take a decent amount of money.

And buying a ready-made, improved model, you can immediately start using such a boat for fishing, transporting passengers or goods, earning money and paying back the cost of invested finances. So decide for yourself which is better - buy a ready-made motor ship and have fun from the first days of use or independently repair and reconstruct navigation equipment and the engine.


Boats of the Kostromich type have large overall dimensions. Agree that a length of almost 18 meters with a width of 3.7 meters is a pretty impressive size for a fishing boat. People who are preparing the vessel for sale or for business, try to decorate as beautifully as the interior of the ship, as well as its outer part. Let's talk first about the decoration of a rather spacious ship.

The ship has several separate cabins, a bathroom, drinking water is supplied through the pipeline, there is a ventilation system (winds) and heating.

Indoor facilities

People who rent a fishing boat want to spend a few days in the lap of nature, but with all the amenities of modern civilization. Some masters make a real "renovation" of the room, being in which you can feel at home. These are comfortable bedrooms with wooden beds made of expensive wood and orthopedic mattresses, bedside tables and wardrobes for things.

technical maintenance and auxiliary fleet vessels

In your free time from fishing, you can watch TV or listen to music, contact loved ones via Skype or post photos of your adventures on social networks.

Kitchen equipment is also required on a fishing boat. There is a stove, microwave, small refrigerator, a set of dishes for cooking, an electric kettle or a coffee maker.

You can eat at the table in the kitchen or in fine weather on the upper deck. There are four to five portholes on each side of the ship.

The upper deck of the ship

On a boat of the type "Kostromich" there is a lot of free space on the upper decks. Many entrepreneurs ennoble the deck by making wooden flooring from teak or Siberian larch. This not only makes the appearance more attractive, but also saves on hot days from the heat of the metal deck.

Kostromich boat characteristics

There are spacious two decks on the boat. In front of the steering superstructure on the bow of the vessel, a table and benches are often installed for the convenience of fishermen or a fun company. Behind the wheelhouse on the stern of the vessel there is still a spacious deck of the same size, but with a canopy. There you can sit in the evenings under an electric lamp or in bad rainy weather you can go fishing from under a canopy. It's comfortable.

People who are engaged in the transport of goods, this place is reserved for the storage of goods.


The article gives the characteristics and a full description of the appearance of the vessel "Kostromich", as well as its possible interior decoration. If you decide to buy a boat, then we hasten to please you: there are a lot of ads for sale, a large selection. This boat is popular with buyers.

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