How to learn to spin the ball on your finger? The main thing is to set a goal and persistently move towards it!

From the outside, it seems that the ability to spin a basketball on a finger is a difficult and even difficult task that only the most skilled athletes or circus performers can do. But in fact, you need to take time to regular training - and you can easily perform this trick.

If you don’t know how to learn how to spin the ball on your finger, then for starters you can watch a lot of videos on the Internet, where people are willing to share the secrets of their skills. The instructions on many videos are more than informative, so watching them will certainly be useful to anyone who wants to learn this trick.

How to learn to spin the ball on your finger?

In order to learn, regular training and an understanding of the meaning of the process are necessary. Business professionals advise beginners to first determine the center of gravity of the ball with which, in fact, you are going to conduct training. To do this, place the ball in a suitable container of water, and then determine its point, which is the lowest, and mark it with a marker.

how to learn to spin the ball on your finger

How to learn to spin the ball on your finger? Of course, work hard. To work out a certain knack of performing the trick, you need to take time to do the exercises below.


The legs should be shoulder width apart, while keeping the torso as straight as possible, not leaning forward or backward. One hand should be placed closer to the body, and the other, on the contrary, further. The ball should be at a distance of about half a meter from the face and at its level. The distance is approximate, since, in fact, it is purely individual and depends directly on the length of the arms, which, incidentally, should be bent at right angles.

So, try to do an exercise on stability and speed of rotation of the ball. To do this, try to spin it in the air at least several times, at a height of about one and a half meters from the floor. Do not be discouraged if it falls, and the first time nothing comes out.

basketball on the finger

How to learn to spin the ball on your finger, if you do not show the necessary patience, which we mentioned at the very beginning? So that he does not fall, the main thing is to develop a stable rotation. The yule is spinning on this principle, imagine in your mind how it looks from the side, and again try to reproduce this action with the ball. Remember that the more you spin it, the more stable the rotation will be. As for the rotation technique itself, to give movement, you need to throw the ball with a sharp movement of the hands, while they must move in opposite directions. From this, it will begin to spin, and now the main thing is to prevent it from slipping down. For these purposes, you need to substitute the index finger in place of the axis of rotation, and with his free hand add speed to it.

When beginners, not knowing how to learn how to twist the ball on their finger, immediately grab onto the job without learning the basics of this skill, they doom themselves to commit such a mistake as tossing it too high. In this case, catching the ball, especially with one finger, will be very difficult.

Another workout

When the past exercise becomes easy, you need to increase the number of minutes during which you can hold a rotating object. Remember, we marked the center of gravity on the ball with a dot? So, taking the same pose as for the first exercise, you need to take it with your outstretched hand so that the point set by the marker is exactly on the fingers.

how to spin the ball on your finger

Hold the ball on top with your other hand. Try to reproduce its movement around its axis with the hand on which it lies, and when the ball hangs in the air, substitute the index finger, looking strictly up. That's the whole workout.


Now you know how to spin the ball on your finger, which means that in the future learn the trick itself. Good luck!


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