Foodband: employee and customer reviews

In Moscow you can find many delicious food delivery companies. Especially popular among residents of the capital are institutions that prepare pizza. This is a versatile dish that is suitable for both a corporate dinner and a fun party. The main thing is to choose the right ingredients. It is also a unique feature of a dish such as pizza. After all, it may contain various combinations of sauces and fillings at the request of the customer.

Reviews of Foodband note that this is one of the most popular suppliers in Moscow. They work in several points of the city to provide orders to a multi-million audience of lovers of delicious and great pizza. A dish is made according to a special recipe. Each order at the exit before delivery is individually checked by the manager for compliance with quality and established standards. Employees of the company also note a high activity and friendly team with decent wages and the opportunity to grow.

About the company

Reviews about Foodband appeared in various food delivery forums back in early 2013. It was then that the brand and trademark of the company was formed. The first few years, the company was engaged in the manufacture of pizza only and honed the skill of this culinary craft. With the growth of the audience, the staff of the organization expanded.

Fast shipping

New vacant posts appeared. Further, the company opened several more branches in Moscow to optimize order processing and meet user needs. It is worth noting that the company only works on food delivery. There is no room for a meal. The chosen dish can be delivered both home and to the metro station.

Users also note the speed of preparation and delivery of dishes. As the founders themselves say, the main thing is that the cooked pizza arrives hot, since the chilled one loses its taste. To preserve heat, all dishes are transported only in special packaging and a thermal bag. Foodband address in Moscow: 4th Likhachevsky per., 4.

Dishes for delivery

Reviews about Foodband are also presented on large portals dedicated to ordering food delivery. It is noted that the company withstands serious competition and does not stop developing. Over 5 years, the range has grown not only to a large number of different pizza options, but also Asian and Pan-Asian dishes. All products can be quickly delivered to the customer to their destination.

Big choice

For this, couriers with their own car are used. They teach orders and choose only the fastest routes to prevent the dishes from cooling down or, on the contrary, from heating up. All delivery works around the clock. To receive meals, you must make an order in the amount of 650 rubles in the daytime. Starting from 11 a.m., the order rate rises to 750 rubles (100 rubles - night extra charge).

Packaging features

Foodband reviews indicate that the company uses fully branded materials and boxes. In addition, special packaging technologies for each dish are applied. This allows you to preserve their consistency and make their transportation more convenient. Each pizza box contains a backing made of parchment to keep the dough dry. On the sides, the internal fastenings of the box hold their shape and do not allow the dish to move during transportation.

Better conditions

Before dispatch by courier, each meal passes quality control. This innovation is not found in all establishments. Workers note that the delivery of dishes occurs according to the restaurant type. The responsible shift controls not only the production process, but also the packaging, sending the finished assortment to the customer. The delivery bag has strong sides, which allows you to hold exactly every box placed inside.

Menu options

Foodband employees' feedback on the delivery service on various thematic portals is mostly positive. Moscow is a large city that often faces traffic jams, but this does not prevent drivers from finding convenient routes to deliver the order on time to the client. In order to get acquainted with the full menu, you must visit the official website.

On the main page you will be prompted to immediately select the category of dishes that you need to receive on delivery. This is not only pizza, but also rolls, noodles, soups and salads. Just over a hundred different items for every taste. Expanding the assortment is related to simplifying the choice for several people, when one wants to order pizza and the other rolls. Now everything can be obtained from one supplier.

Customer reviews

Pizzeria Foodband is in demand not only among residents of the capital, but also among large companies. There are corporate lunchtime meal contracts with large companies. They also include television studio studios. Especially often they like to order pizza in large volumes by software development firms. Professional workers can carry out a large order immediately on specialized equipment.

Quality ingredients

Therefore, companies trust when ordering dishes for corporate parties and parties. You can not only get tasty food in a short time, but also save money, as for regular customers discount systems and loyalty programs are available. For convenience, any form of payment for the order is provided, this can be done either immediately on the site or by transferring money to the courier.

Promotions and promotional codes

The company has special promotions and bonuses that allow you to get dishes not only with a good discount, but also with gifts. So, when ordering a large number of pizzas (from 4 pieces or more), customers receive several liters of homemade lemonade as a gift, as well as additional discount coupons. There is a special promotion for all birthday parties. When providing a document (passport) to confirm the birthday, the customer gets the opportunity to choose one of the dishes in the order, which will be presented at the expense of the institution.

There are also special promotional codes that offer to get promotional sets of dishes with an additional discount. All stock updates can be found on the official website of the company. It also offers a choice of free promotional codes, which also give the opportunity to receive part of the order for free.

Pizza Features

Pizza in Foodband, according to many customers, stands out not only for taste, but also for the dough itself. Employees of the company involved in the preparation of dishes indicate that when baking pizza, it is necessary to focus on the dough. Pizza for customers is available in sizes from 30 to 40 cm. Only experienced workers who often undergo training and certification work on cooking and baking.

High quality

Pizza dough comes in 36 hours. Chefs knead the mass on their own and leave it to rise and roam. This is done according to the Italian recipe. To support high quality dishes, the company only cooperates with reliable suppliers who offer good products. Each batch is checked.

It is also worth noting the baking method. Pizza is not served in a convection oven, as many companies do. For this, a special stone stove is used. Due to the heated surface and even temperature distribution, the dough does not burn, and the crust remains crispy. After extraction, pizza is immediately placed on parchment and placed in a special box made of durable corrugated cardboard.

Order online

You can place your order quickly enough. To do this, go to the "Menu" section and select the appropriate dishes. Further, all marked products by the user fall into the basket. It is located in the upper right corner of the screen. By clicking on the icon, the client enters a new section. It will present all previously selected items, as well as the total cost, taking into account delivery.

Lots of toppings

If you have a special promotional code, it will be entered in the field below under payment. Then, within a few minutes, a manager or operator contacts the client to agree on all delivery conditions. The exact address where you need to bring ready meals should be indicated. Immediately formed the approximate waiting time for food preparation and delivery, based on the workload of cooks and the distance of the client from the company.

Mobile app

Employee reviews about Foodband note that more and more users have begun to apply for orders through the mobile application. It is available for download on any mobile platform. It is much more convenient and practical. The application is monitored by the company's operators. To improve the level of service, a rating is conducted for the delivery and assessment of the quality of the dish. After receiving the order, each user can leave feedback on the work.

Employees of the company note that the management focuses on working with each client. This allowed the organization to develop into a large network and be popular in the delivery market for five years. Managers and operators undergo ongoing training to work with clients and arrange meetings with corporate partners. Workers and cooks are also constantly evolving. As a reward, in addition to bonuses and high salaries, the company often holds corporate parties.

Jobs for employees

Jobs at Foodband can be found on the official website of the shipping company. In this section, only the most relevant places of work with requirements and wages for the month are always laid out. All employees are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Labor Law. They must undergo a full medical examination before the device.

Experienced staff

Jobs in Moscow at Foodband can be found for any type of job. It takes, for example, a lot of drivers with their own transport for delivering orders. The necessary conditions for admission to the state are minimal. The main thing is to have a reliable car and be able to quickly and accurately carry out your work. Operators are also required to contact customers to receive orders. Of the higher paid posts there are administrators and cooks for shifts.


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