Easy and simple: newspaper manicure

Currently, there are many more ways to decorate your nails. Among them are quite exotic, and at the same time surprisingly simple in execution. It's no secret that today it is becoming more and more difficult to surprise acquaintances with an original drawing on nails . In this case, attention is given to rare methods of applying the pattern. Of particular interest here is the technique of creating a manicure using a newspaper. Agree, not many have heard about this unusual method. Invented in France quite recently, it has not yet managed to fly around the world. The technique of manicure is connected with one Frenchwoman, who, being a master in a beauty salon, wanted to somehow distribute a newspaper article about herself. The latter spoke about the achievements of this woman in the field of beauty. But the newspaper itself was not particularly popular in France, so many could simply not read it. Then the craftswoman decided to use the text of the article for manicure to her clients. The unusual idea was received with a bang, which brought popularity not only to a little-known newspaper, but also to an enterprising female cosmetologist.

So how to make a manicure with a newspaper? To do this, you will need very little time and effort. The basis is best to take a white matte varnish or close to it: light pink, light gray, yellow - the colors against which newspaper letters will look most advantageous. Still, white is recommended, because it was originally used. You will also need a transparent fixing varnish and any newspaper. The choice of publication depends on the imagination and the desired result. For example, English letters may look very attractive, for which you will have to purchase a newspaper in English. It should be remembered that the drawings on the fingers will be different from each other (unless, of course, you select identical fragments of text for each nail). Although this difference is one of the advantages of this manicure.

Manicure using a newspaper can be done in two ways. But in any case, to do the work you will need a matte and transparent varnish, fixing a transparent agent and a degreasing liquid - acetone or an alcohol-containing solution, for example, perfume. Before starting a manicure, it is necessary to clean the nails from the previous varnish well, file them, if necessary, to the desired shape. After that, you can start the main work. Also, you must first prepare ten pieces of the newspaper, which you plan to use for drawing. Cut them better than a square shape or close to the shape of a nail, and in size these fragments should completely cover the nail plate. Better if they will slightly protrude beyond it. This greatly simplifies subsequent paper removal. The following are two ways to make a manicure using a newspaper.

First option

After preliminary preparation, the nails are ready for work. It is better to varnish them in turn, so that the layer does not have time to dry. First you need to apply a clear varnish to the first of the nails. Then drip acetone liquid on the selected piece of paper and attach to the nail plate. In no case can you move it, otherwise the picture will shift and, instead of a clear imprint of the letters, something blurry will appear. If this is not your goal, it is better to be careful and just press the paper to the nail. After which it remains to wait a little while the varnish and the drawing dry. Depending on the product used, it takes from thirty seconds to several minutes. The main thing is to wait patiently. When the varnish dries, you can safely remove the paper by hooking it on the protruding edge. It may happen that it does not peel off all, and part will remain on the nail. Do not worry. In conclusion, the picture is covered with another layer of transparent varnish or a special tool for quick drying. This will securely fix it on the nail and hide some flaws.

Second option

The second method differs from the previous one in that alcohol is used instead of acetone. If necessary, it can be replaced by perfume or men's cologne. Also, for work you will need an opaque matte varnish. As mentioned above, light shades, pastel and pale gray tones are best suited. First, a base layer of varnish is applied to the nails, which, in contrast to the description of the first method, should dry well. If there is such an opportunity, then this layer is best applied the day before the procedure. Otherwise, there is a risk that the varnish will become cracked. Pieces of paper here are dipped in alcohol for several seconds (you can simply moisten each with a few drops), after which they are applied to the nail as quickly as possible. It is important to attach them more tightly, but not to budge. After 20 seconds, the paper can be removed. Important: the resulting pattern must be dry before you apply a transparent, fixing layer on top.

Manicure with the help of the newspaper itself looks original and fresh, but in your power to make it unique. You can connect a fantasy to get an even more original result. For example, cut out not letters from paper, but drawings, strips, etc. Or do a β€œmusical” manicure using notes. And it’s not at all necessary to look for a newspaper and choose in it what you like. You can always print your own drawings or the text of your composition on the printer, and then use them to create a pattern on the nails.

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