How to deal with aggression: the manifestation of signs of aggression, the reasons that cause it, effective methods of struggle, the advice and recommendations of psychologists

Many people do not know how to cope with their own emotions. They do not control their condition, and as a result, mood swings and aggression are an integral part of their life. How to cope with aggression and become a more balanced person? Read about it below.

Signs of aggression

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How does uncontrolled anger manifest itself? People raise their voices and begin to prove their point of view through screaming. Such outbreaks can greatly ruin relationships with others. How to deal with aggression? You need to become calmer and learn to understand the reasons for your failures. Do all people show aggression in the form of a scream and an increase in head? Not. Some people, trying to hide their irritation, switch to a sarcastic tone. A person stops listening to his opponent and begins to prove his case. This way of expressing one’s own point of view is very bad. A person cannot communicate normally, since arguments that may be sound do not reach the point of consciousness.

How does aggression manifest itself physiologically? A person begins to sweat, his face turns red, and his hands are actively gesticulating. A person who speaks emotions, raises her voice and can break into a cry. The irritation of the person will be felt on a subconscious level.


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Are you thinking about how to deal with aggression? Eliminating the consequence of the problem is stupid. We need to deal with the reasons. What are they like?

  • Stress. A person who does not have the opportunity to fully relax, will experience stress. Overwork, overload of information, complex and constant tasks, requests and advice can undermine the psyche of even a healthy person. If you sleep for a long time and are constantly in a stressful situation, you will become irritable and aggressive.
  • Woe A person in a difficult situation will be greatly shaken by nerves. Any, even minor, bad event can be a disaster. Therefore, try to communicate less with people and first experience a difficult situation alone, so as not to do stupid things.
  • Depression. A person who is depressed is not able to adequately respond to everything that happens. Nerves can pass at any moment, and a person will fall into causeless rage.

Keep track of emotions

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A person who experiences certain emotions should be aware of the nature of their appearance. In this case, it will be possible to cope with aggression. How to do it? A person must learn in a fit of anger to realize why he is now experiencing discontent and what causes it. If you are unable to control your feelings in a situation, consider the reasons for your behavior after another outbreak. You may be annoyed by someone's incompetence or someone's neglect of you. Knowing the causes of your aggression, it will be easier for you to control feelings. Try not to allow an unpleasant feeling into your soul. Every time you understand that the situation is difficult, abstract yourself. Only in this way will you be able to achieve a satisfactory result. Do you understand that you are boiling? End the conversation or change the subject.

Understand the reasons for the behavior of another person

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How to cope with aggression towards a child? An adult should understand that any creature, even the smallest, always has some reason and rarely does something out of stupidity. For example, a child can scream violently, drawing attention to itself. In such a situation no persuasion will help, and an elementary hug and an affectionate word work wonders. Any experienced parent can understand the reasons for childhood vagaries. But what about adults?

Not all individuals speak openly about what they want. Many hide the reasons for their actions. The confusion of the situation can cause confusion and aggression in your soul. To prevent this, become a psychologist. Learn to understand the causes of other people's behavior. Simple observation will help you get rid of oppressive feelings and improve relationships with people.

Find a hobby

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A person needs to somehow pour out his emotions. If a person does not receive timely discharge, then in the end, she is doomed to break. How to deal with aggression and outbursts of anger?

You need to find an outlet. A hobby is better than any medicine. A man who, after his beloved work, returns home and does what he has a soul for, will not be annoyed by all the little things. But the person who works only in order to replenish his budget and after that he watches TV all evening, is doomed to constant outbursts of anger. When you ride a minibus and someone steps on your foot, and you have a great mood and everything in life is wonderful, what will you say to an accidental pest? You will accept his apology and answer what happens to everyone. But if you have stepped on your foot, and even before that you were in a bad mood, you’ll fall apart. Avoiding disruptions is easy. Engage in the evenings that bring you pleasure, and you forget about rage and aggression.

Focus on breathing

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What does Evans Patricia advise in her book How to Cope with Verbal Aggression? In no case should not respond blow to blow. Adults should be able to resolve their differences peacefully. How to do it? To substitute the left cheek when you are beaten on the right is not worth it. Try to calm down and focus on breathing. Minute distraction from the dispute will not be able to embarrass. Do not listen to your opponent. Inhale and exhale air and carefully monitor this process. What to do next? Do not use force. If you have one, then go into self-defense mode. But you should not beat a person because his opinion did not coincide with yours. If you see that the opponent is not in himself and in him, as rage is raging in you, just leave the room.

A simple meditative practice with breathing helps when a person wants to calm down. You will not be able to concentrate on breathing if your thoughts are seething in your head and your hands are passionate about striking an opponent.

Do sports

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What is the best way to relieve stress? Do physical work. Tormented by outbursts of anger? How to cope with aggression to get rid of this feeling forever? Exercise regularly. Exercise helps relieve accumulated stress, and a person feels great. To get the result you need to deal with every day. Training should be debilitating, not a surface workout for 15 minutes. Physical education will help you first maximize the tension of your whole body, and then relax. In the process of training you will forget about all your problems.

Do not be afraid to speak out

How to cope with your aggression? The best way to understand your problems is to tell someone about them. When a person rages in a person’s head, the person panics. If something bad happened in life, a person can spend the whole day scrolling through the same situation in his head and not see a way out of it. After such mental torment, a person will be too nervous and, as a result, aggressive. How to relieve excessive stress? Tell your friends about your problems. You do not need to ask for advice, you need to talk. When a person puts his thoughts into words, he can look at the situation from a different angle. The process of expressing one’s feelings and evaluating one’s own emotional state brings comfort to a person.

You don’t want anybody close to pour out your soul? You can talk not only to a person, but also to a pet. If this approach to solving the problem bothers you, then write down everything you think on the sheet. Pouring your emotions, you will feel the coming relief and a sense of peace.

Understand the price of your words

Parents do not always understand their children. Most often, the period of adolescence in a teenager is accompanied by excessive aggression and denial of parental authority. What to do in such a situation? How to cope with the aggression of a teenager? Parents need to explain to their child that any word has its own weight. It is impossible to scatter words. Today a teenager can curse you, and tomorrow you can say that he loves you. Explain to the child that words can hurt a lot, and they must be selected with great care. Even when emotions overwhelm and it becomes incredibly difficult to think, a person must be aware of every spoken word. If a person does not do this, then in one of the fierce disputes she may lose loved ones. It’s easy to injure a person, and even if the person forgives the offense, she will definitely remember her and reconsider her attitude to the opponent.

Teach yourself and your child in the process of one conflict to never remember another. Why does a person become irritable and aggressive? From misunderstanding, but more from reproaches. When in the process of swearing one person reminds the other of the offenses of a week or a year ago - it is low and offensive. And this is also an indicator that a person could not forgive and accept the insult. Such replicas are very expensive. Therefore, always and everywhere know how to choose words.

Train your sense of humor

What helps a person survive difficult life situations? Humor. It becomes easier for a person when, in the midst of a dispute, an opponent tells a joke instead of shouting back. Humor can smooth sharp edges and helps people build relationships. How to cope with aggression and irritability? Train your sense of humor. If you know that controlling emotions is not your thing, then try to keep things under control in a different way. Every time something goes wrong and an oppressive feeling arises in the soul, which can later develop into rage, joke. Tell a joke or remember any situation that suits the context that seems funny to you. You can even tell something about one of your outbursts of anger when uncontrolled emotions came to you sideways. Self-irony is one of the best ways to gain an opponent’s location. It will help you resolve the conflict peacefully.


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