Varvara Lepchenko is a professional tennis player from America

Varvara Lepchenko is a well-known professional tennis player who competes in the USA. Winner of twelve ITF tournaments. Semi-finalist "Australian Open - 2013" in doubles. This article will present a brief biography of the athlete.

Carier start

Varvara Lepchenko was born in Tashkent (USSR) in 1986. The girl began to play tennis at the age of seven. As a junior, she did not achieve any significant success. 2000 - this is the year when Lepchenko Varvara debuted in the WTA. Tennis was not just a hobby for a girl, but a profession. Already in 2002, the athlete not only achieved a place in the classification, but also reached the finals (hard 10-thousander in American Virginia).

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Improved results

Gradually, the level of the game of Barbara grew, and it began to go much further in major tournaments. In 2003, together with Julia Ditti, the girl reached the final of the 75 thousandth in Dothan. At that time, the tennis player lived in the United States and collaborated with the USTA, so the athletes on the calendar were mainly North American tournaments.

In 2004, Varvara Lepchenko gradually improved her singles results. The girl consistently won 25 thousandths and larger competitions. This allowed her to get first in the third, and therefore in the second hundred rating. In August of that year, Barbara defeated Rita Grande, a member of the top 100, in New Haven. The next season, Lepchenko continued to progress. She performed more confidently at ITF tournaments and won her first single title, debuting at the US Open.

Top 20

In 2006, Barbara managed to get into the first hundred of the rating. She continued to improve her game and was soon able to beat the athlete from the top 50 - Colombian Catalina CastaΓ±o. The next few years, Lepchenko fed the rating exclusively at North American tournaments. The experience gained allowed her to defeat Patti Schnyder, who is in the top 20, in 2009. This gave the athlete confidence, and she decided to focus on a series of WTA tournaments.

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In 2012, Varvara Lepchenko significantly improved her playing level. Having gained more and more victories in the competitions of the association tour, she was able to get to the top 20 by the end of the season. Nevertheless, the tennis player has not yet managed to break into the finals. But Varvara played well at status tournaments, gaining rating points.

In February 2013, Lepchenko entered the third round of competitions in Doha. In May, she reached the quarterfinals of the tournament in Madrid. And in June, for the first time in her career, she managed to get into the fourth round of the Grand Slam competitions. In the fall, the athlete ended up in the WTA semi-final in Seoul. The following season, Varvara steadily held in the first fifty ratings, and in the doubles competitions (along with Zheng Saysai) she even managed to get into the quarter-finals of the Roland-Garros and the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

In 2014, Lepchenko developed a single-player game. In March, the tennis player performed well in the USA at several tournaments of the highest category, having passed them in the third and fourth rounds. And in August, at a competition in Stanford (WTA), Varvara first defeated the top 5 player Agnieszka Radwanska, reaching the semifinals. There, the tennis player lost to Angelica Kerber. For the next two years, the girl was distinguished by stable results in tournaments and entered the top 100 singles rating. At the end of September 2016, the athlete took 87th place.

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National team and national competitions

Lepchenko Varvara, whose biography is presented above, did not play for Uzbekistan either in the Asian Games or in the Federation Cup. After obtaining American citizenship, the athlete was immediately invited to the US team. A captain named Mary-Joe Fernandez asked her to perform in the first round of the 2013 world competition group. Lepchenko won two singles against the Italian team in the person of Roberta Vinci and Sarah Errani. But in the decisive couple, she lost to them along with Liesel Huber.

Twelve months before this event, Barbara was selected for the tennis tournament of the Olympics. There, the girl played for the North American state. In the solo competition, Lepchenko managed to complete the whole circle.


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