School of Oleg Andreev: history, training features and effectiveness

The fast reading school of Oleg Andreev is a unique project with a long history. However, for most people who want to go there, a completely reasonable question arises: does this really work? Indeed, there are plenty of promising courses today, and visible results provide only a few.

So let's figure out what it is, Oleg Andreev School of Speed ​​Reading? What is the essence of her program? How long does the training take? And what reviews did her former graduates leave about her?

school of Oleg Andreev

What is a school of speed reading?

Today, Oleg Andreev’s school is a successful brand that guarantees the quality of its education. Its branches are scattered throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, and some of them are even located beyond its borders. In addition, there are several online courses created on the basis of school methods and which are additional educational platforms.

In general, the school of Oleg Andreev has one single goal - to teach people to read very quickly. Moreover, according to her promises, after the first week of training a person will be able to significantly improve their performance. And at the end of the entire course, he will read at all at a speed inaccessible to ordinary people.

Oleg Andreev reading school

A little about Oleg Andreev himself

On August 30, 1937, a small miracle happened in the family of Andrey Andreev - their son Oleg was born. It happened in one of the maternity hospitals in Moscow. Alas, the childhood of the future scientist can hardly be called happy, since he had to live to see all the horrors of the war. However, fate was favorable to his family, and together they were able to meet the dawn of the new communist world.

Years passed. The country gradually rose from the ruins, and with it all its citizens. As for Oleg Andreev, he first provided himself with higher education. So, having graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, he received a diploma in “Automation and Telemechanics”. And yet, the first grand victory of Oleg Andreev was the successful defense of his dissertation in 1969. It was then that he first turned his eyes to the features of the perception of information by our brain, which later became the basis for his further research.

The birth of a new idea

The school of Oleg Andreev did not appear immediately. Initially, it was only a distant dream, born of an unusual idea. So, after defending his dissertation, Oleg Andreev seriously thought about how to increase the speed of reading. It was an innovative project, which, if successful, could help many citizens of the USSR.

Andreev launched the first teaching method in 1970. Although many flaws were noticed during testing, the basic concept turned out to be effective. Thanks to this, the scientist began to work more actively on his creation. After six years, his success was appreciated within the walls of the Kremlin itself, entrusting the training of administrative employees.

fast reading school Oleg Andreev

And now, after many years, the academician finally decides to launch his teaching to the masses. And so in 1988 he opened a speed reading school, which, by the way, is still operating and is located in the city of Moscow.

The essence of training

The reading school of Oleg Andreev has a rather unusual curriculum. If you believe her teachers, then their methods are unique and protected from copying by patents. As for the process of improving the reading speed, it is built on the following 5 steps:

  1. Eye regression. First of all, all students are taught that it is impossible to look from side to side, and even more so to return to already read material. After all, firstly, it reduces the speed of reading, and secondly, it overloads the eye muscles.
  2. Mental articulation. The problem of many is that they pronounce the material they have read to themselves. It is extremely difficult to get rid of this habit on your own, but at the school of Oleg Andreev there is an effective way to suppress the inner voice.
  3. Flexible reading technique. The thing is that each text needs to be mastered in different ways. For example, scientific articles need to be reviewed more carefully than fiction.
  4. Increased field of view. In reality, a person uses only half of his capabilities. However, with proper preparation and ongoing practice, this can be easily corrected.
  5. Concentration of attention. In this case, students are taught how to properly withdraw into themselves so that extraneous stimuli do not interfere with the rapid absorption of information.

school oleg andreeva reviews

Cost and variety of courses

The school of Oleg Andreev provides several areas that are designed for different categories of people. In general, they can be divided into two large groups: the first is stationary training, the second is distance learning.

So, for adults, a course of practical training in the walls of the school of Oleg Andreev will cost about 9 thousand rubles. For children, this price is slightly reduced and varies between 6.5-7 thousand rubles. But for the lessons under the supervision of Oleg Andreev himself will have to pay as much as 13 thousand rubles. Moreover, the duration of any of the courses is 8 practical classes.

Distance learning is half the price. But it is divided into 7 levels of difficulty, which must be purchased separately. True, many are confident that quite decent results can be achieved by mastering the first stage.

speed reading school Oleg Andreev

How effective is learning in a speed reading school

Is Oleg Andreev’s school effective? Reviews of its graduates indicate that the speed reading program really works. So, most students are satisfied with their performance and the way in which they achieved it.

But not everyone is sure that these skills will be useful to them in life. After all, at work, you still have to read the text in the usual way, because otherwise you can lose important details from sight. But fiction novels, on the contrary, can be scrolled through quite quickly, but this will not allow you to fully enjoy them.

In this regard, a logical conclusion can be made. The school of Oleg Andreev is really able to significantly improve the speed of reading texts. However, before entering there, one must carefully weigh everything in order to finally understand: do you need this?


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