Autotraining for sleep as a way to combat insomnia

One of the main problems of everyday life is insomnia. Almost everyone faces her in her life, but not everyone knows the causes of this problem.

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Causes of Insomnia

There can be many causes of insomnia, but most of them are related to the nervous system. Fatigue is believed to be the best way to fall asleep. This is true. But when fatigue becomes chronic, it is this that causes insomnia. There are also a number of other reasons that auto-training for sleep helps to combat.


Everyday life has a big impact on a person’s life: work, conflicts with bosses, quarrels with colleagues, problems at home - all this has a big impact on a person’s sleep.

It's no secret that a person sees dreams thanks to the subconscious mind, which often reproduces past events of the day and impressions of them, albeit sometimes even in an unusual form. Even a person who does not suffer from insomnia, but suffers a lot of stress, will have problems with proper rest, as he will be reflected in his subconscious, not allowing him to plunge into deep, healthy dreams.

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It is known that the development of insomnia undergoes several stages of the disorder, one of which is the presomnic - the stage when a person is afraid not to fall asleep.

The fact is that at the first signs of sleep disturbance in the mind, anxiety begins to arise with each new night: what if I do not fall asleep again? Oddly enough, it is precisely the fear of not falling asleep that often causes the onset of insomnia. That is why auto-training before bedtime is based on self-suggestion.

Body problems

But not all problems are concentrated around our consciousness and subconscious. Sometimes the cause of insomnia can be an unhealthy organism. Do you work in the office and sit about 5-7 hours a day? Not surprisingly, such a person may experience pain in the muscles, back, and joints. And, as you know, such pain may not let you fall asleep until the morning.

In addition, our digestion affects sleep. A hearty and hearty dinner just before the rest will be a serious obstacle to falling asleep. But you shouldn’t lie on an empty stomach, because then the brain will remind you every minute of the need to open the refrigerator. Lovers of diets “don’t eat after 6” are probably well acquainted with this.

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After we figured out the main causes of insomnia, we will proceed to its treatment, namely, we will understand what autotraining for sleep is.

The concept of auto-training

Many people come across this term for the first time, but some probably already heard this word, and this is not surprising: the techniques of auto-training arose in the last century and today have received serious development.

We can say that auto-training against insomnia is no longer something unusual - today there are many new methods that are mainly based on the principles of auto-training.

So what is it?

Autotraining - psychotechnics, the main element of which is self-hypnosis, which allows you to influence your own thoughts, change character traits and affect the health of your own body.

Autotraining for sleep is closely connected with psychosomatics - a science that puts forward the theory that certain human thoughts, actions and emotions affect the onset of diseases of certain organs or, conversely, contribute to recovery.

But with auto-training is much easier. Many skeptics may call this technique another word - hypnosis. But there is a fundamental difference.

auto-training in a dream suggests good thoughts

Hypnosis and auto-training - why not be confused?

Hypnosis is the impact on the consciousness of an individual by a specialist who sets certain thoughts and rhythms in the subconscious. In this case, the suggested person performs a passive role.

During self-hypnosis, the involvement of second parties is not required, therefore, the person himself takes an active role, and his body plays a passive role.

Although in the scientific world this technique is considered hypnotic, and in it you can really find a lot in common with this technique, but the difference is significant.

Let's look at the effect of auto-training before bedtime on the body.

auto-training for sleep text

Action technique

The pioneer of this technique was the German doctor I. Schulz. The technology of auto-training is based on the influence of a person’s mood on his biological rhythms and on the body as a whole and vice versa. This suggests that if you get your own heartbeat and breathing rhythm from your own body, then it will be much easier to enter a dream.

Therefore, auto-training in a dream, prompting good thoughts, helps to influence the body. This helps to relax the mind, body, muscles and nervous system.

Mastering the auto-training technique for sleeping is not so difficult, but it takes not so little time. Someone is able to learn how to control their body in a month, and someone will need more time. Remember, it all depends on you, and the speed of learning is first.

Auto Training Components

What will be required to learn this technique? First of all, the belief that any person can influence their own subconscious. If you do not understand this, then at a subconscious level you will not trust your words and actions, which means that no matter how much you try to overcome your insomnia, auto-training for sleep will not help you.

The text we will use is preferably written on paper and read aloud for the first time. Here are some points you can use.

  1. My body is relaxed. I feel how tiredness slowly leaves the body, leaving only pleasant warmth.
  2. All anxiety and excitement leave me.
  3. I am distracted from everything around and immersed in my own thoughts.
  4. I feel my body. I feel my heart beating. I breathe deeply and calmly.
  5. I feel a wave of heat, starting from the tips of my fingers, slowly rising up my legs. Slowly reaches the hips, passes to the tips of the fingers, then to the stomach, envelops the back and reaches the chest.
  6. My thoughts flow slowly, more and more going into the subconscious and going to sleep.

You can use your own settings. The main thing is that they are aimed at relaxing your body and mind.

The next component is music that improves auto-training before bedtime. Kozlov A. A. offers a special album that promotes quick falling asleep. It includes soothing music and pre-recorded settings for your consciousness, which the author pronounces at the right pace, and, importantly, in a pleasant voice.

Music is important for the right technique, but not necessary. If you notice that it does not help you, then it is not necessary to use it.

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So that success is not far off, and auto-training before bedtime really helps, you must follow these rules:

  • When composing a text for your auto-training, exclude from it all words that have the prefix “not”. The same applies to verbs with a negative meaning. For example: "I don’t think about my problems ...". This phrase can be replaced by: "I forget about business, work, fatigue ...". Such attitudes will correctly influence the subconscious.
  • Take a comfortable position. It is best to lie on a flat surface, on your back so that nothing bothers you.
  • Finish everything before bed so that your thoughts are not occupied by them.
  • Learn to disconnect your consciousness from the problems of the next day - do not think about the past or the future.
  • Try not to eat fatty and high-calorie foods before bedtime.
  • Try to minimize the sounds around you. Of course, there is auto-training for sleeping with noise, but if you are just starting to learn this business, it is better to organize complete silence or calm music.
  • It is best to go to bed no later than 23:00. This time corresponds to the biological rhythms of a person and is the best time to fall asleep. This does not mean that after 23:00 you will not be able to fall asleep, however it will be much more difficult, and rest will not give the benefit that could be brought several hours earlier.
  • Devote an hour to bedtime to rest - do not engage in physical activity, listen to heavy music or watch action movies.

These fairly simple rules will help you quickly master the technique of auto-training.

The process itself

And now let's put all the knowledge together and do an auto-training before bedtime.

Lie on a comfortable bed or sofa. Relax and take a pose that is comfortable for you. Take a sheet with the prepared phrases and start slowly reading them out loud - this is important, because the sound of a voice affects consciousness better.

auto-training for sleep fall asleep in 5 minutes

When reading the text, imagine everything that you are saying. Once you have completed the first reading, set the sheet aside and close your eyes. Now your task is to repeat the same phrases, only already reproducing them from memory. No need to try to forcibly recall every word - after the first reading, your brain has memorized enough to repeat the general meaning of the written words without difficulty.

The most difficult moment in engaging in auto-training is the need to grasp the state when you need to stop saying relaxing words and just start thinking about soothing phrases. Most often, this moment comes after 15 minutes of class. But since this is a purely individual process, you must understand when you need to stop talking.

This is not difficult. At that moment when you notice that your body is already noticeably relaxed, your eyes are closed and you no longer want to open them, you need to start talking to yourself. This condition can be called half asleep, and it is important not to lose it.

It is worth noting that all auto-training sessions can take quite a long time - from half an hour to two hours. If you are doing everything right, then after an hour the body should enter a dream. However, it may happen that the first time to plunge into it does not come out - this is not scary. Continue classes, and each time it will be much better to be able to do auto-training for sleep.

Fall asleep in 5 minutes? If this once seemed fantastic, then after a couple of months of classes you will completely master this technique. Of course, you do not need to wait for immediate results from auto-training - this is a very delicate process that takes time.

Fast falling asleep

When you have already mastered the technique and can quickly fall asleep, you can proceed to the new auto-training - in 5 minutes. What he really is?

Turn off your thoughts completely. Pictures from the past day or just your imagination should not “pop up” before you. You must imagine the most ordinary darkness in which there is nothing. If this is difficult for you, imagine a wall with black velvet wallpaper. Peer into it (with your eyes closed, of course), examine and plunge into this darkness.

You can also pronounce prepared phrases, but mostly you need to focus on the dark. Surprisingly, such auto-training for deep sleep really allows you to quickly fall asleep and sleep soundly and well.

Here is such a fairly simple but effective technique that can overcome serious problems with night rest. Do not forget that in addition to auto-training for sleep, there are similar techniques for self-confidence, raising morale and even losing weight. Therefore, after mastering one technique, you can easily learn another, improving your skills. Believe in yourself, and everything will turn out!


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