How to punish the offender correctly?

Imagine a situation that someone offended you, and now you are burning with a desire to take revenge on this ugly man, but as sophisticated as possible. Is it worth it? In a similar situation, most of us β€œturn on” conscience, which makes us forget about the humiliation inflicted. However, the desire to punish the offender is quite normal for human nature. But before you begin to take revenge, think about whether it is really necessary. Does it make sense for someone to prove something or wave their fists? That is why we propose to discuss this topic in our article and decide how best to punish the offender without using immoral methods.

how to punish the offender

Think well!

First, you need to understand if the person who offended you is really to blame. If this is really so, then maybe he did it unintentionally? In this case, you should forget about how to punish the offender, and do something more important for you.

Or maybe not worth it ?!

Secondly, the punishment must be proportionate. If a person has stepped on your foot, then there is no need to make a tragedy out of it. You, too, probably fell into this situation ?! If you are a naughty old grandmother, then maybe you should give up revenge ?! After all, as you know, age takes its toll, and after a certain time you will become an elderly person.

Revenge will not bring any satisfaction!

When thinking about how to punish the offender, you also need to remember that revenge is unlikely to bring you any positive emotions. Yes, of course, you will do bad to your enemy, but this will not bring anything good to your life. Therefore, if you are offended by a boor, then you do not need to do the same as he. Do not expect a positive result, because such a category of people is accustomed to such a life and such a way of communication, therefore, does not perceive it as something bad and vile.

punish the offender


Having examined the main nuances of revenge, let's decide what exactly can be done in this situation?

  • How to punish the offender? Refuse to communicate with him. If this was a friend, then just say goodbye to him forever. It is likely that in time he will regret his actions, but you will not be returned. And it will be a long time to be sad that you have stopped contacting him. You will feel good, because life will be much better: a traitor left her.
  • If you were offended by spreading false information, then, of course, you need to find an option on how to refute it. You may even have to turn to law enforcement for help , which will bring the offender to justice (sometimes even criminal). The most important thing is to start acting immediately after considering options, rather than pulling.

how to punish the offender with magic
Do not rush to extremes and think about how to punish the offender with magic, because there is the so-called boomerang principle. This means that the bad will return to you doubly. Moreover, magic is not proved by science, so it is not known whether it will be possible to do something or not. Try to just relax, forget about this person forever! May you be lucky!


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