Atraumatic pedicure "Maps": description, tools and reviews

High-quality professional pedicure is not just beautifully painted nails, but also healthy legs. Atraumatic pedicure of “Kart”, which today is one of the most effective and progressive, helps to solve many problems. Such care can be carried out not only in salon conditions, but also with your own hands. This was made possible thanks to the preparations for atraumatic pedicure, which is offered by the famous Israeli company "Kart".

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Features of Israeli cosmetics

Israeli cosmetology and medicine are moving ahead significantly and have a well-deserved positive reputation. Cosmetics are widely known throughout the world for their positive effects and excellent effects. Achieve such success is made possible by the unique natural components on the basis of which products are made, and Israeli specialists who pay a lot of attention to issues of natural beauty and health. In its development, the company uses high-quality natural components and a scientific approach. Most preparations are based on fruit acids and crushed flesh:

  • apples
  • papaya
  • peach;
  • Apricot
  • Lemon
  • grapes;
  • Tomatoes
  • cabbage;
  • cucumbers.

The Israeli developer of cosmetic products "Kart" in the world market for more than 20 years. The company is engaged in the manufacture of professional products for cosmetologists, masters of pedicure and manicure.

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Pedicure technology

Pedicure "Kart" is an innovative solution not only aesthetic, but also a number of other problems associated with the legs. The procedure not only splits keratinized particles, but also restores the natural function of the skin of the foot, stimulating the active growth of healthy cells. The essence of the technology is to apply special products to the foot. They not only gently soften rough skin, but also have a therapeutic effect. The peculiarity and the main advantage of this pedicure is that there are no procedures related to skin injuries, which completely eliminates infection.

Each ingredient that is part of the funds has its own task:

  • hydration;
  • cleavage of dead epidermal cells;
  • smoothing the skin;
  • treatment;
  • prevention of diseases of the feet and nail plate.

Cosmetics “Kart” for pedicure help to cope with the problems associated with ingrown toenails, foot fungus, calluses, without the use of traumatic skin instruments and surgical intervention.

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Acid Pedicure

Acid pedicure "Kart" is aimed at restoring the skin. It helps to get smooth legs, get rid of coarsened areas, cracks and strengthen the exfoliating nail plates. The main objective of cosmetics is rejuvenation, natural nutrition and hydration. The acidic pedicure “Kart” is a comprehensive skin care measure that is considered the safest and most gentle in comparison with mechanical methods where files, pumice stones, blades or coarse brushes are used. In the salons they can assure that this procedure is suitable exclusively for everyone. Like, she’s completely harmless. In most cases it is. But some need to be careful, for example, owners of hypersensitive skin. In addition, an allergic reaction to certain plant components is also possible in a number of people.

Pedicure in the salon

An individual foot care program is being developed for each client. On the basis of a visual inspection, the master will say whether one procedure is enough to eliminate existing problems or if a complex is needed in which complementary drugs are involved. After the manipulations carried out in the salon, subsequent home care using the Kart Cosmetics series is recommended.

Phased pedicure:

  1. Before the procedure, the legs are prepared, cleaned with a special gel.
  2. Soft peeling is applied.
  3. A concentrate is used to dissolve corns.
  4. A wrap of the legs with cling film is carried out.
  5. Washing in warm water means.

Recommended pedicure "Cards" 1-2 times a year. If there is a fungal infection of the nail, a mucopil antimycotic drug is added to the composition, which stops the growth of the formation. The product is made on the basis of salicylic acid, oil solution, vitamin E, lactic acid, calendula and tea tree oils. If the client has a very large cuticle, then it will be removed anyway with a cutting tool, if the formation is graceful and small - with a wooden stick or a blunt scalpel “Kart”.

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As a rule, the technology of standard pedicure is aimed at creating the illusion of well-groomed legs or temporary elimination of deficiencies. At the same time, it is all masked under beautifully painted nails. The Kart pedicure fights the source of problems and only then creates an aesthetic effect in the format of natural beauty. Israeli pedicure has many advantages:

  1. It is fashionable and natural.
  2. Only herbal preparations are used.
  3. The procedures are safe and painless.
  4. Feet and nails acquire a well-groomed and natural look.
  5. Elimination of complex problems such as ingrown toenail, fungus, etc.
  6. Preserving the freshness of the foot for a long time.

Recommendations for the procedure

The technology for foot care with the use of cosmetic products of the company "Kart" today is considered the only one that is shown to people with diabetes. Over the years, this procedure has been so sick at medical centers in Europe. Specialists recommend ordering a service in the presence of hyperkeratosis or hyperhidrosis, warts or old corns. As for the price, it all depends on the complexity of the problem, which will be installed by the master who conducted the “Maps” pedicure. The cost in the cabin of such a service at the first sessions starts from 3000 rubles. Further, the same program may cost half as much.

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Home-made pedicure

Fruit-acid pedicure is popular for its double action: it fights the root cause of problems and restores skin cells, stimulating the growth of healthy ones. According to some users, this is an incredible thing that can be conveniently and safely used for home pedicures. The procedure in stages is as follows:

  • Feet are steamed in warm water. You can add salt to the bath.
  • Legs are wiped dry. A special gel is applied for preliminary preparation.
  • Then peeling is done . Feet are wrapped in warmth or special socks are put on them.
  • It is necessary to withstand 30 minutes, after which the remaining funds are washed off with warm water.
  • A special agent is applied after the “Cards” procedure. Cosmetics for pedicures are sold in series.

If the skin of the legs is very problematic and roughened, more than one such procedure may be needed. But to carry them out one after another is not recommended.

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Pedicure "Maps": reviews

Having collected and processed a lot of reviews regarding this line and cosmetics of the Israeli manufacturer, we can say that most women are skeptical of this procedure until they decide to try. Then they feel a serious difference between these manipulations and the classic pedicure. Users claim that a series of foot products from an Israeli company is very effective. It helps to get rid of almost all problems associated with limbs and nails.


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