Japanese rock garden: a worthy decoration of the landscape

Choosing a stylistic solution for the design of your personal plot, we evaluate the trends in different directions. So, today exotic is welcomed in all its manifestations. The Japanese rock garden looks very impressive and elegant, which reflects the unique and picturesque nature of this country. A huge number of hills, mountains, bays and waterfalls - bizarre combinations of these components are reflected in the modern landscape design.

Features of garden art in Japan

japanese rock garden

As you know, the Japanese are prone to contemplation. They pay attention to the inner essence of things, and not to their appearance. That is why Japanese garden art is characterized by a combination of minimalism and symbolism. Contemplating the Japanese rock garden, a person should immerse himself in a fantasy world, while learning about the surrounding nature and appreciating his place in it. The popularity of such a decorative composition lies in its unusualness and exoticism, because it is created according to completely different principles. The distinctive features of such gardens include:

  • severity of lines;
  • accuracy of outlines;
  • minimum details, each of which carries a certain meaning.

How is a Japanese rock garden created?

do-it-yourself japanese rock garden

The first principle is the so-called charm of things. That is, it is intended for a person to comprehend the inner essence of things, which is hidden under the outer shell. The Japanese believe that any thing is a reflection of the divine essence of the world, and true beauty is always hidden. Therefore, each person exists in order to comprehend this beauty in everyday life.

The second principle, on the basis of which the Japanese rock garden is created (the photo shows the originality and color of these compositions), is harmony. It is expressed in the fusion of man and nature, that is, the landscape is decorated in such a way as to evoke certain feelings. That is why there are no decorative elements or bright colors in it: nothing should distract a person from contemplating nature.

Basics of composition

Typically, a Japanese rock garden is built according to a specific composition. At the same time, it combines three elements: stone, water and plants, which together create harmony. Stone is the embodiment of the mountains and hills of Japan, while each of them on the site plays a role. Most often, their location goes from left to right, because this is how works of art are perceived. In the same direction you need to move through the Japanese rock garden. The stone in the perception of the Japanese is a symbol of strength. A motionless stone is a symbol of peace, and creating the illusion of movement speaks of the eternal development of man and nature. The stone, which eventually grows with moss, symbolizes the green hills of Japan.

japanese rock garden photo

Creating a Japanese rock garden with your own hands is quite simple, the main thing is to carefully select the stones. They should be of the same shape, color and texture. The composition determines which of them will play a major role and which will be auxiliary. As a rule, this group resembles a triangle, which with its long side faces the facade of the house. If you are planning to create such a composition, remember that you need to give the pebbles a certain idea: it will be possible to measure their ratio. And for this you need to feel the space, see the landscape and feel the texture of natural material.

To emphasize once again the beauty of the stones, as well as their shape and originality, you can decorate the area with a pond, sand, pebbles or just plain boulders. All this combined allows you to create an additional decorative effect. And it is also very important that the Japanese garden is created as naturally and naturally as possible and resembles a natural landscape.

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