What you can write about yourself in a resume

A good resume is already 80 percent success. Of course, do not underestimate the importance of the interview. But it may not happen if a resume is incorrect or not complete, correctly. It would seem simple to do this. But it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances. The question of what you can write about yourself in a resume worries many. It is worth stopping at its consideration in detail, that is, by points.


What data do you need to write about yourself? In any case, you will need to indicate your full name, necessarily - the year of birth, as well as all addresses (not only home, but also electronic) and telephones (including mobile). Pay attention to a number of nuances. Firstly, the CV must indicate the email address from which you will send this document. Secondly, it is worth indicating which of the phones is working and which is home.

What can you write about yourself in a resume regarding education? What institution, where, when did you graduate, what were your grades (of course, it is better not to report satisfactory marks) - all this information is important. If you have a degree or title, write about it. It is useful to report on awards and diplomas that you received at olympiads, competitions, conferences. Provide information about the continuing education courses that you attended, internships, the availability of a "red" diploma, and so on.

What can I write in my resume about my work experience? This section should be the most voluminous. It is necessary to list projects that lasted more than one month if the work was of a project nature (for example, if you are a designer, programmer). If your activity was homogeneous (for example, like a seller or a manager), then you need to highlight special types of work (with a supplier or a large customer). In any case, the more experience you have, the higher the likelihood that you will be invited to an interview.

Many are interested in whether it is worth indicating what level of pay is desired. The employer does not know you yet, therefore it is difficult for him to judge what salary you deserve. Indicate better the minimum numbers, but only with the mark "minimum." The sky-high amount will only frighten off a potential employer.

But what about the details? What to write about yourself in this context? The best option is a minimum of personal information, a maximum of a production biography. No one is interested in the fact that you have a car, a big family and a summer house on the lake. The resume usually indicates what the hobbies of the job applicant are. Dancing or sports will be perceived much better than hunting or fishing.


After you have clearly understood what you can write about yourself in the resume, compiled it and checked it, you need to send it by e-mail. This is the most preferred option. It is better to name the file not just rezume.doc, but using your surname. As for the program, it is best to type a resume in Word. The photo before placing in a file should be reduced. It should not be archived, so as not to take up the manager’s time, which he will spend on unpacking. What about the font? The best option is Arial, in addition, use at least 10 pins.

If we talk about literacy, then the strong-willed and business qualities of candidates are often not related to the presence of speech and grammatical errors in the resume. Although, of course, they will not improve the quality of the text, and it will be much more difficult to perceive it. Why do not you ask the help of acquaintances of philologists to provide a competent resume?

Regarding the structure, it’s worth saying: managers are a busy people, and nobody will read your essay on a free topic. That is why a resume should be clearly structured. You can simply flatten it into a table or start a new element with a new line. Do not overdo it with underlining, using bold or italics.

So, if you know what you can write about yourself in a resume and how to do it competently, getting a job is not difficult. Of course, if you successfully overcome the interview phase.

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