Atacama Desert - the driest place on the planet

The Atacama Desert, located in northern Chile, can safely be called the driest place in the world, even the desert in Africa receives more moisture than this god-forgotten place. Rains are extremely rare here, there are areas where rainfall occurs once a decade, and there are places where in the entire history of mankind there has not been a single case of rainfall.

In Atakama it is hot all year round, during the day the temperature does not drop below 36 ° C, and at night it can drop to 0 ° C. Humidity is only 0%. It would seem that under such conditions the Atacama desert should be completely lifeless, because living creatures need to eat something, and even water in these parts is almost impossible to get. But still, about 200 species of various inhabitants live here and cacti grow (up to 160 species).

Atacama Desert
Of all living creatures in the desert, the most insects and reptiles. These unfortunate people can only rely on water in the form of mists and a very shallow water suspension. For the whole year in Atakama no more than 0.1 mm of precipitation falls. From the Amazon River, moist air cannot reach these places because the mountains interfere. Rivers descend from the Andes into the desert, but all of them are lost in salt marshes. The accumulated water forms small salt lakes, the scorching sun dries them, and only the salt cover of impressive thickness remains.

If you look at a distance, you have a view of a regular lake, but near it it turns out to be just a smooth surface of the sun, shining in the burning sun. When broken, lagoons can form, where coots and flamingos live.

desert in africa
The Atacama Desert eastwardly passes into the Highlands of Antiplano, which is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Chile. Tropical rains are possible here in January and February, although they are irregular. The fauna and flora of these places in comparison with the desert is very rich. On the highlands there are a large number of nature conservation zones and national parks.

The most amazing, beautiful, mysterious and alluring place on the planet is Atakama. The desert holds many secrets and unusual sights, one of which is a sculpture in the form of a giant hand. In height, it reaches about 11 meters. The sculpture makes you think about human vulnerability. The giant buried in the sands is absolutely helpless, as if he asks for help.

Atacama Desert
Atacama Desert does not provide an opportunity for indigenous people to engage in agriculture, so it is practically not developed here. There are many copper deposits in this region (even rocks are covered with green bloom due to oxidation of minerals), therefore people are engaged in mining.

Atacama Desert hides one of the most beautiful places on the planet - the Moon Valley. The landscape is so beautiful and unusual that it was chosen for the filming of more than one science fiction film. Under the influence of wind and water, a surface of sand, salt and stone was formed here, resembling the surface of the moon. Especially beautiful in the valley is the sunset, rich in a wide range of colors.

Once a year, the desert comes to life. No one can predict the exact date, but this amazing event must happen at night, when a cloud of life-giving moisture comes from the sea. As soon as it falls to the ground, bright red flowers immediately appear from under the stones. At dawn, the buds open, and by noon they completely burn out under the burning sun to appear again the next year.


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