International Marketing

A large concern operating exclusively within the domestic market has a high probability of bankruptcy. This fact is supported by the fact that sooner or later foreign competing firms appear on the domestic market, which eventually survive domestic producers. It is possible to avoid such an outcome due to the introduction of the company in the foreign market. This method of competition has led to the development of the study of international marketing in general. The structure of international marketing follows the structure of national marketing, which is why entering the foreign market does not require major transformations.

Ways to promote the company at the level of international marketing.

It is worth noting that international marketing is an objective process that has emerged due to the development of both the national and the global economy as a whole. Based on this, it follows that each country, in order to avoid a glut of the market with the same goods and services, is simply obliged to enable manufacturers to enter the world level. But even with all the opportunities to enter the foreign market, many enterprises are afraid to do this, because still hold a stereotypical opinion about the presence of various obstacles. These include problems such as language barriers, high tariffs for reaching an international level, differences in the cultural characteristics of countries and the existing risk of inflation and changes in the exchange rate. In fact, the situation is much simpler.

Entering the foreign market, the company not only acquires a lot of advantages, but also provides itself with the most stable platform for business development. International marketing provides an opportunity for the development of every national enterprise that has reached a new level of production of goods and services. This serves not only to make greater profits, but also to acquire permanent large ties and partners.

Companies that have taken a serious step in the development of their business and have reached the world level have the opportunity to choose a target market that needs to expand and fill it with manufactured goods and services. The globalization of the company is through the introduction of innovative proposals on the foreign market, the development of technological capabilities and the creation of "working" marketing strategies. International marketing is based on a clear concept of bringing the product to the consumer. The consumer should receive the goods he needs, and not the products imposed on him by the manufacturer. It should also be borne in mind that highly profitable economic activity is possible only with the introduction of a long-term marketing concept. In any other case, the company's actions in the foreign market are doomed to fail.

To achieve the most productive results, it is necessary to take as a basis the functions of international marketing. To date, there are 4 main functions of marketing international relations: 1. Analytical - obtaining timely and reliable data on the functioning of international markets; 2. production - the creation of goods that contribute to fully satisfy the demand in the foreign market; 3. sales - sales promotion, monitoring the formation of demand and promotion of goods and services through international channels; 4. management - risk assessment, organization of marketing planning and much more.

Errors in entering the international market

The actions of a company entering the world market should be aimed at the development of international marketing relations and international business as a whole - these are the most important goals of international marketing.

International marketing of goods and services allows for standardization in the field of production, for faster adaptation of the enterprise in the new environment. If a company that has reached the world level has not achieved the set results, then most likely the following mistakes were made: 1. insufficiently accurate study of the international market; 2. incorrectly formulated goals for entering the market; 3. lack of reliable partners; 4. lack of necessary marketing concepts. International marketing requires careful study to become reliable partners for your business.


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