Vladimir Vlasov, Make Money: Course Feedback

The modern world has become alien and immoral. Human feelings, sincerity of intentions, kindness and understanding go by the wayside. Everyone wants to live richly, so the gain over all these manifestations took precedence. For the sake of money, a person goes to work that is not interesting to him; for the sake of money, he can find a soul mate that does not cause him any feelings; for the sake of money, he is ready to betray even the closest person.

The world has become deceitful. Someone used to work around the clock to achieve success. And there are people who like to profit from deception. Not so long ago, Vladimir Vlasov’s “Make Money” course appeared on the Internet. Reviews about him are the most diverse. What is this? Fateful step or another fraud scam?

course make money vladimir vlasov scam

The success of Vlasov

Across the Internet, reviews about Vladimir Vlasov's “Make Money” courses have spread. And who is this person? How did he deserve so much attention to his person?

Vladimir Vlasov turned 25 not so long ago. At such a young age, he achieved incredible success: he has a spacious apartment, a prestigious car and a job that brings good income.

A young businessman in childhood had a hard time. He was brought up only by his mother, his father did not take part in raising his son, either morally or financially. The young boy knew firsthand what hunger, envy of his peers, and long and exhausting work were. While living in America, he met Nikolai Uvarov, the founder of the closed forum STM. It was he who tremendously changed the life of the Vlasov family.

Vladimir Vlasov make money reviews

For 6 years, he received many skills from his mentor. He became rich and famous. Now he wants to share the secret of wealth with everyone. It was for this purpose that Vladimir Vlasov's “Make Money” method was created.

How is the attraction?

According to a successful man, his earnings are a wayward pyramid: the more people there, the higher the total income. Accordingly, the team does not disdain any methods of attracting new employees. Promotional advertising often appears on the Internet in the form of pictures or videos. People are shown schedules of earnings and the fate of those whose lives have changed after becoming familiar with Vladimir Vlasov's “Make Money” method. Reviews about him were divided into three categories: neutral, positive and negative.

course make money vladimir vlasov reviews

What do they promise?

Internet users are offered to buy miraculous courses, after passing which the life of each of them will undoubtedly change for the better. They will forget that such an existence from paycheck to paycheck, will be able to afford to go to the sea, buy the desired transport and live in their own private house. To attract customers, people tell ordinary stories about how unhappy they were until they met Vladimirov Vlasov's “Make Money” course on their way.

The creators of this project guarantee that a month after mastering this technique, a person will be able to significantly improve their financial condition. His earnings will be about 3,000 rubles a day. At the same time, he does not have to have excellent computer skills, basic knowledge is enough, and he will have to spend only a few hours a day on work. And this is just the beginning! Earnings will begin to grow with unprecedented power.

Course cost

Any knowledge cannot be provided free of charge. Tuition must be paid. For all newcomers, a profitable “Make Money” bomb from Vladimir Vlasov is provided. Its price is only 2775 rubles. But employees constantly make profitable discounts and hot offers. If you are lucky, then this fascinating allowance can be bought for 1,500 and even 990 rubles.

Vladimir Vlasov project make money reviews

The course is issued in the form of digital media or in electronic form. It contains a video in which a confident male voice talks about his fate and first successes. He further shares secrets on how to get rich in a matter of months.

How is money made?

If you believe the reviews about “Make Money” by Vladimir Vlasov, then the profit appears due to participation in the affiliate program. The work is as follows:

  • A course file is attached to the course. It needs to be opened and installed. This will have to spend no more than 1.5 hours.
  • The essence of the work is to attract people to a particular product. This is done on social networks and on the popular Avito website.
  • A special program allows you to filter out people on the necessary and unnecessary. As the author of the project assures, to get the benefit you won’t have to send spam, be an obsessive person and break into personal space to web users. It will be enough to press the buttons several times, and the miracle program will do the rest.

Vladimir Vlasov's method of making money

In the methodological manual, which was created by Vlasov, there is a detailed instruction. It describes everything in steps. The new employee can only blindly follow it, so it is unlikely that anyone will have difficulty with the development of this technique.

The opinion of your favorite students

The young businessman does not hide what people really think about his incredible methodology. On the official website dedicated to the “Make Money” course by Vladimir Vlasov, reviews are published openly.

course make money vladimir vlasov scam

Basically they come down to the following:

  • People brag about their first earnings, as a rule, everyone has it from 3,000 to 4,500 rubles a day.
  • They bring words of gratitude for the fact that everything is written in a simple and accessible language. All beginners quickly navigate the programs and make their first successes.
  • Many students claim that within a few months after completing the course, they changed their outlook on life; quit their regular job and devoted themselves entirely to the affiliate program.

As evidence, the creators attach screenshots of correspondence on social networks. It is easy to guess from them that there are warm and pleasant relations between colleagues. Vladimir Vlasov answers all the questions posed, supports his students in everything, and gives them practical advice on how to achieve even greater success.

Exposure No. 1

Not only on the official website, but also in various forums, there are often real reviews about the “Make Money” course from Vladimir Vlasov. On one of the resources, a complete exposure of this modern technique has been made.

make money pack bomb Vladimir Vlasov

A beautiful story about a successful man from New York was outlined on the official website. Like the creator of this technique, he lived in poverty for a long time, was content with insignificant payments. Interested people managed to find real photos in the social network of this rich foreigner. In fact, he turned out to be a nice 20-year-old guy from the city of Izhevsk. And it is unlikely that he has a twin brother who could get rich thanks to the affiliate program and move to another country.

This video also demonstrates the WebMoney wallet number from which the earned funds will be transferred. If you enter it in the search site, it turns out that it belongs to a resident of Ukraine, who has absolutely nothing to do with this program.

Feedback on the Vladimir Vlasov project “Make Money” was left by fake people.

Exposure No. 2

If you watch the training video, you can see that the author several times indicates that this unusual affiliate program was developed by his best friend in the United States. During the development of working methods, it turns out that it is designed for the social network "Vkontakte". Recall that its founder is the Russian programmer Pavel Durov. Would Americans begin to develop such a program, due to which it would be possible to get rich only in a social network developed on the territory of the Russian Federation?

Exposure No. 3

The author claims that the project is a development of the famous company Udemy. This is actually a cheap fake. If you are not too lazy, go to the official website of this company and enter in the search engine the name of the creators or the program itself in any languages, then no information will appear.

What is really hiding?

Unfortunately, in this world there are many people who blindly believe in the possibility of earning big money in easy ways. They saw this colorful advertisement and were rather in a hurry to buy a miraculous course at a bargain price. Further, the happy owners of this universal technique expected the following:

  • They received an electronic file with an overview of the Make Money course by Vladimir Vlasov, it really had the necessary programs and instructions.
  • Then they made an advertising page on a social network, copied the page into the “smart” program window. The necessary advertising information was indicated on this account, attracting potential buyers to buy a certain product.
  • The miraculous program from this page put likes to many network users and left inviting comments. The methodology was based on the fact that a person goes to the site of someone who is interested in his photo or recording, sees an advertisement and immediately decides to buy the proposed product. As a result, the person on whom the lime page was registered, a certain percentage of the purchase amount is obtained.

The program really works. But now on the Internet a huge amount of the most diverse advertising. It is unlikely that anyone will pay attention to her. Obtaining passive income, of course, is possible, but it will not be of the size that the author promised. If you believe the reviews, “Make Money” by Vladimir Vlasov makes a profit, the size of which does not even cover the cost of buying this technique.


Unfortunately, money cannot be done in modern life. For each service you need to pay. Perhaps this is precisely the reason why people seek easy money. Judge for yourself, if this technique brought such fast-paced income, would you begin to share it with everyone? Humanity would have long ceased to work in industries and began to earn millions on the Internet. Perhaps the authors really became rich people, but only by selling these very courses to gullible people. Summing up, it is worth saying that the “Make Money” course of Vladimir Vlasov is a scam.

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