How to close an IP with debts and liquidate an LLC

Starting his own business, each entrepreneur counts on the success of his campaign, but, unfortunately, the hopes are not always justified. According to statistics, in the first year of existence, up to 85% of small businesses are closed. The vast majority of the reason is loss making. But even after the closure of an unprofitable LLC or IE, debts remain, which must be repaid in any case.

If earlier the problem of how to close IP with debts rested on the availability of a certificate on the absence of debt to the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund, today everything has changed. The law allows you to curtail your business with obligations. At the same time , the tax arrears must still be repaid immediately.

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How to close an IP with debts

This process begins from the moment you contact the tax office, in which you must fill out an official application for the termination of business. Next, you must pay the state fee for closing in one of the branches of Sberbank. After the document is accepted, and it will be adopted if there are no tax debts, it will be necessary to return to the tax service after a five-day period to obtain a certificate of termination of activity.

How to close an LLC with debts

If everything is quite simple and clear with how to close an IP with debts, then in the event of termination of an LLC, the situation is more complicated. There are several ways to do this, however, the choice of the most appropriate should be approached, taking into account the situation and the current state of the enterprise.

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The standard procedure for the liquidation of a company is much more complicated than a situation like closing an IP with debts. Initially, an official notification of such a decision is sent to the tax, then all the necessary documents are collected, and this is a pretty impressive list. A liquidation commission is appointed, property records are kept, and an interim balance sheet is drawn up. Then all debts, taxes and contributions are paid off. A declaration is being submitted, the remaining property is distributed among the participants. Again it is transferred to the tax package of liquidation documents, and only after that the LLC officially ceases to exist.

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In order to avoid such a lengthy procedure and immediate repayment of all existing debts, you can turn to one of two alternative methods of closing - this is the change of founders or the reorganization of the company through its merger or merger with another company.

In the case of a change of ownership, it is necessary to draw up a gift or sale agreement for your share between the old and new founders. After completing this procedure, the tax service will be forced to liquidate the enterprise.

The liquidation of an LLC that has debts by merging or merging is a slightly more complicated way, since it can entail a tax audit of all documentation, and it takes a longer time in comparison with the first option.

You should not puzzle over the question of how to close the IP, if there are debts. And even more so try to deal with the liquidation of LLC. It is better to entrust this procedure to professionals who will help build the entire process legally competently, without possible unpleasant consequences in the future.


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