Superset is an effective way to build muscle

Bodybuilding is a sport that aims to increase muscle mass. To achieve this goal, there are many different ways - training two-set, three-set, classic training, super-sets and so on. Separately, it is necessary to note training with supernets, since legends go about their effectiveness. So, such workouts are described on the positive side in the book “Majors Mentzer's Super Training”.

What is a superset in bodybuilding?

From the point of view of building muscle mass, training with the use of supersets is recognized as the most effective. Each athlete sooner or later begins to apply this technique in his training, because over time, the muscles adapt to the usual load and it is necessary to make adjustments. In such cases, the superset is a great way out. Thanks to this approach to training, muscles get stressed and continue to grow.

Superset is the sequential execution of two exercises without rest.

What are supersets?

Supersets can be performed in two variations:

  • on the same muscle group;
  • on muscle antagonists.

superset is

If your training is aimed at working the same muscle groups, then the essence of supersets is as follows: for example, the first exercise is deep squats, the second exercise is deadlift. Both are aimed at the growth of the gluteal region and hip biceps. Performing exercises in the superset is carried out almost without rest, this gives an excellent load on the fibers and reduces the time of training.

Supersets on antagonist muscles are performed in the same mode, but on opposite muscles. If you train your legs, then the first exercise, for example, is the extension of the legs in the simulator to quadriceps, the second is the biceps flexion of the thigh. Thus, muscles performing opposite functions train in one approach. This also includes back-chest training, triceps-biceps.

What are supersets for?

As mentioned earlier, the superset is a great way to get out of stagnation of muscle growth. Like any organ in our body, muscles get used to the usual way of life. Training in a uniform mode sooner or later will cease to influence growth, which is an unacceptable moment for an athlete.

what is a superset in bodybuilding

To create stress for muscle growth, you need to change the principle of training. This can be done in different ways: increase working weight, change exercises, increase the number of approaches, or resort to supernets.

In a sport such as bodybuilding, supersets - muscle training through consistent exercise - are especially popular. Leading bodybuilders of the country, as well as foreign athletes, prove the effectiveness of this approach to training based on personal experience.

Supersets for Weight Gain

Training in bodybuilding with a certain approach can contribute to both weight gain and weight loss. For the first case, it is rational to use supersets for one muscle group in your workouts, with the help of this a more thorough study of the fibers and muscle micro-fractures are possible. This will help speed up muscle growth.

what does superset mean

The meaning of supersets is to load the same muscle with exercises that affect it differently.

Supersets for weight loss

What does a superset for weight loss mean? This is a great opportunity to dry the body for the summer period or for competitions, if you are a performing athlete.

However, training alone is not enough to achieve a result. To lose weight, you need the right diet in combination with training with the use of supersets. To perform two exercises simultaneously, twice as much energy is spent than in classical training, respectively, more calories are burned.

For weight loss, it makes sense to talk about supersets on antagonistic muscles, approaches should be performed almost one after another, and the number of repetitions should be in the range of 15-20 times.

Who are supersets for?

The superset is the lot of more experienced athletes, since the muscles of beginners in the first years lend themselves well to growth according to the classical training schemes. In addition, this technique requires good knowledge of program design, sequence and exercise technique.

bodybuilding supersets workout

If during training in normal mode you can not change the program for up to two months, then training in the superset is preferably a maximum of a month.

In general, in bodybuilding, it is unambiguous to say that one training program is suitable for each athlete, which means to say nothing. Each organism is individual, for one, multi-repetitive training is effective, for the other they do not bring any result. The same thing can be said about supersets. Trying different training methods, listening to your muscles and observing the proper diet, you will understand what is effective for you and what should be put in the background.


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