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In this article, the story will be about the Happy Body YouTube channel, run by female trainers with extensive experience. This is a sports channel, mainly for a female audience, filled with a variety of useful content that helps to achieve the desired result.

General information

The YouTube channel in question is called Happy Body ("Happy Body") and is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, sport and motivation. Media activity began from the moment the channel was created, namely on May 5, 2014. The main content of the channel is video recordings demonstrating various exercises, trainings and warm-ups. In addition, there are recommendations for optimizing nutrition, daily routine and physical activity.

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Channel Features

Today, the channel has about 74,000 regular subscribers, as well as more than five million views from all downloaded videos, the total number of which is more than seven dozen. Happy Body is a channel that, through its video recommendations, will help many girls and women to bring their physical form to the desired parameters at home, without significant financial outlay and time for gyms and fitness centers.

Warm up

As you know, any, even insignificant and short training requires preparatory measures and exercises called warm-ups. Happy body warm-up is a section of the channel dedicated to this issue. Classes are held by various trainers, each of whom has his own approach. The best known on "Happy Body" is Elena Silka, who is practically the face of the channel. Depending on the planned load, various warm-up options are offered.

Press Exercises

In women's training, this particular part of the body is one of the main ones that should be paid attention to. A flat stomach and a formed abs are an adornment of any female figure, but you can achieve a good result by following the recommendations of professionals, as well as hard training. "Happy body" is a channel that is distinguished by caring trainers who try to submit the simplest and most effective exercises and complexes for homework, which makes training accessible to everyone.

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Thus, the channel provides a separate playlist "Happy body" -press. Here you can find exercises for the entire group of muscles of the press, for each muscle individually, as well as whole sets of exercises for maximum effectiveness. These recommendations will help not only to build and build muscles, but also to keep fit those who have long achieved good results. In addition, a number of loads are directed to the side zone, which allows you to get rid of excess weight in this place and form a beautiful waist.

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There are also nutrition tips for losing weight on the Happy Body channel that will prevent new fat deposits in the abdomen and sides.

Celebrity Training

Many women who begin to engage in regular training and sports in general, often pay attention to celebrities. Famous persons involved in any activity need to maintain good shape and a pleasant appearance due to the close attention to them from the public. Of course, this question is especially acute for women who have to look amazing and be on top. Men dream about them, and women envy, looking at the beautiful stars of a sporty, model appearance, however, such a privilege is given only to those who work hard on their bodies in the gym.

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Therefore, many women, wanting to achieve some new parameters of their figure, are guided by celebrities, who often seem ideal to them. Nothing ideal exists, as we all know, we can only see the results of competent and regular training, proper nutrition and rest. Happy Body gives its spectators the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a series of workouts that celebrities conduct to maintain their shape and body. All exercises are carried out by professional experienced trainers and at the same time are accompanied by good advice and comments.

Nutrition and Motivation

Happy Body is a comprehensive channel for sports. Therefore, there you can find not only video materials with a demonstration of various exercises and complexes, but also various kinds of recommendations and theoretical materials. A certain part of this information is devoted to an important category of knowledge. associated with the correct technique for performing exercises.

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Everyone knows that the effect of sports and physical education arises only in the case of regularity, and a constant increase in loads. However, if you perform the exercises incorrectly, you can not only deprive yourself of the development and improvement of indicators, but even harm. Thus, only compliance with safety regulations and a consistent algorithm for performing exercises will make it possible to develop. However, without proper nutrition or diet, as well as an optimized daily routine with enough time to relax, there will also be little sense. Thus, the channel has recommendations related specifically to nutrition, water intake and rest sessions. A certain part of the video is reserved for motivating beginners, as well as for supporting those who begin to doubt themselves during long exhausting classes.

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