The main functions of the head: types of managers and their responsibilities

To understand what are the functions of the manager performed by the manager, one should be guided in the features of this position. There are several such posts within the enterprise - the general manager of the company and persons responsible for certain levels of the enterprise and employees.

Some control the work of the branch, others are entrusted with departments and divisions. As leaders, consider those who replace people holding managerial positions in the enterprise hierarchy. All of them must know and take on the basic functions of a leader. Let's consider them in more detail.

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Rules for all

In our country, a law has been introduced that says that the top manager is the person responsible for the work of the company, managing it, controlling the processes taking place inside. The law defines the functionality of a person who is entrusted with such a position. The peculiarity of the official position is dual legal status. Often the leader is perceived almost as an organization, since he is its representative.

Leadership is regulated by the Labor Code and civil laws. At the same time, every manager is a hired person who has a previously agreed upon functional. He is responsible for the execution of acts through which the enterprise operates.

Due to the duality, a contradictory legal position is born. Any person holding a managerial position has the rights of an employee and they are protected by law. At the same time, normative acts protect founders and shareholders, defend their interests in case of illiterate, incorrect, unreasonable actions of a management with a low qualification level.

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About arrangement

The laws provide the employer with the opportunity to pre-verify the qualification level of a person applying for a leadership position. There are several ways and methods by which you can evaluate how a person in the future will cope with the functions of a leader in a team, in various production, working aspects. You can organize a contest, you can send a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for an extract from the register containing all disqualified persons.

The agreement concluded with the new manager at his employment has an agreed period. Sometimes it is indefinite. The provisions of internal documentation must be considered. Often, the maximum duration of a labor agreement with an accepted manager is 5 years.

Laws prohibit management personnel from determining a probationary period. The position of the head is such that when concluding an agreement with a candidate for it, you need to think in advance all the features of non-disclosure of official information. These rules are entered into a document signed by the parties. The contract fixes what will be the responsibility if the person violates the established restriction. For a person appointed to the position of deputy leader, it is allowed to establish a trial period of up to six months.

About functionality: basic

There are a number of functions that all managers of any company should perform. It does not matter what level, what is the position of a person, how serious responsibility is assigned to the leader. Even if in his sphere of responsibility there is only one person, one workplace, key functions still need to be performed implicitly and efficiently.

First of all, they include the formulation of the main goals of the department and the definition of tasks, the solution of which will allow us to approach the desired goal. An equally important function is to distribute obligations among subordinates, starting from the competence of employees. The management team is responsible for the motivation of the hired personnel entrusted to him in the management. It is necessary to motivate people to strive to achieve the goal indicated by the leadership.

The classic version of motivation is material. That is, rewarding a distinguished worker with a bonus in addition to the basic salary. An alternative option for motivation is intangible. In some enterprises this is implemented through letters of appreciation, in others they still practice a board of honor.

One of the important tasks facing managers at various levels is the formation of a comfortable psychological climate in the enterprise. The task of the manager is to see conflict situations in time and prevent their development. Such a person should strive to resolve disagreements that arise between workers.

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Functionality: more details

As a manager, a person must make management decisions. For everything determined by its decisions, it is the management personnel that are responsible. At the same time, hired by the leader is obliged to create working conditions so that the workers do not interfere with investing time and energy, achieving their tasks. Any person can selflessly work, work with dedication, if they form a comfortable environment for this.

Managing staff is responsible for promoting cooperative work. Employees forming small groups, groups uniting to achieve their goals should be awarded additionally if such a union leads to efficient and speedy achievement of the goals. Equally important is the promotion of staff initiative. Each employee can generate ideas, suggestions, and in the sphere of functionality of the managerial staff - to stimulate a person to such behavior.

At the same time, the personnel function of the head, combined with organizational and managerial, involves the creation of a system of punishments. This is not necessary at every enterprise, however, in most cases, sooner or later it is required. Punishment is imposed on employees committing disciplinary offenses.

Different and specific

The functions of the head of the structural unit listed above are not a complete list of the classic functionality of the staff responsible for managing the enterprise (part of it). The functions inherent in managerial positions are determined by core competency. The task of anyone occupying such a workplace is to convince others, train them, while at the same time showing their qualification level.

To do this, you need to have certain skills. To realize their functions, a person must have a sufficient amount of information. One of the manager’s tasks is to transmit to the subordinates useful information that has become available to the manager. By hiding the necessary data, a person contributes to the fragmentation of the hired. People have less confidence in his actions, which is considered unacceptable for those in control positions.

Any company manager is responsible for evaluating the results of activities. In order for this to be carried out correctly, one must be able to apply different approaches and assessment methods. They are practiced by analyzing the results of the work of a specific person, group, department, company as a whole. The task of the managing staff is to identify measures that allow us to adjust the current situation for the better. This is especially true if the department does not keep pace with the previously set plan, the implementation of which is likely to greatly affect the stability of the company as a whole.

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Yesterday Today Tomorrow

The head of the enterprise is a person who must feel the future. Its task is to abstract in time from the current complexity and think over methods and ways to achieve the final goal, as well as evaluate how far the current position is from the desired result. It is equally important to plan. The task of the management staff is to first formulate the tasks, then create step-by-step plans that allow you to fulfill your plan.

For planning to be effective, you can take advantage of modern approaches and programs. For example, many find it convenient to build a goal tree. An equally effective tool for implementing planning as a function of managerial staff is the Ishikawa diagram.

It is important to be able to control and coordinate the work process. In a leadership position, a person undertakes to ensure the achievement of the rationality of joint activities. It is necessary to coordinate the various structural links of the production chain. Managers of different levels have the responsibility to verify the performance of all responsible persons. At the same time, the communicative function of the leader is important, including expressed through delegation of authority.

The effectiveness of the workflow of any manager is determined by his ability to delegate routine tasks to people who have a lower position in the structural hierarchy within the enterprise. You can trust some of your tasks to alternates. Others prefer to delegate a number of functions to ordinary staff. Of course, it is important to keep track of how employees deal with their trust.

Functionality and its implementation

In order for the communicative, organizational, managerial functions of the leader to be performed effectively, it is necessary to actively use the administrative apparatus available within a particular enterprise. Management functionality is implemented by managers taking into account the level of human responsibility. The managerial level determines the content of the functionality of the work of the manager.

Economic functions are quite important. These have as their main goal the growth of the productivity of the working production process by identifying production resources and their use. Accordingly, economic management functionality is closely related to production functions. Analyzing the economic situation, the manager develops ways to mobilize current reserves, improves business calculations. The manager's task is to teach employees to work economically, spending available resources in an optimal way.

First, an economic analysis is needed, and on the basis of it any managerial decisions are made. As part of the analysis, enough data is obtained to justify the planned solution. Knowing the methods used in the analysis, you can become an effective leader, therefore, the possession of such information is considered one of the key requirements for the applicant for the corresponding position.

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Educational tasks

The administrative management carried out by the head is not only strict and technical administration of personnel processes, but also the education of hired personnel. The function is implemented through youth associations, party organizations, public unions that organize within the company. In many ways, the educational function is carried out through the personality of the person managing the company or its part.

Do not underestimate the role of the head of the company as an educator of the employees who trusted him. Largely through the educational function it becomes possible to rally the team and improve the psychological climate. A person can more effectively increase the activity, initiative of the hired, which means that workers will be more independent.

It is important to master persuasion skills and build trustful relationships with those hired, based on mutual understanding and respect. If possible, according to experts, the leader should avoid team approaches to solving managerial problems. Thanks to this design of the workflow, operational management can be safely delegated to subordinate positions and structures, freeing up resources for working with promising areas.

Management Functionality

Speaking about the main functions of a leader, one cannot ignore this block. To understand the issue in more detail, it is worth turning to the works of Mintsberg on the features of the analysis of the results and content of the work of the manager. In the writings of this economist you can see a detailed and understandable analysis of the workflow of the leader. However, the classification used by the author, the definitions today disagree with a number of economists. So far, a standardized description of management has not been created that meets the requirements and expectations of scientists around the world.

The main functions of the leader are the planning of the work process and the organization of its implementation, staff motivation and subsequent control of its activities, communication and leadership, as well as timely decision-making. Current practice is such that managers are forced to work in enterprises that regularly face the difficult competitive market environment, and this requires special, large resources, efforts and efforts, rather than just performing certain functions defined by the rules.

Any modern manager who wants success for himself and his company must work for the benefit of the company's productivity and ensure that the efficiency of the work process exceeds that inherent to all competitors.

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Levels and Functions

When hiring a new manager, it’s worth studying the resume of the leader and finding out what his experience is in the past. Take into account that the linear, hardware departments have slightly different obligations, respectively, different competencies of the person working in them are required. This affects the work of the manager responsible for the departments, part of it. If the person’s area of ​​responsibility is a linear functional, such a leader usually tries to maintain current capabilities and achieve promotion to the higher strata, performing linear functions.

If we are talking about a hardware function, then a manager who implements it for a long time may encounter the problem of increasing precisely because of such labor practice. As a result, many modern managers are not responsible enough for the hardware obligations assigned to them ex officio.

When planning a hiring a new manager, you need to study the resume presented by a potential manager. In it, a person indicates where and how he worked earlier. All jobs are divided into managerial, specialist and technical. Managing the unit, a person will have to make decisions regularly and strive to ensure that they are implemented, but specialists are only responsible for providing information for decision making. Technical staff should arrange for the normal operation of the other two lines of the state.

Accordingly, when planning to hire someone whose resume contains information only about working in a technical position or as a specialist, you must first make sure that the person understands the specifics of the work of the control line.

Work: with whom and how?

The main functions of the leader include the formation of a collective as a single cohesive formation. The task of the manager is to maintain an adequate psychological climate. Team building is consistent work. The manager’s task is to understand how many people are needed, what positions are required, prepare employees, explain to them the practical features of the current work. The head is responsible for introducing new people into the team, ensures the stability of relations between the employed.

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There are several manners and ways of management. They are talked about, considering types of leaders and leadership styles. It is customary to talk about leadership and leadership. The first includes mutual work, due to the authority of the manager, trust and sympathy between the hired. Leaders are leading, led.

A smart person can become a leader, logical and well knowing his job. Of personal traits, courage, authority, a desire for justice, and sometimes an obsession with a chosen cause are especially important. Friendliness and humor, the ability to correctly assess people, situations, and risks come to the fore from acquired skills.

Management, in turn, presents a management process based on legal authority. There are several styles that you can resort to. Some of the most promising seem authoritarian, implemented through orders. The alternatives are liberal, democratic. In the first case, the activity is not too large, the manager waits for instructions from higher authorities and does not take responsibility for the actions.

The latter involves delegation of authority.Workers have the right to participate in resolving issues themselves, and the manager himself takes on only the most important and complex tasks. This approach is considered the most effective, consistent with human nature.


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