Cuba: the weather for a month. Weather in May in Cuba

The country of cigars and young girls, white sands on the beaches and clear sea water is Cuba. The weather does not differ much for months, although summer is not pronounced all year round. The climate is tropical trade winds, the water temperature is stable and usually does not fall below +24 degrees.

So, Cuba: the weather for months.

Winter in cuba

Cuba monthly weather

Most people think that Cuba is all summer. But January is the coldest month. The average temperature in the shade is +22 degrees, the water temperature is +24.
Since the time periods here are almost the same, it is customary to recognize summer and winter by the rainy season. And so the weather is usually dry and humid. In February, you can enjoy swimming, the water temperature changes from +23 to +27 degrees. In the afternoon the air warms up to +25 ... + 28, and at night +16 ... + 21. In February, the weather depends on the Northern Front. When it comes, the temperature drops to +20, but the cooling does not last long, and after the front leaves, the temperature suddenly rises to +30. Usually the weather is sunny and dry.

From winter to summer

cuba summer weather
In March, the weather is sunny and warm. And this is a transitional month from winter to summer. The air temperature "jumps" from +27 to +19 degrees. Water warms up this month to +24. You can relax and swim. But in March, Cuba is arid. This time of year refers to the dry season. During the day , air humidity is 54%. Precipitation is very rare and in small quantities. Strong winds in March you will not meet in Cuba.

In April, the climate becomes tropical, softened by the sea current, air temperature is not lower than +25 degrees. In April, Cuba is, first of all, the azure sea and beaches filled with people.

The air warms up to +29, but the temperature fluctuates, and in the evenings it can be a little cool. Unlike air temperature, the water temperature does not fluctuate so much. Water heats up to + 26. Strong winds, storms you will not meet, they are rare. The weather is moderately dry. Humidity during the day is 58%. Usually in April there are 4 days of rain.

Rain season

weather in may in cuba
The weather in May in Cuba is characterized by rains. But the rain there is about 1-3 hours a day and almost does not affect the temperature of the air and water. It rains either at lunchtime or at night, when siesta comes, rainfall will not spoil your vacation. Cuba looks great in May. The weather, the reviews of which tourists have only the most positive, is very warm. The air warms up to +30 ... + 32 degrees, and the water temperature can rise to 28 degrees. Therefore, it is possible to swim in the ocean, even in heavy rain. Also, the water at this time is very clean, there are no algae, and after the end of the rain, you can sunbathe well.

In May, many festivals take place in Cuba, there are a lot of holidays.
The weather in June in Cuba is characterized by a very large amount of rainfall. This period is the rainy season, so rainfall is not uncommon in June. But the tropical climate smooths this phenomenon.

In June, very high temperatures, heavy rains and humidity. During the day, the air temperature reaches +30 degrees. But already in the evening the heat decreases slightly, at night the temperature is +24 degrees. In mid-June, the temperature can reach +34 degrees.

The average day has 6 sunny hours. Humidity reaches 57%. In June, not only rains, but also hurricanes and storms can be observed, be careful.
Water temperature is usually high, on average +27 degrees. Rains, even if they go, then pass quickly. But in the month 10 days are rainy, in June very high rainfall.

weather in June in Cuba
In July, the weather is favorable for relaxation, the air is warm, the water is clean. The climate is temperate. In the afternoon, the temperature reaches +32 degrees, at night it is cool - only +22 degrees. You have at least 6 hours of sunshine every day, you can enjoy a beach holiday and sunbathe for yourself.
Water temperature can usually rise to +28 degrees. Due to the high humidity, the heat is practically not noticeable.

July is considered the rainy season, but rains are rare, and if they do, they are almost invisible. About 7 rainy days per month. But also at this time of the season a large number of mosquitoes, as the level of humidity is very high. Also in July in Cuba, you can see many festivals.

The highest temperature!

cuba may weather reviews

In August, the cube has the highest temperature in the year, which reaches +32 degrees. She does not fall even at night, so you can only take beach shorts with you. But August is still entering the rainy season, so an umbrella will not hurt you.

It rains almost every day. August is the height of swimming, the water temperature is high, it reaches +26 ... + 28 degrees. In August, you can quickly sunbathe and enjoy a beach holiday.

To summarize, for those who are tired of the bustle of the city and want to go on vacation, but do not like the heat, Cuba is favorable. In summer, the weather for such tourists is just beautiful.

In September, there is a very high temperature and very high humidity, this month is not very suitable for a good vacation. In the afternoon, humidity is around 78%. There are about 10 days of rain per month.

In the afternoon, the air warms up to +30 ... + 32 degrees. And at night you can see the temperature drop to +22. Water temperature averages +28 degrees.
Hurricanes and storms often occur at this time of the year, so swimming will be problematic.

End of rainy season

In October, Cuba (the weather for the months does not differ much) is perfect for heat lovers and those who do not like rain, since October is the end of the rainy season. But showers do happen this month.
In the afternoon, the average temperature is +28 ... + 30 degrees. And at night the air temperature becomes +22 degrees.

Water heats up quickly to +27 degrees. Humidity is also high. But October is more suitable for relaxation than September. Also in October, the fishing season is open, you can enjoy fishing.

Season opening

In November, a period for tourists opens, as the rainy season ends completely. The air temperature reaches +27 degrees during the day, and drops to +18 degrees at night. Water temperature is kept at +25 degrees. Therefore, you can safely swim, sunbathe, relax on the beach.

In December, in Cuba, you can see many tourists from all over the world. The air temperature stops at around +27 degrees, and the water temperature is +25, at night the heat drops, and you can walk along the promenade. There are practically no storms and hurricanes.

In December, the atmosphere is filled with kindness, you will be welcomed anywhere and provided with everything you need, if you want to relax, then December is the most suitable month for this.

We hope this article showed that Cuba is a great place to relax. The weather for the months discussed above will help you choose the period that is right for you.


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