Buses NefAZ-5299: description, specifications, modifications

The NefAZ-5299 bus is one of the most popular types of municipal transport in Russia. A coeval of the new century, born at the Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, in its as yet short-lived life, it has already sold more than ten thousand copies to the car parks of the entire large country.

Bus description

It is indicative of assessing the reliability and driving characteristics of the NefAZ-5299 bus that it is based on the chassis of the time-tested, road and off-road cargo serial KamAZ-5297. Tubeless wheels, with steel disks, an all-metal casing with stiffeners made of square pipes, a dual-circuit pneumatic brake system, control and monitoring equipment that meets international standards, power steering - nothing new, but safe and sound.

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As standard, the bus is equipped with an anti-lock brake system.

The driver's cab is separated from the passenger compartment by a glass partition that protects against noise, and is equipped with a loudspeaker. The set of adjustments and the suspension of the driver's seat are not as modern as we would like, but they allow you to get behind the wheel quite conveniently.

Entrance doors open from the cab using pneumatic mechanisms.

Ventilation is natural, through the sunroofs (there are three of them in the city bus) and the windows of the side windows.

The heat from an autonomous liquid or gas heater, which is also the engine pre-heater, is distributed evenly throughout the cabin, because the elements of the system are located around the perimeter of the bus.

The number of seats and the total capacity of the cabin depend on the modification of the NefAZ-5299 bus.

Bus specifications

Overall dimensions of the base model - 11700 Γ— 2500 Γ— 3100 mm. Wheelbase is 5840 mm. The curb weight of the bus is more than ten, and the full weight is eighteen tons. The load is distributed unevenly along the axes: 6.5 tons - to the front and 11.5 tons - to the rear.

The ground clearance is 285 mm, the minimum turning radius is 12 meters.

Nefaz 5299 Specifications

The maximum speed of a city base bus with a diesel engine is 74 km / h. Suburban accelerate to 96 km / h, and a speed higher than this on most Russian roads and is not required.

Bus engines

Several types of engines operating on different types of fuel are installed on NefAZ-5299.

The diesel engine runs on a Cummins 6ISBe270B engine with a capacity of 270 liters. from. and a volume of 6.7 liters. The six-cylinder engine is turbocharged. Fuel consumption is 24 liters per 100 km, the volume of the fuel tank is 250 liters. The diesel engine complies with EURO-3 environmental standards. The gearbox can be either a mechanical or a four-speed automatic.

Modifications that run on natural gas comply with the higher environmental standards EURO-4 and EURO-5.

An eight-cylinder KamAZ-820.61-260 engine with a capacity of 260 liters is powered by liquefied gas. from. 11.76 liter turbocharged.

The six-cylinder engine Mercedes-Benz M 906 LAG / EEV / 1 is slightly more powerful - 280 liters. from. with a smaller volume of 6.9 thousand liters.

The Yuchai YC6G260N-50 engine with six cylinders with a volume of 7.8 liters gives a maximum power of 247 liters. from.

The volume of the gas cylinder system of eight tanks is 984 liters. Cylinders for liquefied gas are located on the roof of the NefAZ-5299 bus (photo is presented below).

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On city ​​cars , a four-speed automatic is installed, and on suburban ones, a five-speed automatic with four synchronizers.

Bus modifications

A large number of modifications indicate the popularity of the NefAZ-5299 bus: there have been forty-two of them since the start of production.

The basic model is designed for the transport of passengers in the city. Full capacity - 105 people, there can be 25 seats. There are three wide doors on this bus. The engine can either be equipped with a diesel engine or a gas engine, and almost all versions have an automatic transmission.

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In addition to the fact that most modifications of the city bus are low-floor, they are also equipped with a forced tilt system.

Suburban modifications have a smaller capacity - 89 people, but they are equipped with more comfortable tourist seats, adapted for long trips.

The long-distance NefAZ-5299 with one door has 43 seats and is equipped with luggage compartments. Comfortable car seats with reclining backs and armrests, air conditioning and a radio make long trips not so tiring. Separately, a modification is produced for intercity transportation in the north. It is equipped with additional heaters for the passenger compartment and batteries, electric heating of the fuel intake, and a fuel heating tank before starting.

If suburban modifications are all mid-floor, then city buses are also made in a semi-low and low-floor version with ramps for passengers with disabilities and a special place in the center of the cabin for a wheelchair.

Maintenance and repair of the bus

Most of the components and assemblies of the NefAZ-5299 model have been tested on serial trucks, it is well known to specialists, so their repair and maintenance do not cause problems.

A high degree of unification not only reduced the cost of assembling buses, but also simplified and cheapened repairs. You can buy spare parts from authorized KamAZ dealers, and their network is quite extensive.

Shuttle bus ride

Suburban NefAZ-5299 is designed for 45 seats, and almost as many passengers can stand. It has two doors located in opposite parts of the body, which makes the passage uncomfortably long. And if you take into account that the seats with armrests are quite wide, then the passage can also be considered narrow, where it is difficult for two passengers, especially in warm clothes, to miss each other.

In addition, people in suburban buses usually travel with shopping bags, which are simply nowhere to put in the NefAZ-5299 model. The seats are close, legs would be placed, and the shelves above the heads are narrow. The luggage compartment in the bus is provided, but its practical use is very doubtful. It can be used by passengers traveling from the beginning to the end of the route, at intermediate stops the driver does not go out to open and close the lid again.

What is convenient for passengers is the large doorways, which are well lit in the dark, and low-level steps - modifications of suburban buses are all mid-floor.

The characteristics of the NefAZ-5299 bus make it very popular throughout the Russian Federation.

Nefaz 5299 bus specifications

A well-thought-out design, equipment for the disabled on many modifications, air conditioners are convenient for passengers, Good visibility, modern electronics and a reasonably comfortable sitting are advantages for drivers.

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