Common Online Fraud

The Internet space every day more and more captivates our lives. Already there is even a special category of people who do not go to the Internet, and they live there, leaving only the departure of physiological needs for reality . Yes, and they are minimized.

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Like any other society, the Internet is not only full of normal, adequate and law-abiding citizens, there are scammers as well. And in an amount much larger than in real life. Why? The answer is obvious. On the Internet we are all located at a distance from each other, and anonymity is almost elevated to cult. The web is a real paradise for online fraud. Here itโ€™s not possible to immediately fill the deceiverโ€™s face, and to bring him to justice legally is much more difficult than in ordinary life. So they breed with terrible force, losing for the millionth time the old schemes and inventing new ones.

Let's talk a bit about what fraud happens on the Internet. This article will not be able to accommodate a listing of all the schemes by which scammers act, so let's go through the most common.

Scheme One: Pyramids

Regardless of what exactly you are offered to distribute, the scheme is the same everywhere. Let's look at an example of web wallets. Most often, this fraud via the Internet begins with the fact that someone announces that there is a certain magic chest, in the sense - a wallet, transferring to which a certain amount you will receive two, three, ten, a hundred times more after a while. The first time you are likely to get something, especially if you find a few more of the same naive "Pinocchio" who want to get rich just like that.

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Scheme two: work

You can often find job ads in which job seekers are offered to either collect CDs at home, or screw up fountain pens, or simply retype texts. They promise to give a lot of work, paying for these simple, in general, actions also looks attractive. The victim of fraud on the Internet immediately begins to click on the calculator calculating future profits. But there is one condition. For some, often very justifiable reasons, the employer does not risk just sending you materials for work, as he was deceived several times by unscrupulous employees, or he is just starting his career. As proof of your trustworthiness and seriousness of intentions, they suggest you send a small (relatively) amount to a certain account. You, they say, will be able to return it almost in the first half hour of work. The calculator continues to click and gives an answer. Indeed, it turns out that in comparison with future prosperity, this amount looks like real pennies. The applicant joyfully rushes to the bank or terminal or crawls into his web-wallet and transfers the required amount. He unsubscribes about the transfer and begins to wait for the courier with a box of semi-finished products or a letter with the text to be typed. He waits a long time, but then he still realizes that he has become a victim of online fraud. Swindlers do not require exorbitant amounts. They do not work on quality, but on quantity. In addition, few people want to go to the police to complain about scammers in order to return a small amount.

online fraud
Scheme Three: Attention, the virus!

The bottom line is as simple as a traffic pattern. When traveling around the Internet, you accidentally go to a certain website, when you visit it, a sign lights up in the entire monitor that says that your computer is infected with a virus, and very soon all the information from it will be eaten up by this virus. However, the disappearance of information is not a prerequisite for the activity of this virus. Sometimes instead of a virus full screen is cool porn. And so, to neutralize the insidious virus or remove porn from the screen, you need to urgently send SMS to a short number. After which you will receive another SMS with a code, by entering which, you will save your information or reputation. Agree that if you caught such a charm on your working computer, it will take a long time to dry your reputation. This type of fraud on the Internet is the most dangerous, since most users cannot get rid of this trojan on their own. But here you can try to enter safe mode and roll back the system, or quickly go to the task manager and stop the process.


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