Manicure with rhinestones for short nails: ideas, photos

A few years ago, when the fashion for everything natural was just beginning to gain momentum, it seemed that the theme of rhinestones had completely exhausted itself. Many fashionistas abandoned screaming artifacts, voluminous stucco moldings and defiant lengths in favor of a noble nude, a refined jacket and laconic natural forms.

bright manicure with rhinestones for short nails

However, on the pages of publications devoted to the nail art, one can still find magnificent photographs of marigolds decorated with shining crystals. It seems that the time test of rhinestones passed with a bang.

Of course, a lot has changed. But today we can confidently say that the manicure of short nails with rhinestones is still relevant.

Our article will talk about it in detail. The above information is especially useful for those who comprehend the basics of this beautiful art and learn to do manicure on their own. So.

Features of manicure with rhinestones

Decorative crystals have a number of characteristics. First, you need to get used to their convex shape. At first, rhinestones may not be very comfortable to wear.

Secondly, always when designing, you should think about the compatibility of the elements, guided by a sense of proportion. One has only to go too far, and, instead of exquisite chic, you can get the exact opposite result, "affectionately" called by the people "rural glamor."

Like any catchy element, rhinestones attract attention. But this is not always a plus. Negligence during preliminary hygiene procedures is unacceptable. All flaws will be very noticeable.

Photo of manicure on short nails with rhinestones will help inspire and understand the intricacies. Which we will consider in our article.

Types of manicure rhinestones. What to choose?

The market is replete with a huge number of all kinds of goods for nail service. As usually happens in such situations, it is not difficult to get confused

manicure with rhinestones for short nails

What to look for when choosing rhinestones for short nails? Let's look at a few recommendations.

  • The size. Give up the idea of ​​using large crystals. They do not always look beautiful on long nails. Small pebbles look more expensive and elegant, but it’s more difficult to work with them.

  • Color. Once upon a time, it was possible to get only transparent crystals imitating diamonds. Today, the choice is much wider. There are no strict rules: you can use pebbles matching the color of the varnish, as well as contrasting ones. For example, you can make beige manicure on short nails with rhinestones in black, silver, beige.

  • Quality. It is believed that preference should always be given to glass. It is with glass rhinestones that professional craftsmen most often work in good salons. But quite worthy rhinestones made of high-quality plastic or acrylic are often found on the modern market. True, this is an exception rather than a common fact that can be considered an alternative. The highest quality crystals are considered for nail service, the packaging of which is written by Swarovski.

  • The form. It all depends on the taste. In addition to the usual round, you can pick up rhinestones in the form of an oval, square, triangle, rhombus, heart, crescent.

Necessary tools

The following illustration shows a basic set for working with decorative pebbles. Everything is very simple.

manicure with rhinestones photo on short nails

To make a manicure with rhinestones on short nails, you will need:

- tweezers with sharp tips;

- dots;

- a tool for raising pebbles;

- flat capacity.

What is all this for? It is convenient to pour rhinestones and storage containers into a triangular bowl. They will all be visible, and after work, it will be convenient to pour the remaining elements back through the corner. To raise the pebble and transfer it to the nail, you can use tweezers, but there are other tools. Many craftswomen are enthusiastic about wax pencils. The structure of the rod has a slight stickiness, which is enough to lift the crystal, but not drag it back from the nail plate. It is convenient for Dots to precisely apply glue to the nail, as well as to press the pebble at the time of gluing.

Glue: reviews and recommendations of professionals

Further. If you decide to make a manicure with rhinestones on short nails, the question of choosing glue is very important. There are several options.

manicure for short nails design with rhinestones

  • Super glue. Many beginners and even homeworkers are assured that this option is reliable and safe. Say, the glue is applied not to the nail, but to the varnish, and therefore can not do harm. However, the reviews of many girls who risked to try the remedy on themselves make me doubt it. Nails deteriorate, and not only from chemical exposure. Superglue, indeed, reliably glues the decor, so much so that it is difficult to remove, and therefore many try to arm themselves with various gauge-cutting objects, injuring the nail plate. Professionals do not use such glue when performing manicure. So we will not.

  • Thick base. It is necessary to apply a thin brush to the base where the localization of rhinestones is planned. You can use a similar method: mix the top without an adhesive layer with acrylic powder, trying to get a thick mixture. After application to the nail, crystals can be attached. Immediately after their placement, the nail is sent to the lamp. After drying, a top without an adhesive layer is applied around the rhinestones, then it also needs to be dried. A similar fastening method is also suitable for broths.

  • Acrylic construction gel. This thicker product should be transparent. Even large stones hold perfectly on it. After gluing, you need to dry the nail in the lamp, and then outline around the rhinestones with a top without stickiness using a thin brush.

  • Glue for rhinestones. There are many types of glue. Polymeric two-component glue, produced in a syringe with two containers and two pistons, is very popular. Many professional masters use it only. There are more affordable and easy to use glue options. In any department of materials for nail art, there are several options to choose from. Often the seller can tell on the spot which is best for


There are various ways to localize pebbles, as many photos convince. A manicure with rhinestones on short nails will look more advantageous if you glue decorative elements, guided by some thoughtful scheme. A chaotic location does not always bring a good result. The following illustration will help you orient yourself.

summer manicure for short nails with rhinestones

Of course, it presents only the most simple in execution and harmoniously composed compositions. Having mastered the basics, you can easily learn to invent your own patterns.

Work progress: gel manicure with rhinestones on short nails

So. The best rhinestones are selected, the necessary tools are purchased, glue is bought. Perhaps it's time to get to work.

1. Put the nails in order: we process the cuticle and the skin around the plates, give the same shape, file the ends.

2. Prepare the surface: treat with buff, degrease.

3. We apply the base, dry it in a lamp (the baking time is recommended by the manufacturer - this is what you need to focus on).

4. Apply varnish, stepping back a little from the cuticle. We polymerize.

5. We cover with the second layer, coloring the space close to the cuticle, sealing the ends. Back to the lamp!

6. Apply the top. After drying, remove the sticky layer (if any).

7. We place a drop of glue where the crystal will be located. For everything to succeed, you must follow the manufacturer's recommendations, because different tools have their own characteristics in the use technology.

beige manicure for short nails with rhinestones

And now consider a few simple ideas for the implementation of manicure with rhinestones on short nails. All of them are performed according to a similar scheme.

Mixed technique: manicure with rhinestones and sand design

Having mastered the basics, you can begin to conquer steeper peaks. For example, try to perform a manicure in mixed media. As we have already seen, there should be no problems in gluing rhinestones on a flat surface of the nail (well, except at the very initial stage). But what about more saturated textures?

gentle manicure with rhinestones on short nails

If you like the contrasting combination of sand and shining stones, remember the sequence of work. After the base color varnish has dried, the selected adhesive is applied to the nail, and rhinestones are attached. Only then can you start the sand decor. Apply a top with a sticky layer on the nail, use a thin brush around the rhinestones. Sprinkle with sand, dry, carefully scrub the excess with a wide brush.

Make the rest of the nails as you wish. In the presented case, marigolds decorated with velvet sand and rhinestones are perfectly combined with the moon design.

Beautiful idea with painting

And that's not it. The next idea of ​​a bright manicure with rhinestones on short nails is unusual in its own way. She will certainly enjoy those who love spectacular prints and are friends with a thin brush. In this case, the crystals combine decor into a single whole.

french manicure for short nails with rhinestones

Please note: 4 expressive shades are selected for manicure. Small rhinestones glued one at a time to some nails are the main accent, creating a harmonious composition.

Shining jacket

French manicure on short nails with rhinestones looks elegant only if there are few stones. You can stick them along the cuticle in the form of a smile, or apply to the end part. It is enough to decorate with glittering elements only some nails, for example, on the ring fingers.

What are broths for?

Often crystals can look too fragmented and lonely even on short nails. Delicate manicure with rhinestones can be supplemented with broths.

ideas for manicure with rhinestones for short nails

They perfectly fill the space between the pebbles. You already know how to apply these elements: you need to use a thick base for bonding or a top mixed with acrylic powder. After baking, do not forget to walk over the top again, brushing pastes with rhinestones. Broths must be fully coated with the product.

Common mistakes with rhinestones

The main "sin" in the work of novice craftswomen is often an abundance of glue. Rhinestones drowned in transparent drips look unaesthetic.

For summer manicure on short nails with rhinestones, do not overload it with too much shiny decor: ribbons, kamifibuki, foil, rubbing. Such combinations are appropriate for an evening look, and in the season of beaches and picnics it is better to give preference to lighter options.

Another common mistake - applying a top on top of crystals. This will not affect the durability, but will make even the most beautiful glass pebbles look like the most budgetary plastic.

Time and place

It was always believed that crystals should shine at a gala evening. But modern democratic fashion allows the use of rhinestones for images in the style of casual, glam rock, new bow, shabby chic and many others.

Girls working in organizations without a strict dress code can also afford to complement the design of manicure for short nails with rhinestones. Simply great this option is suitable for weddings, proms, anniversaries and any other celebration.


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