How to build a frame garage from a profile pipe yourself: drawings, photos

Garage from the profile pipe with your own hands can be erected in a short time. Today, this design is the most popular. Inside, you can equip a viewing hole, for the implementation of which concrete blocks are used. The base can be created in the form of a tape structure, since the garage itself has a small weight. It is more convenient to floor with a screed made of water-repellent concrete. After assembling the walls from the profile pipe, they can be sheathed on both sides with profiled steel sheets. Their use is convenient because in the space obtained between them, it is possible to lay the insulation. To do this, you can use stone wool or its mineral variety, polyurethane foam, as well as polystyrene plates.

Foundation construction

do-it-yourself garage

If you decide to build a garage from a profile pipe with your own hands, then you should start by marking the territory. A shallow foundation will be erected on the prepared site, the width of the tape of which will be the limit of 20 to 30 centimeters. Its height should be approximately 40 centimeters. Initially, you need to cut the soil to a depth of 0.5 meters. The site must be carefully leveled and covered with sand, which then needs to be tamped with water.

At the site of the pit, a pit should be prepared, work must be done so that the width of the prepared pit is greater than the width of the final inspection pit. Around the perimeter should remain a gap of a meter. At its bottom, sand is poured and rammed according to the method described above. If groundwater flows high in the area, then drainage is performed around the inspection pit, pipes are discharged into a natural reservoir, instead of which there may be a sewage system.

When building a garage from a profile pipe with your own hands, you need to mark the foundation around the perimeter of the building. The walls of the inspection pit should be marked with pegs and a cord. The strip foundation should be made using concrete blocks, which are laid on a cement-sand mortar. The walls of the pit are made of brick or the same blocks. After the solution solidifies, it is possible to waterproof the walls of the pit from the outside using roll materials or mastic made on the basis of bitumen. And then the master backfills with sand.


do-it-yourself frame garage from a profile pipe

The floors can be made of concrete, for this the soil is leveled, then it is covered with sand up to the level of 10 centimeters below the walls of the pit. Along the perimeter of the floor, it is necessary to strengthen the walls with a special damping tape, which is required to prevent deformation of the material with temperature changes. The sand is compacted, waterproofing is laid on it, so that it enters the foundation walls by 15 centimeters. As a waterproofing, you can use roofing material, roll materials or a durable film.

If you will build a garage from a profile pipe with your own hands, then you will have to lay the reinforcing mesh in increments of 15 centimeters, after which you should start pouring the concrete screed. Its surface is leveled by the rule. Modifying substances can be added to the ingredients of the concrete mortar, which will increase the water resistance and plasticity. This may include mixtures for penetrating waterproofing, polymer filler or water glass. The floor surface must be allowed to dry for 3 weeks, during this period the base should not be loaded.

Frame erection

do-it-yourself garage frame from a profile pipe

For work, you need to prepare scissors for metal, self-tapping screws, screwdriver, tape measure. Quite often, home craftsmen today carry out a frame garage from a profile pipe with their own hands. To do this, the elements are fastened with screws. However, initially the material is cut in size, and then laid on a flat surface. This will create a side wall, reinforcing the blanks between each other. Vertical racks should be oriented so that there is a distance between them equal to the width of the metal profile sheet. Then, between the main elements are three more posts, the distance between them should be equal to about 50 centimeters. In order to analyze whether the angles are perpendicular, you need to compare the diagonals of the frame. Using the same technology, a second side wall should be assembled.


do-it-yourself garage from the pipe

The walls of the frame will have a certain shape, which depends on the roof. If it is single-pitch, then the back wall must be made in the form of a rectangle. To equip a gable roof, a pediment is strengthened to a rectangular wall. When a garage frame is made of a profile pipe with one's own hands, the front wall must be made of two parts, one of them will have the form of a rectangular frame for the gate, while the other will be a pediment.

The racks of the frame are reinforced using a pipe. The door frame is made from the same elements that underlie the garage. They should be in the form of rectangles of the same size, they need to be pulled together diagonally using stiffeners. The frame is initially assembled on a finished foundation, the walls are fastened together by self-tapping screws. Additionally, the structure must be fixed with corners, dowels, nails or self-tapping screws. As soon as the cement mortar hardens, you can begin to waterproof the walls of the inspection pit from the outside. Then backfill is performed.

Roof construction

do-it-yourself garage from a profile pipe photo

A garage from a profile pipe with a do -it-yourself roof with a pitched roof is performed according to a certain technology. At the next stage, it involves the arrangement of the roof system. To do this, you can use beams whose thickness corresponds to the thickness of the walls. For rafters, you can use 70-centimeter bars, filling the voids between them with the material that underlies the garage box. Mauerlat is rigidly fixed to the wall, while anchoring should be used. Before you install the support beams, or else the rafters, the working surface is leveled and protected from moisture. For this, you can use roofing material.

After the belt is equipped, the rafters are marked on the beams, then you can cut out the nests for their installation. The grooves are machined with protective equipment, and after the rafters they are laid in the prepared nests, their ends should protrude 40 cm beyond the Mauerlat. The elements are fastened to the beam by anchor bolts and brackets, which are twisted for strength by copper wire.

For reference

do-it-yourself garage with a sloping roof

If a garage is built from a profile pipe with your own hands under KamAZ, the methodology for carrying out the work remains the same, however, the length of the supporting beams can be more than 4.5 meters. This will require support. The lathing for the installation of the roof will need to be filled from thin bars that are perpendicular to the supporting structure, on top of the hydrobarrier. Depending on how heavy the roofing material will be, you will need to determine the spacing of the elements of the crate.

Wall cladding

do-it-yourself garage from a profile pipe

If you will make a garage from a profile pipe with your own hands, it is recommended to consider photos of such buildings in advance. This will allow you to eliminate errors. For insulation, you need to choose the material of the required thickness, which usually is the limit of 5 to 10 centimeters. The racks should be fixed on the racks, and then you can proceed to laying the insulation in the spaces between the racks. On top of the insulation, a vapor-moisture-insulating film should be fixed. Finishing is made of profiled metal sheets that are fixed with screws.


If you will build a garage from a profile pipe with your own hands, the drawings presented in the article are recommended to be considered. They will make it possible to understand that with this technology it is possible to build a very light garage from corrugated board without insulation and a viewing hole. It will cost much cheaper.


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