Pastel manicure: ideas and examples

The fashion for pastel shades, which began about 7 years ago, seems not to be losing ground. After all, the fair sex is so fond of these delicate, creamy colors that I do not want to part with them at all. Sky blue, mint and powdery range tightly entered not only into fashion, but also into the sphere of nail art. Pastel manicure is extremely popular and very diverse. If you are a supporter of gentle tones on the nails, then this article is for you.

Gel polish manicure

Today, most women do not use ordinary varnish coatings. The reason for this was the appearance of such a phenomenon in nail art as gel polish. Unlike ordinary varnish, the gel is wear-resistant and glossy. In this article, a photo of a manicure in pastel shades demonstrates a variety of design ideas.

gentle manicure

And if in the first years of his appearance in the manicure industry, women visited beauty salons in order to get a shiny coating for their nails, today the situation has changed. More and more women are choosing home manicure with gel polish. Spending once on the necessary equipment and tools for work, you will save a lot of money, as well as time.

Gel Polish Technique

In order to make a manicure with gel polish, follow the instructions:

  • Make a bath of nails from warm water and a tablespoon of sea salt. Hold your hands in this solution for about 10-15 minutes, then treat the cuticle. If you have not yet mastered circumcised manicure, then simply move the cuticle away with a pusher or an orange stick.
  • File the side rollers of the nail and give them the desired shape. One of the main rules of an ideal manicure is the same length of all nails. Do not spare the extended nails if one of them breaks. Align the rest along the length of the shortest.
  • Lightly polish the nails with a buff, giving them a uniform surface. Next, degrease the plates and apply the primer. This tool is needed in order for gel polish to lie better on the nail plate and increase its resistance. Do not apply too much primer on the nails, just walk a little with a wet brush on their surface. The primer does not require drying under the lamp. And it dries naturally in 2-3 seconds.
  • Apply the base coat in a very thin, even coat. Make sure that the base is applied without any inclusions in the form of hairs and other debris. Since it will depend on the first layer how the gel polish will lie. After covering the nails with the base, dry the plates under the lamp for 30-60 seconds, depending on its power.
  • Apply color gel polish. Try to make the layer as thin as possible. Dry in the lamp. If one layer is not enough, apply one or two more, carefully drying each of them.
  • Finally, coat the nails with a top or top gel polish. This stage is extremely important for manicure, since the top should insure against chips. To do this, use a semi-dry brush of the top to walk along the ends of the nails and their free edges. Only then dry them in the lamp for 1 minute. This technique, called "sealing", helps to keep the manicure intact for a longer time, avoiding premature detachments.
  • If the topcoat has a sticky layer, then remove it with a lint-free cloth with a degreaser.

Gentle manicure with a sandy design

After you have mastered the gel polish technique, it's time to start choosing the design of a beautiful manicure in pastel shades. Delicate multi-colored design with special sand will appeal not only to young girls, but also to romantic feminine persons.

delicate nails

A monophonic coating is applied according to the above instructions for creating a manicure with gel polish. After the nails are covered with a finishing gel, you can begin to design. To do this, you need a thin brush, fine sand for nail art, base. Having dipped the brush into the base, draw hearts and small dots on the nail, as shown in the photo. Next, take a pusher and collect a small amount of sand on his shoulder blade. Then spray it over the nail and dry in the lamp. After drying, remove the nail and shake off excess sand. Do not apply a top on top of this design, it will damage the sand texture.

Powder geometry

One of the universal options for manicure in pastel shades is pale pink. Unlike the already bored milk, the color of the dusty rose looks spectacular and at the same time simple.

delicate design

In this manicure, 2 types of coating are used: plain and sparkles. A dense sparkling layer can be achieved either with gel polish with a large number of sparkles in the composition, or by mixing the base and loose sparkling dots. For the second option, you will need a special container and brush. Put a small amount of the base into the container and add the glitter from the jar, mix and apply on the prepared nail. Top with a top.

This gentle manicure in pastel shades is diluted with a geometric pattern of straight lines. To create them, use a dense black gel polish and a brush with a thin long pile.

Blue design with ribbons.

Another commonly used design option for nails are ribbons. Thin strips of various metallic shades perfectly decorate the manicure, adding shine to it. For those who want to try to make a manicure of pastel shades with a ribbon, we recommend paying attention to the following idea.

stripe design

First of all, choose the colors of the gel polish so that they form a transition from dark to light. To apply the varnish evenly, use a thin brush. Without drying the nails with the finishing gel, proceed to the tapes. To do this, glue the ribbons at the junction of the colors of the varnish. And only then dry your nails.

Tip: so that the ends of the ribbons do not cling to the clothes, cut them a few centimeters to the edge of the nail plate.

Cute triangles

Bright and active girls are recommended to choose a manicure with an unusual design - triangles. Read about how to make such an option.

nails with triangles

The advantage of this particular manicure on short nails of pastel shades is that it looks great with different styles of clothing. So, as a one-color coating, you will need lilac, blue and white gel varnishes. Name fingers decorated with triangles are made using hand-painted and decorative elements. To glue the metal triangles on the nail, apply a little base and fix the decor on it.

Flower manicure

If you wanted to dilute gloomy weekdays with the brightness of summer moments, we recommend that you look at the floral version. For manicure in pastel shades with a design you will need rhinestones and kamifubuki (small circles).

nails with flowers

Apply the decor in the form of flowers on an unsweetened base, slightly pressing each of them into the surface of the nail. Then dry the plates under the lamp and cover with the top. An original and gentle manicure with flowers is ready!


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