Motor ship "Ivan Kulibin": reviews and photos of tourists

Have you ever dreamed to go on a trip on a liner? Breathe in fresh air and listen to the murmur of water, meet every day in a new place and enjoy the scenery passing by ... If so, then you should go on a cruise! The ship "Ivan Kulibin" is the best suited for this purpose. Today we want to tell you about the features of a cruise vacation, as well as describe the most popular routes. You need to plan your vacation in advance, and today it is becoming much easier.

motor ship ivan kulibin

Short description

The ship “Ivan Kulibin” was built in Czechoslovakia and is considered the most convenient design for tourist liners. The snow-white three-deck floating hotel is equipped with modern navigation technology. On board the ship takes up to 300 people. That is, you will have the opportunity to meet and communicate during the cruise.

The motor ship “Ivan Kulibin” underwent reconstruction in 2007. During it, the span of the main deck was expanded, a registration desk was installed on the place of the flight of stairs, a hall with upholstered furniture was formed. The liner became even more comfortable, it became a real mobile hotel. The restaurant on the main deck is air-conditioned.

They touched on innovations and cabins, washbasins and showers were added to them. Now it became possible to go on long trips, whereas earlier the Ivan Kulibin motor ship was used more for day trips.

Ivan Kulibin ship schedule

General characteristics

The length of the three-deck liner is 97 meters. Relatively small, it can easily pass through narrow channels and gateways. Draft is 2.3 meters, width - 15 meters. The speed is average, about 28 km / h. However, this is more than enough for a tourist ship. The passenger capacity is up to 300 people, and everyone can count on comfortable conditions, cosiness and excellent service.

Tourists are not only offered their comfortable cabins and a guide who will take groups on excursions. On board there is a lounge and two restaurants, a bar and a medical center, an ironing room and open side verandas.

Here, every tourist is offered the best conditions for relaxing his dreams. That is why tourists love the Ivan Kulibin motor ship. Navigation in 2016 opens up several new routes, which we will talk about a little lower, but for now, let's dwell on small things.

Cabins for tourists

This is the most important nuance for many, because it is here that you will have to spend a lot of time throughout the trip. Let's talk a little more about how the ship "Ivan Kulibin" is arranged. The location of the cabins will help you quickly navigate aboard.

motor ship ivan kulibin cabins arrangement

The lower deck is a place for budget tourists. There are simple cabins equipped with a minimum of amenities. On the lower deck, cabins 3A are divided into four-seater, with a washbasin, hot and cold water, as well as double without amenities. Here you will find a bed and a small table, a set of necessary bedding and a towel.

There is a restaurant and a galley on the main deck. Good insulation prevents odors from seeping into residential cabins. You can choose a double bunk cabin with a washbasin (2A). For a young family, a triple bunk or four-berth cabin (2B) is perfect. Each of them is equipped with a washbasin with hot and cold water. These cabins are considered ideal for family vacations, not too expensive and quite comfortable.

Middle deck

And we continue to study the ship "Ivan Kulibin." The description of the cabins is a very important point, as tourists should be well aware of the conditions in which they have to spend their holidays. The middle deck is almost entirely occupied by residential cabins. In addition to them, there is only a bar and a reading room where you can spend time in a comfortable armchair with a book or a glass of soft drinks.

Cabins on this deck are particularly comfortable. This is especially true for marking 1. These are double rooms in the bow of the middle deck, with shower and toilet, refrigerator and air conditioning. The double rooms in the middle part of the middle deck (1A) have a large area, so they are perfect for those who like comfort. Similarly equipped, they can be equipped with additional space.

Rooms marked 1B are double cabins in the aft part of the middle deck. They also have air conditioning and a fridge, a bathroom and shower. Finally, 1B is a two-story cabin with amenities located in the aft of the gangways or the bar.

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Boat deck

The favorite place of all tourists is the boat deck. There is a large cinema and solarium, as well as an excellent restaurant. In addition to the class 1 and 1A cabins already described above, comfortable suites are located here. For lovers of comfort, a two-room, double suite on a boat deck is suitable. Guests are provided with all conveniences, a shower and a bathroom, a TV and video double, as well as a refrigerator and air conditioning. The room has a corner sofa, which gives a special atmosphere of comfort. Junior Suite is different in that it consists of one room. Otherwise, the number is completely identical to the previous one.

motor ship ivan kulibin navigation 2016

From Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow

Let's now get acquainted with the flights that Ivan Kulibin offers you. The ship changes its schedule depending on the year and season, so you should first contact the managers of the travel company and clarify the information. One of the most popular tours offers a trip from Nizhny Novgorod to the capital and back. The program is designed for 7 days and is very saturated.

It starts with a visit to Kostroma, but parking is only 30 minutes, so you only have time to take a few photos. But the next destination, Yaroslavl, will give you the opportunity to walk along its streets for half a day. After lunch, you will visit Rybinsk and take an amazing tour of the city. What is only the bell tower of the Transfiguration Cathedral, which tourists are invited to climb!

On the third day, Dubna is waiting for you. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the ginseng plantation, as well as getting acquainted with the history of this city. The fourth day will be marked by arrival in Moscow. Here you will spend the whole day, a rich program has been prepared for you. Inspection of Red Square and the Alexander Garden, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

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The next day, the city-museum Myshkin awaits you. A sightseeing tour will allow you to visit museums and exhibitions, walk along the streets of the ancient city. Next, the group returns to the capital. Judging by the reviews of tourists, the service on board is beyond praise. Everyone notes the delicious food, courtesy and courtesy of the staff, as well as the excellent organization of excursions.

Terms and Payment

The cost of the cruise depends on the cabin you have chosen. A room without amenities costs 10,200 rubles per person with three meals a day included. Cabins with a washbasin - from 11,200 to 15,200. Comfortable rooms with amenities start from 16,000, and suites from 30,000. The price includes accommodation and meals, as well as excursions that are planned on this route. Additional excursions are optionally paid separately.

Moscow – Astrakhan

If you have a big vacation ahead that you want to have fun and usefully, we recommend that you choose a long cruise on the ship “Ivan Kulibin”. The duration of the tour from the capital to Astrakhan is 19 days. During this time, the ship will travel through the most beautiful and interesting cities in Russia. You will visit Kostroma and Myshkin, Yaroslavl, Ples and Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary and Nizhny Novgorod. Interesting excursions allow you to better know your home country.

The cost of the cruise, depending on the chosen cabin, starts from 37,000 rubles and up to 130,000 in deluxe rooms. Reviews about the cruise on the ship "Ivan Kulibin" are regularly updated on the official websites of travel companies that are engaged in the formation of groups. This tour is a favorite among an intelligent audience over 40 years old. Tourists note that three weeks on the road allow you to learn a lot about the country and cities, spend many pleasant minutes talking with interesting people. The price includes accommodation and meals, as well as entertainment on board. The cost of the excursion package is 5000 rubles.

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Kostroma – Moscow – Kostroma

A trip for five days allows you to get out to rest even the busiest people. The ship “Ivan Kulibin” (photo will give you the opportunity to visualize it) offers you to make a fabulous and informative journey through historical places, visit ancient churches and temples.

The journey begins in Kostroma, early in the morning. The first tourists to visit Yaroslavl and a unique masterpiece of Russian architecture - the Church of Elijah the Prophet. In Rybinsk, you can take a city tour. Tourists note that very interesting excursions take place in the cities of Dubna, Moscow and Uglich. Return to Kostroma in five days.

The cost of this tour starts from 7000 rubles. Rooms with partial amenities (washbasin) cost from 8,000 to 12,000 rubles. If you choose accommodation with amenities, you will have to pay from 16,000 to 23,000 rubles. Luxury cabins cost 35,000 rubles.

The price includes cabin accommodation and meals, as well as entertainment on board. Judging by the reviews of tourists, this tour is like an immersion in a fairy tale. You will see with your own eyes the most beautiful places in our country, and you will have time to visit many of them in such a short period of time.

motor ship ivan kulibin cabins arrangement


This is another interesting direction, which may well act as a weekend tour. Its duration is only 4 days. The ship leaves Volgograd at 15:00, and the journey begins. A wonderful dinner for tourists is served in the large hall of the restaurant, if you wish, you can go to the open veranda on the deck, there are also tables there. Judging by the reviews, the personnel on board work so harmoniously that all activities are carried out exactly as planned. Starting with a simple - serving lunch or dinner - and ending with the formation of an excursion group.

On the second day, Astrakhan meets the ship "Ivan Kulibin." Reviews say that this part of the tour is the most interesting. It includes a walk around the city, visits to the Kremlin and ancient cathedrals, Swan Lake and the historic city center. On the third day you will find a green parking lot, and by the morning of the fourth day you will return home. The cost of this tour per person, including food, is from 8,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Opinions of tourists

All reviews characterize the ship “Ivan Kulibin” as the best Russian tourist liner. Cozy cabins, excellent food, friendly service - and all this, given that you can buy cheap tickets to simple cabins. And what are the landscapes floating in front of you! It’s worth it to go on a trip at least once.


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