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Can you imagine such a model of purchases, which involves the return of money spent on goods and services? Perhaps you immediately thought about various conditional bonuses, virtual points and discount cards, which are so common in the domestic market. But no, we mean a specific return of real money from every perfect purchase. Can't imagine this? But in vain.

The Kopikot website offers its users a service such as cashback from each completed purchase. We will tell you more about how each of us can take advantage of this article.

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What is cashback?

To begin with, this term came from a combination of the English words "cash" and "back", which means a refund. A cashback is carried out, for example, in the case of returning the goods by the buyer due to its poor quality or non-compliance with the stated requirements. However, the model of the Kopikot service (feedback from users who make purchases with this site can confirm this) is in another form of cashback - a refund simply for what you buy.

Perhaps this sounds a little strange: who, it would seem, would be willing to give you money just for buying things in a particular store? At first glance, you might even think that we are talking about the next fraudulent website, some kind of scam that is designed to earn money on gullible users, entice their data, and so on. But none of this can be said about the resource that we characterize at the moment.

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Scheme of purchases with "Kopikot"

Buying from Kopikot (reviews of which we will publish in this article) is very simple. All that is required of you is to go through a simple registration as a user of the service, indicating your contact information. After that, you can directly proceed to your favorite shopping.

In particular, the site presents a list of online stores indicating the amount of return that will be carried out in case of purchase. Accordingly, when you make your choice on a particular site, you can determine how much you will get if you buy, for example, “this blouse for 3000 rubles.” This can be done by simple counting.

The Kopikot website (reviews about which its users rather willingly publish) presents a simple table with interest rates at which the buyer is returned. Thus, if you want to choose between one “shop” and another, you can focus on the one with a higher percentage of return. See how simple and convenient at the same time!

Why is it profitable?

In fact, it is not necessary to explain why the cashback shopping scheme is beneficial - it is already obvious: you get money for placing an order in a particular store. It turns out that without the Kopikot website (customer reviews of which we will write a little further), you would simply spend, say, 1000 rubles; while with this service you will also be returned some 5-10 percent of the amount spent, which will be equal to a bonus in the form of 50-100 rubles.

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You might think that these are trifles that you should not even care about, and that you would continue to shop online without any complicated schemes and registration on third-party sites. But think again: Kopikot combines dozens of online stores in its catalog. Among them, by the way, there are the largest online shopping centers like Ebay or Aliexpress, where you can buy a huge amount of goods at low prices. You can make all your purchases through Kopikot (reviews indicate that many do so), and then, after, say, one or two months, withdraw good amounts from the service. What is most interesting is that you do not need to do anything for this. Only pleasant shopping on the web.

How many return?

Now we’ll clarify the information on how much money is returned from the Kopikot website. It should be noted right away that the rates are completely different: they all depend on the store and, of course, on the amount of the order.

Take as an example the most common and popular resources: on the rate is 7.5%, on Aliexpress - 2%, on Ebay - 1.5% of the order amount. Of course, the indicated rates are a percentage of the transaction made by the user.

As for the other form of payment - a fixed amount that the buyer receives, this is the Pudra store (150 rubles), MyToys (270 rubles) and La Redoute (270 rubles). Of course, if you overstock in these stores, then in order to get the indicated amount of cashback, you need to fulfill some additional condition (for example, make a purchase for a certain amount).

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How to return?

The funds that the buyer receives at (reviews can easily be confirmed) can be withdrawn in various ways. This is very convenient and attractive from the point of view of the users themselves, agree. So, the accumulated cashback (the minimum amount for its withdrawal, by the way, is 250 rubles) can be withdrawn to Webmoney, Yandex.Money, VISA and MasterCard, as well as to your mobile phone account as a deposit.

The way in which cashback will be paid, of course, is chosen by the user.

Shopping terms

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The refund scheme looks attractive, but, of course, to put it into practice is not so simple. The store must confirm that the payment to the user really took place, that the person received his order, and did not request his money back for low-quality goods. Therefore, in the conditions of the site’s operation (in the section explaining how to use “Kopikot”) it is clearly indicated that, firstly, some transactions can take place without a refund (these are purchases that the store may consider unfinished); secondly, the period for which the amount will be refunded can last up to 30 days. A user who has encountered such a situation should be sympathetic to this course of things.

Bonuses "Copycot"

To encourage its customers, Kopikot (the online store where the purchase is made, by the way, does not matter) has a bonus system. These, of course, are temporary actions that are held periodically. However, they allow, for example, to receive 200-300 rubles for the feedback left about the service, an invited friend, and so on. The company pays for such actions advertising the resource.

Customer reviews

In fact, if we analyze the reviews left by the Russians about Kopikot (Belarus is simply not included in the list of countries in which the service operates), we can draw the following conclusion. Yes, the cashback model for completed purchases really works. It allows you to significantly save money, especially if a person is used to buying a lot. But it is not perfect, as it has a couple of drawbacks.

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Firstly, it is a long process of returning your money. As already noted, the process of confirming a perfect purchase can be complicated and time-consuming, so you need to understand that it is quickly impossible to do this. Secondly, given some technical difficulties, it is sometimes difficult to know for sure whether an order was completed in full, or if a user, say, requested a refund. Therefore, according to reviews, buyers complain that not all purchases bring cashback.

In general, Kopikot is an excellent, innovative service. Everyone can try to work with him, because you don’t lose anything! But you can get some additional rewards. So why not?


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