A gift to his wife on March 8 with his own hands. The best gift for a woman

Women love gifts. And before March 8, in stores, there is real excitement, flower prices soar to heaven, men rack their brains, choosing gifts for women. Of course, you can go to the store and buy a ready-made surprise. If you have a lot of money, you can please a woman with a fur coat or jewelry. Perfumes or beautiful underwear will also be a great gift. There are many options. In extreme cases, champagne sweets are suitable.

However, if you are in financial difficulties now, or you just want to give something original that you can’t buy in any store, you can make a gift to your wife on March 8 with your own hands. The undoubted advantage of this option for congratulating the second half is that your spouse will certainly appreciate the care, love and diligence that you invested in your craft, but you can’t buy it for any money. In this article you can find the most unusual gift ideas for your wife, which are not very difficult to realize, you just need a little imagination.

Bouquet of sweets

The best gift for a woman is flowers. But such a gift has several drawbacks: firstly, live buds quickly fade, secondly, it is not too original, and lastly, some people are allergic to pollen of flowers.

An excellent solution is to give your sweetheart a sweet bouquet. The design looks like a wonderful composition of flowers, but a surprise candy is hidden inside each bud. You can easily make such a gift to your wife on March 8 with your own hands.

In stores, such a miracle is quite expensive, and the candies used by unscrupulous manufacturers are not always of good quality. At times you can reduce the cost of such a gift by making it yourself.

DIY gift for my wife on March 8

To create a sweet bouquet you will need:

  • your spouse's favorite sweets;
  • corrugated paper of two colors combining among themselves and green for leaflets;
  • wooden skewers for barbecue (can be replaced with cocktail tubes or a sufficiently strong wire);
  • polystyrene or special floristic foam;
  • packing film for bouquets;
  • special tape for packing bouquets;
  • wicker basket (optional);
  • adhesive tape or thread of a suitable color.

How to make a flower?

  • If the color of the candy packaging is suitable, simply wrap it with a piece of transparent packaging film, if not, with the film of the desired color so that there is a tail for which it can be attached to the skewer.
  • Use tape or thread to attach the candy to the skewer.
  • Cut two rectangles of different colors from corrugated paper: one will be 7.5 cm x 11 cm, the other 10 cm x 11 cm.
  • Make four cuts on the rectangles at an equal distance, 2 cm without cutting to the end. You should get 5 "petals".
  • Twist the top of the petals (approximately 4.5 cm) as you would twist a candy wrapper.
  • Fold the twisted parts down. You got two basics for a flower, 5 petals each.
  • Wrap the candy on the skewer with a smaller base, secure it with thread or scotch tape.
  • Wrap the resulting bud with a larger base, fasten.

The flower is ready.

  • Make the right amount of flowers, for example 15 pcs.
  • From green corrugated paper, cut long thin leaves.
  • Collect the bouquet and pack it with packaging film and ribbons or place it in the basket, after covering it with a beautiful colored film.

Box with compliments

Gifts for women need not be expensive. After all, what matters is not a gift, but attention. To express your feelings, if you are “aground”, a gift from the paper “Box with a Heart” will help. This box can be filled with sweets or cookies, you can put cute jewelry or expensive jewelry there, or you can fill it with pieces of paper with compliments, for example, “100 Reasons Why I Love You”.

In any case, a cute box made with love will not leave indifferent any woman. Beautiful packaging and attention are great free gifts.

best gift

To create a heart box you will need:

  • Thick sheet of paper. The size depends on the desired size of the box, for example A4.
  • Ruler, pencil or printer.
  • Little pieces of paper for compliments.
  • Colored pens.
  • Thin ribbons or strings.

Working process

  • Draw a diagram of the box, indicating the places of the bends, or print it on the printer (you can see the diagram in the photo above).
  • Carefully cut out the outline.
  • Fold the box, carefully pressing down the folds.
  • Write compliments on previously sliced ​​100 pieces of paper (for example, “I love you because you cook the most delicious pancakes in the world”).
  • Twist each leaf into a tube and tie it with a ribbon or thread.
  • Put compliments in a box.

Having invested a minimum of funds, you made a gift to your wife on March 8 with your own hands.

Bath Bombs

The best gift is one that will be not only beautiful, but also useful. Women have always cared and will take care of their appearance, so a bath bomb made with love from natural ingredients will be a great surprise.

For a homemade bomb you will need:

  • 8 tbsp. tablespoons of soda;
  • 4 tbsp. tablespoons of citric acid;
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of milk powder, cream powder, corn starch or clay (any of the proposed components will do);
  • sea ​​salt or magnesium sulfate;
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of olive or peach oil;
  • 20 drops of the total complexity of any essential oils (for example, wheat germ oil, ylang-ylang, shea);
  • dry herbs, flowers, or ground hercules;
  • food coloring (optional);
  • water in the spray gun.

gift ideas for wife

What should be done?

  • Sift the soda through a sieve, if it is not there, you can just thoroughly mash it with your hands.
  • Mix it with all dry ingredients.
  • Separately mix the main and essential oils.
  • Add a mixture of oils to a mixture of dry ingredients and mix the resulting substance quickly.
  • Spray water onto the mass, constantly mixing it with your hands, until the mixture acquires plasticity and ceases to crumble in your hands.
  • Lay out the mass on the molds, which can be baking dishes, coffee cups, molds for shortbread cookies, in general, any container that allows you to give your product the right look, you can even simply dazzle the balls with your hands.
  • After a few seconds, remove the bomb on the newspaper and leave to dry for 24 hours.

To make a gift to your wife on March 8 with your own hands not only original, but also beautiful, you need to pack it accordingly. This can be done using a gift bag or box, but it will be much more interesting if you show imagination and make an unusual design. For example, bombs can be folded into paper cupcake molds, a wicker small basket, or an egg-shaped dish.

free gifts


For romantics, a gift like a candle in a cup is suitable. Such a candle can be made from what is available in almost every house, so this present is from the “free gifts” section.

To create a candle in a cup you will need:

  • Cinder, broken or old candles.
  • A cup, for example, from a grandmother's service, in which there are still not enough people.
  • Wick or thick thread.
  • Two wooden sticks.

paper gift

Working process:

  • Free old and broken candles from wicks.
  • Melt the candles in a water bath.
  • Soak the wick or thread with molten mass and allow it to dry.
  • Add dyes and flavors to the molten mass if desired.
  • Fix the wick in the middle of the cup using the sticks, as shown.
  • Pour the hot substance into a dry, clean cup.
  • Leave to cool completely.
  • Remove the sticks.

Postcard in the style of quilling.

Another cute paper gift is a quilling card. To make such a card, you need paper, glue and imagination. Let's take a look at this technique with an example of a specific job.

gifts for women

To create a quilling style postcard, you will need:

  • thick sheet of paper for the base;
  • strips of paper in three colors, one of which should be green;
  • a quilling tool or a toothpick split in the middle;
  • glue.

Working process:

  • Cut the paper into strips 0.5 cm wide.
  • Insert the end of the strip of the color that you want to make the center of the flower into the split on the toothpick, twist it into a tight spiral and glue the end. For the card shown in the picture, you need to make 1 such a tight roll.
  • Insert the end of a strip of a different color into the toothpick, twist it into a spiral, then loosen the resulting roll and glue the end. Press the spiral on one side to make a petal sharp from one end. You need to make 7 such petals.
  • Insert green paper into the toothpick, twist a tight spiral, loosen it a little, and glue the edge. Press the roll on both sides. It will turn out a leaf sharp on both sides. Make 2 leaflets.
  • Let's collect a card: fold a thick sheet of paper in half, write a congratulation inside; glue on the front side a tight roll - the middle of the flower; around the middle of the flower, place 7 petals; glue a strip of green paper - a stalk to the flower with the edge, attach 2 leaflets to the stalk.

unusual wife gift

Here's a gift to his wife, unusual and romantic, turned out using only paper and imagination.

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