A rhythmic knock will tell you how to find a song by melody

Music accompanies a person throughout his life. However, when we hear a composition that is pleasant to the ear, we often remain unaware: who performs what the song is called and who is the author of the melody you like. This situation can sometimes just drive you crazy, due to the desire to have an unfamiliar track in your own music library. And yet there is nothing impossible. The question of how to find a song by melody is almost akin to the saying “find a needle in a haystack”. However, let's see if this is true.

Hit parade of possibilities, or Where treasured notes hide

How to find a song by melody

Before proceeding to the consideration of various methods of searching for a musical orientation, it is worth noting one important detail: an Internet connection and a computer are required. However, any multifunctional electronic device, whether it be a smartphone or tablet, is also quite capable of helping to resolve the issue of how to find a song by melody.

The rhythm that not Morse invented

In order to find among the variety of musical material that unique song that hit my head, you just need to remember the bright segment of the song or melody. The sequence of sounds will become your guide at the time of the search. And the Internet service whose name is “Rhythmoteca” will help you with this. A fairly simple interface and excellent site functionality will allow you to find a practical answer to your question: "How to find a song by melody?". “Sing” a musical composition by rhythmically pressing any of the buttons on the keyboard, and you will be surprised how easy it is to find the melody you hear.

Karaoke option

How to find a song by text

Do not be alarmed if your voice is vocal. All you need when using the Midomi resource is a microphone and a minimum of effort in the performance of the desired composition. The search engine is so effective at work that you do not have to wait long for the desired result. However, the service has another very useful tool that helps you find a song or melody by name. However, to use the Midomi voice search service, you need to set up your microphone. Using the dialog box, you will be offered the correct connection option. An actively responding indicator during the recording process (on the screen) is the result of the correct connection.

Small audio “with a great future”

How to find a song by melody if the saved record is a short section of the general track and is also noisy? In this case, you need the free AudioTag Internet service. Upload a fragment to the site, and in just a few minutes you will get a lot of links, among which you can easily find the music track that you need. It is worth noting that video clips are also the desired format.

I don’t remember the song how to find

Musicpedia - music wikipedia?

The English-language interface will not become an obstacle for a wide range of users. Here you will find all effective ways to search for musical “puzzles”.

The service has a wide variety of tools:

  • Flash piano - a virtual keyboard (for those who are able to play what they hear).
  • Determination of a musical fragment using a given rhythm.
  • Search using a microphone (singing a melody captured in memory).
  • Search for a match of a musical fragment using the Parsons code (specific recording of consecutive sounds).

When the words are remembered ...

How to find a song by sound?

Perhaps you do not know how to find a song in the text? Just go to Muzofon and your difficulties will be resolved in just a few minutes. It is worth noting one important fact. This musical search system has an incredibly wide database: children's songs, chanson, lyrics, hits, hits and well-known folk art. Few people can boast of such a repertoire. However, with the knowledge of the text of the mysterious composition, your searches will definitely be crowned with success, because “you won’t erase words from a song”.

This is peculiar to people: I don’t remember the song, how to find it?

Unfortunately, our memory is imperfect, and people do not always have the opportunity to use a computer in order to “quickly follow” the appropriate search actions. However, not everything is so hopeless in reality. Indeed, literally every modern person owns a mobile phone, and applications such as “Track ID” or “Shazam ID” definitely contribute to solving some urgent issues. Therefore, by installing the application so popular sometimes, you will no longer be faced with the question of how to find a song by sound.


In the framework of this article, the main ways of searching for musical material were considered. However, there are many other no less interesting methods that allow you to accurately determine and search for “conspiracy” music. By the way, usually the source of questions is the radio, and the song you’ve heard can be “pulled” from the broadcast archive.

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