Master class: how to make a ball out of foam

From foam balls, you can make a lot of different interesting crafts. We suggest you learn how to make a ball out of polystyrene foam and where to use it later.

Why do you need to create yourself?

Why know how to make a ball out of polystyrene? Indeed, now in any store for creativity you can buy ready-made plastic balls. But there are pluses in doing them yourself:

  • Reduces the cost of making crafts.
  • It is safe to say that you do the craft from beginning to end.
  • Foam is used, which should have ended up in the bin.

how to make a ball out of foam

Of course, there are cons too:

  • It takes more time to create crafts.
  • Balls may not work out as perfectly flat as purchased.
  • It turns out a lot of garbage.

How to make a foam ball: master class

There are two ways to make foam balls at home.

The first version of how to make a ball out of foam is as follows. Take a piece of material and a clerical knife. With careful movements, so as not to get hurt, begin to grind the round timber. As a result, you will have a ball in your hands. It is worth noting that in this way you will not achieve the ideal foam surface. Therefore, this blank will work if it is fully undecorated.

foam ball master class

The second way, how to make a ball out of foam, is as follows:

  1. Take a round tube of the diameter you want your balls to be. It can be an ordinary plastic pipe, a shell from mounting adhesive, and so on.
  2. Draw two parallel lines along the pipe, which will divide it in half along.
  3. Connect the two lines of the third, stepping back a few centimeters from the edge.
  4. Cut the outlined pipe section.
  5. Glue sandpaper along the entire length of the pipe with a glue gun. Let one be coarse on one half and fine grain on the other.
  6. Take a piece of polystyrene and draw two identical circles on it.
  7. With a clerical knife, cut out the circles drawn from the foam.
  8. Glue the resulting workpieces together.
  9. Grind the walls of the workpiece in a prepared pipe on a coarse workpiece. To do this, spend the foam from top to bottom several times, constantly turning.
  10. Turn over the workpiece and grind it from other sides.
  11. When the polystyrene becomes ball-shaped, sand it on the fine-grained portion of the pipe.
  12. Scrape off excess foam from the ball.

All is ready!

New Year crafts

Using such a blank, you can make stunning New Year's balls of polystyrene foam. Decor options can be completely different:

Styrofoam balls

  1. Take sequins and insert them into the ball, filling its entire space, with special needles, carnations.
  2. Use a glue gun to paste the ball around with beautiful buttons.
  3. Paste the ball over the ball and decorate the top with lace and beads.

Styrofoam snowman

If you take two foam balls, you can make a cute snowman.

how to make a ball out of foam

Workshop on creating:

  1. Connect the two balls with a wooden stick or knitting needle.
  2. Apply mounting adhesive, acrylic paint or structural gel to the entire surface of the balls. This should be done with small strokes of a spatula.
  3. Allow the material to solidify.
  4. Make a carrot nose out of polymer clay and stick it on the top ball.
  5. Use the glue gun to make eyes and a mouth out of small black buttons.
  6. Put on your hat and scarf.
  7. Glue the decorative buttons on the bottom ball.
  8. Insert two sticks on each side.
  9. From the bright fleece, cut four figures in the shape of mittens.
  10. Glue the two parts of the mittens together and put them on sticks on the sides (these will be the hands).

The snowman is ready!


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