Creating and promoting your own landing page: step-by-step instructions

Landing Page (landing) is a site, most often consisting of one page, positioned as highly convertible or well selling. A landing page can consist of several pages, but in the classical sense it is a one-page resource. This is precisely the peculiarity of the landing page promotion. A one-page website is designed to influence the basic human instincts, push the user to perform motivated actions: dial a number, click, place an order, purchase goods at the moment.

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Landing pages are an integral part of advertising campaigns for a particular product or offer with a “hot” price, and are also used to attract the target audience from Google Edwards, Yandex.Direct, contextual advertising sources, social networks and mailing lists.

What it is?

Landing Page is an independent page contributing to:

  • distribution of a single service or product;
  • the formation of a subscription base.

When forming a landing page, various impact triggers should be applied that will “warm up” the user to make a quick decision (making a purchase, entering information to receive a bonus, learning a course, viewing a webinar, etc.).

landing page promotion

On the part of the user, the Landing Page is the page on which he gets after clicking on the image, the informer, the advertisement and so on. The landing page is completely unlike an online store, because to implement a particular product or to conduct an advertising campaign, its own page is drawn up using various exposure triggers.

Varieties of Landing Page

  • Independent. This is the most common type of one-page site. Its key task is to freeze the user to purchase a product / service or to take any other step recommended by the resource.
  • Microsite. This is a site (most often separately from the main one) with a maximum of 5 sheets, which includes information about a product or service.
  • The main portal. As landing page, one or more pages of the resource are used.
  • Lendo site. It is a portal entirely consisting of independent target pages.

Ways to Create a Landing Page

Landing can be done in several ways:

  • Free generators and templates. To date, the Internet presents a huge number of different designers and templates, with which you can easily create any landing page. The most famous service for creating and promoting a landing page is LPgenerator. This method is ideal for organizations that are limited in budget, but the staff has experts who understand design and marketing.

Landing page creation and promotion

  • Help professionals. The task of creating and promoting SEO landing page can be delegated. For example, order content from a copywriter, design from a designer, and integration with the engine from a software developer. At the same time, the company must have a marketer capable of monitoring the project at all its stages. The advantages of this method include, first of all, low cost and excellent result, since each stage will be performed by a professional. By cons, the risk of improper selection of experts is high.
  • Specialized agencies. This method of creating a landing page involves contacting the organization that will take care of all the tasks: studying competitors, selecting a concept, drawing up an advertising campaign, will settle all integration tasks and implement the project. The customer only needs to fill out a brief for development, and the organization will be engaged in the creation and promotion of the turnkey landing page. The advantages of cooperation with the agency include efficiency and time saving, of the minuses - a relatively high cost.
  • Full-time employees who will be responsible for the design and promotion of the landing. This is a very costly, but at the same time effective way. A team consisting of a copywriter, designer, software developer and marketer will be able to fully implement and promote the project.

Can I make a Landing Page myself

It’s quite possible to create a landing page on your own, for this you need to have some knowledge in the field of web development, analytics and design. However, if there are no such skills, then you can resort to the help of special services (discussed above) that offer ready-made templates where you just need to enter the text and configure the hosting and domain.

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By creating a landing page on your own, you can save time and money. On the Internet you can find sources with templates of various topics, with a set of quick installation guides and software that allows you to make corrections.

Can I make a landing for free

As interest in the landing page grows day by day, the creators also do not stand still, offering users fresh ideas and tools based on templates. The list of free resources:

  • You can create a landing page on the website after a simple registration process.
  • Using the software product Adobe Photoshop.
  • Use the constructor KompoZer.

The latter option is best suited for those who have only minimal skills in this area, and they do not want to waste time mastering complex programming systems. In addition, you can take advantage of the free trial period of the popular designers and wPPage.

Landing Optimization

Landing page development is only a part of success, it is important to optimize it correctly. One-page resources have one, but quite significant drawback - they are very difficult to find for search engines. Full-fledged sites have unique headings, a holistic structure with information about the volume of pages, competent linking and more.

Landing promotion independently step by step instructions

The structure of the one-page does not allow to perform high-quality internal optimization in the usual sense, that is, "sharpen" the Internet resource to the requests of search engines. This problem was solved by Google’s layout using JavaScript and the PushState method.

What is needed for this?

To optimize the landing, you must do the following:

  • Landing is divided into several blocks.
  • Each of them should have its own original indicator, text, name, title and URL.

In other words, blocks must have the same properties that any individual page of a full portal has. In this case, the robot will regard the landing page as somewhat unique. Visitors are unlikely to catch this moment, only the most vigilant ones will notice that in the process of scrolling the URL and title change in the line. But here it should be understood that for the implementation of these actions will require some knowledge in the field of SEO and layout with JavaScript.

Landing SEO

How to make the created page popular? Promotion of landing pages in search engines or SEO on their own is a doable task, despite the fact that it often happens to hear that search engines are bad for one-page sites. In fact, this is not entirely true. If the page meets certain conditions and will contain the maximum amount of information about the product / service being sold, then you can achieve excellent results of the SEO landing page promotion.

seo landing promotion

Of course, as in any field, there are a few buts. First of all, much will be determined by the competitiveness of the chosen topic. If a promoted product was selected for trading with the help of a landing, for which a large number of online stores and sites already exist, then even huge budgets will not be able to help promote the landing.

What do we have to do?

But these are all the features, and if we move on to the strategy of promoting the landing page, then here everything can be described point by point. So, consider the step-by-step instructions for promoting the landing yourself:

  • The foundation of a successful Landing Page is content. That is, the product description should contain certain information for the user: details, photos, video review, reviews and more.
  • Landing page promotion using link mass. To pump a one-page site, you will need a link mass, which can be purchased on other resources. The number of links will depend on the competitiveness of the product being sold, as well as on the region, the number of competitors in the market, and more. A great way to express yourself, as well as get a reference mass from other resources, is to put an overview of your product on them. There are special tools and services for this. Another option (more time-consuming, but at the same time interesting) is to independently search for websites of similar subjects and contact the administrators directly with the desire to post your information with them. Of course, this is done for a fee. In the review you need to insert a few links to the site. If the selected resources are popular, then you can easily get a stream of visitors from them, which in the future can become customers. This method of promotion is the most successful and natural. You get the so-called eternal links, for which you pay once, while providing the Landing Page targeted traffic.

Landing Page creation and promotion

  • An alternative is rental links. Sites provide such links only for the period that has been paid. Their advantage is affordability, but serious sanctions can be applied to using this promotion method for landing pages.

Internal Landing Page Optimization

In essence, a landing page is a place where users will come from all sources of attraction: search engines, advertisements, thematic resources, and more. Therefore, it is very important to optimize it not only for search engines, but also for people. What is needed for this? How not to concede to competitors? The following rules must be followed:

  • Quality content, product description, use of infographics.
  • Video reviews.
  • Reviews Recently, their presence has been an important component for visitors.

Be original, write in an accessible and beautiful way, for people, not cars. It’s not worth inserting the name of your product in each paragraph - neither people nor search engines like this.

Result and Efficiency

So, if you have some knowledge about the landing page, you can create and promote yourself, for this you just need to use special designers and ready-made templates. But do not forget that on your own - it is not always free, and in some cases a small budget can significantly accelerate the achievement of the result. In addition, the promotion of the landing can be entrusted to a special organization. What to choose is up to you.


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