Vertical Block Thrust: Varieties and Exercise Technique

The thrust of the vertical block is a rather simple exercise technology that allows you to properly pump the widest back muscles. For work, special shells are used. In addition, there are several ways to complete this exercise.

What muscles work during traction and why should it be done?

vertical block pull
There are situations when a person for some reason cannot pump his back by pulling up. This applies to beginners, as well as athletes with experience who want to diversify the training program. The thrust of the vertical block provides the work of a huge group of muscles, such as pectoral, latissimus, upper back, forearms, biceps.

The advantage of this exercise is that you have the ability to adjust the load, starting with the minimum. When pulling up, this cannot be done, since you are working with your own body mass, which can be too large. That is, this exercise is very useful not only for athletes, but also for overweight people who want to simulate a beautiful figure. In addition, in this case, the likelihood of injury or sprains is reduced.

Features of vertical traction with a wide grip

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In order to do this exercise correctly, you must follow the technique:

1. You need to sit on the simulator and fix your legs so that they are not in the air during work. Now raise your hands up and grab the bar, spreading your arms wide enough. If you yourself cannot reach it, ask the instructor to help you. The back should be straight and the lower back tense.

2. Next, the thrust of the vertical block with a wide grip is made as follows: we inhale and gently pull the crossbar to the chest. The shoulder blades are reduced, the muscles of the back are tensed. After the crossbar reaches the shoulders, stop.

3. Now just as slowly return the crossbar to its place. Only now can you exhale. After a pause of several seconds, you can proceed to the next repeat.

During operation, pay attention to the fact that the wider your grip is, the more intense your muscles will work.

Reverse Grip Technique

vertical block pull
Thanks to this implementation, you can simulate an athletic beautiful torso. The thrust of the vertical block reverse grip is as follows:

1. Sit in the simulator and fix your legs. In this case, the chest should be just below the bar. Reach for it and grab it from below. Hands should be placed shoulder width apart, the back must be even and slightly tense.

2. Next, you need to take a breath and begin pulling the bar to the chest. At the same time, try to strain the spinal muscles. Elbows must not be set apart. When the crossbar is at the very chest, you need to make a short pause and reduce the shoulder blades.

3. Now gradually return the bar to its original position and exhale. After a short pause, repeat the exercise first.

Important points

The thrust of the vertical block is performed in several sets of 8-10 pull-ups of the crossbar. The back should remain flat throughout the exercise. During operation, it is undesirable to strain the abdominal press. If this happens, then you need to reduce the mass of the load. At the beginning of the exercise, you need to reduce the shoulder blades, and then begin to pull the crossbar.

Watch your elbows while you work: they must be kept in a strictly upright position. The thrust of the upper block should be held with a hold of breath, which helps to keep the torso in the correct position.


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