The gel polish is purple. Purple manicure gel polish

Purple manicure with gel polish is suitable for courageous and risky girls who are not afraid of bright colors. It is recommended for those who are bored with classic delicate palettes and want something catchy and unusual.

The meaning of purple

Violet is the most mysterious color of the whole spectrum. It consists of two colors contrasting in their symbolism - blue (meaning calm and serenity) and red (symbolizing passion). Thus, purple is considered a symbol of harmony of opposites.

This color is traditionally associated with mysticism, intuition, phenomena that defy logical explanation. Violet is the color of creative, extraordinary and individual personalities.

In psychology, this shade is associated with extreme sensitivity, sentimentality and excessive emotionality.

Experts note that girls who prefer purple gel polish in everyday life have a strong character, are independent and decisive. As a rule, they are talented and artistic, but at the same time they are very vulnerable and gentle personalities.

Flower manicure

Pros and Cons of Purple Manicure

Like any other design, manicure in purple tones has its advantages and disadvantages. They are presented in table form.



Purple gel polish does not force the choice of a special color palette in clothes. On the contrary, a manicure made in violet shades can become a bright detail in combination with items from the basic wardrobe.

Purple gel polish requires a perfect finish on the nail surface. All irregularities and roughness will be noticeable when applying color.

It is believed that the longer the nails, the lighter should be the varnish. Therefore, on short nails, the purple color will look perfect.

The texture of the purple gel polish should be dense. This will help to avoid bald spots and save the master from endless layering.

On long nails, you can also use purple. It is worth choosing a lighter shade to avoid vulgarity.

Violet shades require extreme accuracy and concentration in the work. When applying, it is necessary to try to avoid errors, since in a dark design they are clearly striking, and correcting them is quite difficult.

Violet color is self-sufficient. It will look great even in a solo performance.

When choosing a saturated purple hue, you need to understand that when growing, the border will be clearly expressed, which will ruin the impression of a manicure. Therefore, you should not choose such a color scheme, if it is not possible to make a correction in a timely manner with the master.

According to the latest trends in the nail sphere, the choice of ultraviolet shades is an indicator of following the fashion. Such a decision will become a trend, no doubt.

Violet varnish is able to visually narrow the nail plate. If it is already narrow, then it is better to choose another, lighter palette.

Purple gel polish manicure: color combinations

  • With white. Traditional, clear and pleasant range. Such a combination will be appropriate when performing geometric design, classic French manicure or when decorating natural ornaments.
  • Violet and yellow. These colors are contrasting according to the palette, which means that this pair is the most harmonious. But it is worth remembering that the yellow tint, like purple, is very bright and flashy. Therefore, you should avoid excessive sloppiness and try to maintain color balance.
  • Combination with black. So that the manicure does not turn out too gloomy, you can add interesting details: rhinestones, foil, rub, ribbons for decor.
  • Violet and blue. A combination of light purple varnish with blue accents is considered successful.
  • With pink. This range is suitable for making delicate girlish patterns.
  • Violet and gold. Such a manicure is suitable for confident self-sufficient girls. Ornate patterns will look expensive and spectacular.
  • With silver. No less impressive design, allowing to realize bold ideas. Both simple geometry and elaborate drawings look elegant.
Yellow purple manicure

Purple shades of gel polish allow you to create many incredible designs that can satisfy even the most sophisticated fashionista. It is appropriate when performing classic French manicure, and is also organically combined with other shades and elements of nail decor.

Black purple

Glitter Design

Purple glitter gel polish is the simplest and most popular type of nail decoration. Shine gives playfulness to the manicure. Shining nails cannot but attract attention.

Sequined design steadily holds its leading position in the nail art industry. Moreover, every year it becomes even more preferable among secular ladies and average ladies.

You can always play with the sizes of sparkles - use only large, only small ones or even create a mix.

Glitter Manicure

Rhinestone design

Masters of nail service consider rhinestones a kind of sparkles, differing in size and technique of working with them. Dark purple manicure using rhinestone is suitable for special occasions where you need to appear in all its glory.

Sparkling stones emphasize femininity, complement the elegant image. Of course, you need to know the measure, otherwise there is a risk of overdoing it with crystals and looking ridiculous and funny.

Purple manicure with rhinestones

Geometric design

The use of simple lines and shapes is a relatively new solution in nail design. However, it is confidently gaining popularity among the fair sex. This design is especially in demand among business women engaged in office work. It goes well with a conservative style, and the violet shades of gel polish make it boring.

Graphic design

French manicure

When performing French manicure, light pink, nude shades of varnish are traditionally used. This design of nails rightfully won the hearts of many girls. It is suitable for everyday life, as well as for special significant events. But if the classic range of "French" is bored, there is always the option to choose bolder color combinations. Violet shades are the best suited for such an experiment.

French manicure

Design Using

The well-known and such a popular rub has appeared in the nail industry recently. With its help, you can achieve various effects, whether it is a mirror shine, pearl overflow, the desired shade or prism.

Violet rubbing

It is unpretentious in application and wear, is able to revive the most ordinary manicure using only one basic color. The rub will not leave indifferent any fashionista.


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