How to make a leaflet? Flyer Layout

Flyers are an inexpensive, popular and effective form of advertising for any business. They can also be used as announcements in the event of a pet loss, as a mailing list or as an invitation to an event. The first leaflets appeared in the 18th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were mainly used for military-political agitation. Underground organizations scattered leaflets from the roofs of tall houses located near crowded places. The wind picked up the paper sheets and carried them through the city blocks. The English word flayer translates to "flying." The advent of airplanes allowed companies to distribute their flyers over huge areas. During the war, propaganda leaflets were scattered over enemy territories. Currently they are used for advertising campaigns. An extended version of the flyer is called a flyer. A large number of flyers are discarded immediately after receipt. There can be many reasons, but more often than not this is a bad flyer design.

How to make a flyer


Creating a good flyer is not as easy as it sounds. The designer needs to consider hundreds of nuances when creating leaflet templates: format, type, target audience and others. Understanding all the subtleties requires a lot of experience.

Basic Rules

A5 format

How to make a leaflet? At the beginning of the work, it is necessary to determine the target audience of the flyer. The style of the advertising message depends on this. After that, you need to decide exactly how the flyer will be made. Large companies hire professional designers. The layout of the flyer can be done independently using special programs or online services on the computer. Another way: draw a template manually and propagate it using a regular photocopy machine. The flyer should attract attention. Its design should be consistent with the overall style of the business. Often simple leaflets with highlighting headings in bright colors work more efficiently than design ones.


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How to make a leaflet? For leaflet templates you need to choose a bright, catchy picture or photo. It’s better to frame the image and add an arrow that points to the image. If a person is hooked on a picture, he will definitely come up and read the text of the leaflet. You should not use more than two images for one flyer.


A catchy headline also plays an important role. It should motivate a potential client to action. To do this, use verbs in the imperative mood. A slurred message will kill all interest in the flyer. The title is highlighted in large and bold so that it can be seen from a distance of 3 m. You can use capital letters and unique curly fonts. The title is placed in the center of the leaflet or evenly distributed across the width of the page. It should fit on one line.

Main text

Flyer cafe

How to make a leaflet? The content of the leaflet should answer only three simple questions. What? Where? When? Other information is redundant. Every student knows how to make a leaflet in Word. Complicated text will not work as needed. It is better to use short informative sentences. Professional terms, words with a double meaning, negatives and the expression "If you ..." should be excluded from the text. For the main text, it is better to use a font that is different from the font of the header. You can add subtitles that reveal the meaning of the advertising message.

The structured text will make the layout of the flyer more attractive. Lists should consist of 5-7 points. They need to be highlighted with large dots or checkmarks. Do not use a large number of formats. One or two accents in the text are enough. The text should cling to the client on an emotional level. It is worth contacting the client directly, using the word "you". It is important to convey the right information in seconds. It is better to indicate at the bottom of the flyer the phone and website where you can get detailed information. You can make a tear-off version of the flyer. At the bottom of the contact information is copied several times. Information on the benefits that it gives to its owner is also placed on the flyer and highlighted. This can be a free entrance to the event or a discount on a product or service. You can also place customer reviews and recommendations on the flyer.


Flyer design

How to make a flyer? The next factor to pay attention to is the color of the leaflet. Do not use solid, irritable and acid colors for flyers. The dark background also does not attract the attention of the reader. Black and white flyers are the least effective. You can leave blank spaces for headings and fill them with colored markers. For text, it is better to use a color that matches the color of the picture. The main thing is that it is easy to read. To do this, the text is highlighted with a black outline.


The size of the flyer will depend on the capabilities of the selected equipment. A standard leaflet is a sheet of A4 or A5 paper. You can divide a standard sheet into several parts. For distribution use smaller flyers. If leaflets are placed on bulletin boards, it is best to use heavy paper and waterproof paint for them. The finished leaflet needs to be printed and hung on the wall. It should attract attention from a distance of 3 m. You can print a small batch of leaflets, distribute it to friends and ask them to express an opinion on it. Thus, they test several options for leaflets and choose the best one. After checking, the text of the leaflet is adjusted. His grammar and spelling are checked again. Printed leaflets are pasted on bulletin boards, poles, stops and other crowded places. In this case, it is necessary to observe restrictions on the placement of information for urban areas.

It is important who and how will hand out flyers. Promoters need to wear branded t-shirts for the store. It is worthwhile to instruct the staff, explain to whom it is better to hand out flyers. Flyers can be placed under the wipers of cars, attach them to the sales receipt. The most common mistakes: inconvenient flyer size and too small font; excess information; lack of headline and call to action; illiterate submission; lack of contact information.


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