"Reincarnation and personality disorder": from ranobe to manga

Japanese mango and anime culture became popular in Russia many years ago. From year to year, interest in these styles only grows stronger among children and youth. The work "Reincarnation and Disorder of Personality" was first known as Renobe, but in 2015 it was also released as a manga.

What is manga?

Manga is part of the Japanese teenage and not only culture. Behind this mysterious word are ordinary comics, but made in the style characteristic of the country. Manga gained distribution after the Second World War, gradually becoming an integral part of the culture of Japan.

reincarnation and personality disorder

It is generally accepted that these comics (also called comic books) are focused exclusively on children and adolescents, but people of different ages who live both in Japan and abroad are interested in this part of the culture.

Ranobe is a type of popular literature. The illustrations for this variety are performed in the manga style, and the work itself is distinguished by an abundance of dialogs and a fantasy plot.

The plot of the manga "Reincarnation and personality disorder"

The manga tells the story of a boy named Balud, in whose body two people were reborn at once. One of them (Okasanai Sadatoshi) was a soldier during his lifetime and died in battle, and the second (Oka Masaharu) died due to an accident - he fell under the wheels of a truck. Once in the body of the boy, they still remembered their past incarnations, skills and abilities. As a result of such a combination of circumstances, Balud received an indefatigable craving for money and knowledge of how they can be earned.

Characters "Reincarnation and personality disorder"

The plot of the book contains only 6 characters: Balud himself, his mother, his servant, Oka Masaharu, Okasanai Sadatosi and Selina Savaran.

manga reincarnation and personality disorder

The main character, Balud, is a young man in whose body three souls live: his own, a military man and a schoolboy-loser. They influence him in such a way that an unquenchable thirst for money and the desire to earn them as much as possible develops in him.

Oka Masaharu is a schoolboy who died under the wheels of a truck. At the time of the incident, he thought for a moment who had better ears - cats or dogs, and did not notice an approaching car.

Okasanai Sadatoshi - despite many military victories during his lifetime, he gained his fame due to his savings and craving for money, which was transferred to Balud.

Selina Savaran is the president of a company that helped the boy sell goods.

Magott, the mother of the boy, was a famous warrior in her youth. Due to her hard training, Balud became stronger to be able to survive classes with her.

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