Self hypnosis techniques: how to enter a trance

how to enter a trance
Our psyche is not only what we are aware of or remember at the moment. Consciousness in general is only the tip of the iceberg of our limitless personality. And today, people more and more often think about how to access their unconscious resources and touch something intangible. Many are looking for different ways to enter a trance, because it is in a trance state that a person meets his subconscious. It should be immediately warned that it is rarely possible to achieve a trance state the first time, so if you want to get a result, try again and again, practice more often.

Relaxation - the first step in self-hypnosis

Before you enter a state of trance, you should completely relax the body. Our physical shell constantly receives signals from the external environment, thereby maintaining contact with the material world. To immerse yourself in the inner world, you should minimize the interaction of the body with the external environment. Autotraining exercises are great. First, find a place where no one will bother you for several hours. Set yourself reclining in a chair (lying on the bed you can fall asleep), cover your eyes. Relax your body completely. There should be a feeling that the body, as it were, is gone. In this way, we free consciousness from attachment to the physical world.

how to enter a trance state

Breathing techniques

Since entering a trance untrained person is quite difficult, you can tune in using breathing techniques. While in a state of relaxation, begin to monitor your breathing. No other thoughts should occupy your attention. Watch how the chest lowers and rises, as on each exhale you relax even more. You can use the mantra "SO-HAM": while breathing in to ourselves, we say sooo-oh-oh, on the exhale haa-ah-ah. Over time, you can stop talking the mantra, as the breath enters a natural rhythm. This is the first step towards trance states. There are special techniques that explain how to quickly enter a trance using breathing (holotropic breathing, rebirthing, etc.), but these practices should be carried out with a specialist.

Work with images

Our imagination is a powerful source of work with the subconscious. Specially called images will teach beginners how to enter a trance. There are various exercises that allow you to enter this state.

how to quickly enter a trance

  • Flight. After our body has completely relaxed and our breathing has calmed down, we can imagine that we are flying. You need to try not just to mentally see yourself soaring somewhere, but to feel the state of flight, to evoke these sensations.
  • Descent down the stairs. Imagine that you are going down the stairs somewhere. Try to β€œsee” the steps, feel the descent, β€œtouch” the walls.
  • A fall. Imagine that you are falling from the place where you were sitting, somewhere down.

Then follow your imagination. Do not call images on your own, just go where your unconscious leads you. For example, if you were going down the stairs, see where you would go down in the end. Walk around this place, try to get as many impressions as possible.

Before you enter a trance, you need to find out how to get out of it. In your imagination, rise from where you descended. Then reconnect with the body. Focus on bodily sensations, move your fingers and limbs, and only then open your eyes.


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