How to make beds from boards with your own hands: instructions, materials

Have you ever wondered why, with all the advantages of high beds, you don't have to see them often? This is due to the fact that many owners of suburban areas believe that the arrangement of wooden beds is quite complicated. In addition, not all home masters have such skills. But if you still think about the question of how to make beds from boards with your own hands, then you need to sort everything on the shelves in order to get neatly and beautifully folded sides that are ready to last for more than one year.

As practice shows, the crop harvested from such unusual beds exceeds the usual. Cultivation of cultivated plants in wooden structures can be done as soon as the snow melts. Early ripe crops ripen here, among which are: radish, lettuce and onions. All this is due to the fact that such a bed contributes to better warming of the earth, because on the usual surface at the end of April a layer of frozen soil is still preserved. But for the greenhouse, this approach will be ideal.

Production design No. 1

If you are faced with the question of how to make beds from boards with your own hands, then you can consider to start manufacturing a design that is simple. It is suitable for those summer residents who do not like working with wood. First you need to decide on the size of the future box.

Popular methods today recommend growing crops in wide baskets, this parameter should be approximately 160 cm for them. For the greenhouse, this option will be optimal. The next step will be soil preparation. It should be well loosened and leveled in the place where you plan to build.

how to make beds from boards with your own hands

For everyone who is looking for an answer to the question of how to make beds from boards with their own hands, photos of such designs will become the best helpers. They will allow you to understand how such a product should look. For work, four boards should be prepared, the height of which will be 30.5 cm. 8 boards should have a length equal to 120 cm. Four pegs will be needed, which will form the basis of the central pillars. Their length will be equal to 61 cm.

Building material must first be prepared correctly. The sides are usually made of a trimming inch, the width of which is 15 cm. For this purpose, it is convenient to use wood. This is a natural environmentally friendly material that will allow you to fix the elements of the beds with each other using brackets or screws.

Before installing long side boards, one should not forget that the central profile will need to be screwed on the floor right there. Those summer residents who are thinking about how to make beds from boards with their own hands read the instructions for a start. From it you can understand that in all corners of the future design you need to hammer a peg. The wall is installed in the next step, here you can install a longitudinal beam that connects the corners. The second beams are installed on top of the first, their ends must converge with the boards in the corners. Using a square, you need to check whether the corners are perpendicular.

Build Features

When installing walls, you must track their vertical position. However, the support pins must remain outside. The two side beams are screwed to the next stage, they need to be strengthened to four racks so that the ends of the strips meet with the pegs.

how to make beds from boards with your own hands photo

Now you need to make sure that the workpiece has a square shape. It should be measured diagonally and compared. The box is aligned until the diagonals are the same. If you faced the problem of how to make high beds from boards with your own hands, then at the next stage you should strengthen the frame.

At the center point of the outer wall, two racks should be located. They are dug into the ground so that the upper edge of the rack is flush with the upper part of the crossbar. The stand is fixed with screws, with the rest of the walls you must do the same.

The second option for manufacturing strong boxes

If you have a garden board and experience in carpentry, the beds can be done using a different technology. To begin with, the design should be marked, and then saw off the unnecessary parts from the boards. Using a square, you can determine the angles so that there are no problems during assembly. The boxes themselves are fastened on bricks. First you need to prepare elements for several boxes, it is important to make sure that the structures are rectangular, otherwise it will be problematic to connect their ends. There will remain gaps that are not needed.

how to make beds from boards do-it-yourself sizes

Ready boxes are installed in the next step. If something has already been planted in the greenhouse, then this will not become a problem. You can mount such sides anytime. But if in the greenhouse grow cucumbers and melons, whose stems were already in the aisles, then you have to wait until autumn. Whenever possible, it is worth choosing a species of wood that is not so susceptible to destruction. Otherwise, the boards should be treated with a substance that will not be able to harm the plants.

Making a garden in the form of a pyramid

Quite often, summer residents are wondering about how to make beds from boards with their own hands in a greenhouse. The most interesting idea for this are the pyramids. They can grow not only vegetables and herbs, but even flowers. In this house, garden strawberries and strawberries feel especially good.

how to make a fence of a garden from boards with your own hands

The most impressive advantages of such beds are saving space in the greenhouse and the ultraviolet light of each plant. For work, a dried board in the amount of 11 pieces should be prepared, the dimensions of each element should be 200 x 50 x 2.4 mm. Among other things, you will need the following tools:

  • hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • drill;
  • square;
  • roulette;
  • protractor;
  • screwdriver.


If you have a question about how to make a fence of a bed from boards with your own hands, then use the following instruction: at the first stage, you need to take 4 two-meter boards that will be support. At one end of each, it is necessary to cut at 30 °. At the other ends, the cut should be done at 60 °. Boards in the end should remain two meters. This will provide the same basis.

To connect the boards, a bar should be prepared, the dimensions of which will be equal to 50 x 50 x 400 mm. It will serve as the basis for the side faces. Two boards, at which the ends were cut at an angle of 60 °, are stacked to each other, a bar is installed between them. Elements are aligned and pulled together by screws. Now, the product that turned out when twisted in the previous step, you need to put and lean the edges with angles of 60 °. Everything is fixed with screws.

how to make beds from boards with your own hands in a greenhouse

In order to fix the longitudinal shelves, faces are marked for them, and then the sides are measured. On the faces of the future design, which go from the base, it is necessary to make 6 marks through 285 mm. These manipulations must be repeated with each support. For proper alignment, you should measure the distance between the faces, everything should be on the same level. The numbers are added and divided by 4. This will allow you to get the average value, which will be the length of the horizontal supports. On it, the edges will need to be set.

Shelf making and pyramid mounting

Before you make beds from boards with your own hands, you must complete the shelves. The resulting numbers must be measured, and then cut four boards on them. On the sides they are cut off by 30 °, but only on one side. The other side should remain as it is. These steps must be repeated for each stick level.

Now you can transfer the long supports and horizontal boards to the greenhouse, where the bed will be installed. Transferring it after will be quite problematic due to its impressive size. Each horizontal support is fixed on three screws on the marks that you made earlier.

how to make high beds from boards with your own hands

The vertical faces should be perfectly aligned, for this it is recommended to use a level. If you have a question about how to make beds from boards with your own hands, then the horizontal shelves must be set in level, they should be at the same distance from the surface, then the soil will not sag.

Pyramid filling

It is necessary to start filling with the lower shelves. To do this, everything is covered with soil and well rammed. Thus, it is necessary to move to the very top row. Once the garden is ready, greenhouse plants can be transplanted into it. It is also important to know how to fill out such a design.

At the bottom you need to lay a metal mesh, which will provide reliable protection against rodents and moles. The next layer is wood, paper and cardboard. All this will serve as a good drainage. Now you can pour coarse sand and a mulching layer of sawdust, fallen leaves or grass. All this is well watered.

how to make beds from boards with your own hands instructions

Final work

The next layer will be a 30-centimeter fertile soil, which must be well compacted. If you were wondering about how to make beds from boards with your own hands, a photo of such structures is recommended to be considered first. However, at this stage, we can assume that the pyramid is ready and can be used. It has a low cost, but will be ready to serve you for about 10 years.

More about sizes

If you are thinking about how to make beds from boards with your own hands, the dimensions of such structures must first be carefully thought out. For example, for perennial grasses and wild strawberries, low structures with an impressive soil volume are suitable. Such beds can take the form of whatnots or pyramids.

Whereas for greenhouse crops, pyramids with a well-thought-out watering system are needed. The vertical pyramid for vegetables is made up to 1.8 m high. The width can be 1 m. In such a bed, top dressing can be performed using the technology of automatic feeding of the nutrient solution.

The advantages of garden beds

Before starting work on the manufacture of the described beds, it is necessary to consider their advantages and disadvantages. Among the first, it is worth highlighting:

  • high productivity;
  • long life of beds;
  • convenience of service.

Before you make beds from boards with your own hands, you should consider the advantages of such structures. Among others, it should be noted that with this approach you can get a fairly rich crop, even in cold regions.

Key Cons

However, such designs have their drawbacks. Among them, summer residents especially highlight the need to allocate time for the manufacture of structures. In addition, they will have to be treated with special substances that will prevent rotting and damage to the material. Before you make beds from boards with your own hands, you should consider the shortcomings of such designs. Among others, it should also be noted that every spring the elements of wood will have to be varnished or painted. But if the manufacture is not approached in good faith, then such structures are completely capable of spoiling the landscape, which also cannot be called a plus. But if you have experience, then the beds can be very attractive, which is also true if you plant them with flowers.


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