Manicure "Monogram": features, technology, ideas

Beauty industry experts note the fact that the "Monogram" manicure is rapidly gaining popularity. There are a lot of ideas with such patterns. You can create your own unique nail art yourself at home or use the services of a wizard. Fashionable monograms on nails can be drawn by every girl, if she makes a little effort.

What are monograms in manicure?

In manicure, this type of ornament does not differ much from floral motifs. Any girl at home can draw monograms on her nails. This technique is a pattern with the interweaving of numerous threads. Very fashionable for modern girls is the method of painting the nail plates, in which words or letters are displayed (for example, they often draw their own initials).

monogram manicure

If we analyze the word "monogram", then it has several meanings:

  1. Initials inferred sweepingly and gracefully, while the tails of letters twist and intertwine.
  2. Logo of an enterprise or educational institution. Many companies have an abbreviation that is prescribed in this technique.
  3. Patterns in paintings created from twisted lines.

Manicure "Monogram" can recreate any of these options. Shades for design will suit absolutely any, it is only important that they are combined with each other.

monograms on nails

Types of monograms in manicure

Modern nail art masters use a variety of techniques, because fashion is changing rapidly and every season different types of manicure become a trend . For example, monograms in nail design come in several forms:

French This option is unobtrusive and cute. With such a manicure, you can safely go to work, because it looks very elegant, while restrained and neat. French manicure with monograms on the sides is a new trend for those who want something special, but not too provocative.

monogram brush in manicure

Modern monograms. This option belongs to the category of non-trivial ideas. For everyday life, such nail art is not suitable. The bottom line is to apply the ornament to the entire nail plate completely with a certain symmetry. Nails are not necessarily painted with the same varnish. The manicure looks very shocking as a result.

Original monograms. Among modern girls, such nail art is especially popular. It is especially relevant among beauties with extended nails. When using this technique, monograms are applied to the entire nail plate, copying each other as much as possible. As a result, everything looks luxurious, but not defiant.

Materials and accessories for nail art with monograms

Hand painting on nails requires special tools. For example, a brush for monograms in a manicure should be selected thin, for a clear drawing of lines. If you first decided to try this nail art technique, it is recommended that you prepare the following for the session:

  1. Stiper with a long and very thin pile. It will help you create unique patterns on the nails.
  2. Column 00 with a thin, short pile. This brush is convenient for drawing letters.
  3. Beveled brush. With its help, you can draw a variety of curls.

After the brushes for painting are prepared, it is worth choosing shades of varnishes. It is very important that the colors are harmoniously combined with each other. The basecoat should differ sharply from the varnish that was used for painting.

french manicure with monograms

How to prepare nails for manicure?

Before you begin to draw patterns on the nails, you should prepare the plates for nail art. To do this, remove the existing varnish from the nails, trim them, give the same shape to the plates, file, polish. After the preparatory procedures, you need to wait until the nails are thoroughly dry. Hand creams should not be used at this time. Otherwise, the varnish coating will lie unevenly on the plate or serve very little.

How to make a "Monogram" manicure?

After preparing the nails, it is recommended to do a traditional manicure. This will make the ornament more spectacular. You can build up your nails or paint your own with varnish of a flesh or light shade.

When the classic manicure is ready, you can start applying the patterns with a special brush. If this is your first experience with this technique, it will be enough to paint one nail on each hand. It is recommended to choose a ring finger for this. The easiest way is to apply a pattern in the side of the nail plate with a smooth transition to the center. Suitable as ordinary lines with curls at the ends, and wavy weaves. It is very important that the ornaments on both hands are as close as possible to each other.

monogram manicure

When the "Monogram" manicure is almost ready, you should fix the result with a special fixative. Otherwise, nail art will not last long. This design is suitable for everyday life. If you want to get a more shocking and effective option for a special case, you can experiment not only with the colors of the coating, but also with additional decorative elements.

manicure with monograms and rhinestones

The combination of monograms with other elements in a manicure

If you add sparkling nail art with twisted patterns, you can get a holographic effect. A manicure with monograms and rhinestones looks very festive. Also relevant is the combination with this technique of liquid stone on the nails. Such a design will become especially successful for New Year's holidays or club parties. Velvet powders or beads also look good together with twisted patterns, so do not be afraid to experiment, for the sake of obtaining a unique image.


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