Portfolio: what is it and why does a person need it?

In the vocabulary of modern people, the word "portfolio" has taken a firm place. Not everyone knows what it is and who needs it. The name comes from English, where it denotes a folder with documents. In principle, it really is, only depending on who owns this β€œfolder”, its content is different. It can be either real sheets of paper, for example, photographs or design projects, or a set of texts created on the Web, if we are talking about a copywriter.

Portfolio what is it

Every self-respecting creative person must acquire their own portfolio. What it will be in the end depends on the sphere of human activity. So, a photographer must have a large number of shots with various scenes, an architect - to show his completed or planned projects, an artist - pictures and so on. In this case, the portfolio acts as a kind of business card that will say more about the owner than any words.

Creating a portfolio, as a rule, is a long and thorough process. It is necessary to select the material so that it is qualitatively executed and demonstrates all the talents and skills of its owner. Sometimes it takes years, and the work folder is constantly replenished. The quality of the portfolio is impressive for a good professional. But it is not always possible to create it yourself. We are talking about models, actors, makeup artists who, without quality photographs, will not be able to find a decent job. No one will even want to talk to those who came without their pictures. In this case, it is important to find a great photographer, most of the success during the casting will depend on this.

Portfolio Creation

Very often, the first thing a job seeker requires is a portfolio. "What is it?" - This is the question that will make all further attempts to prove their professional suitability vain. It is possible, of course, that the director sees an extraordinary talent and wants to be his discoverer, and turns a blind eye to such a circumstance, but you need to have truly outstanding capabilities for this to happen.

Portfolio Types

It can be concluded that the types of portfolios differ among themselves mainly in the field of activity their owner belongs to. Therefore, there is a portfolio of actor, model, makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist, artist, designer, copywriter and others. If everything is clear with the first ones, then you should elaborate on a copywriter. This relatively new and growing profession also requires a portfolio. What is it and why is it so important? In this case, the portfolio is an example of finished texts that the author wrote on his own initiative or to order.

It is believed that those who want to achieve success in this area need to devote a certain amount of time to writing articles for the portfolio. You can work without it, but the payment will be much lower, and the degree of trust is not so high. The customer, having looked at the work, will be able to evaluate the author’s skills and decide whether to trust him with a large and important order. It is obvious that well-written texts will attract a large number of customers.

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