Anaerobic and aerobic respiration

Many women and men are overweight, which must be removed in a short time and with minimal damage to their own health. There is a special technique, which involves carrying out physical exercises to effectively reduce weight.

As a rule, there are two main breathing methods that are used in physical training. The first variety is anaerobic respiration, the second is aerobic respiration.

The main goal of the respiratory system is the production of molecules, which are considered to be energy stores. As a rule, all energy is stored inside these molecules, and when it is wasted, a gradual recovery of volume occurs.
Aerobic exercise at home involves the use of oxygen as an acceptor. For this, the human lungs are included in the process, with the help of which oxygen is absorbed more actively and to a greater extent. The condition of internal organs has a direct impact on the effectiveness of this methodology for weight loss. Regular exercise of the lungs allows you to strengthen and develop activity, which undoubtedly affects the overall health of a person.

Anaerobic respiration is a faster process, since another group of molecules is connected to the work, the activity of which does not require oxygen. Often used in strength training. But these classes are very often accompanied by the formation of lactic acid in the muscle tissue, which is the cause of the onset of pain. To avoid this, it is necessary to increase the load gradually, and exercise regularly.

Not all people have time and opportunity to visit gyms or gyms. Therefore, aerobics for weight loss at home is the best option for effective weight loss. In the classroom, it is advisable to practice aerobic respiration in order to get a good result in a relatively short period of time. During training, quick fat burning occurs .

It should be noted that aerobic respiration must begin at the warm-up stage in order to prepare the body for future exercise. As a rule, the process of burning fat begins after the first half hour of classes. For those who practice regularly, the fat base begins to β€œmelt” after the first 10 minutes of exercise.

To get started, conduct classes about 2-3 times a week. This will be quite enough for the gradual addiction of the body and the exclusion of possible overload. Gradually increase the number of workouts up to 4-5 times. Of course, the frequency of classes is directly influenced by the lifestyle and work schedule. But even after a tiring day at work, half an hour can be allotted for elementary exercises at home.

Before starting classes, choose comfortable clothing for yourself, on which the final result will depend. Of course, there should not be any restraining movement of clothing, pressure elements (straps, tight elastic bands, seams) and loose edges. Clothing should contribute to the activity of the human body. It is advisable to choose energetic music, under which to perform various exercises will be more fun and cheerful. The combination of elements of aerobics and dance movements makes classes more vivid and memorable.
The first shifts in the fight against excess weight and body fat can be noticed after the first classes. An additional massage course, balanced nutrition, water procedures, application of special products to give the skin smoothness and elasticity, etc. also increase the effect of physical exertion.


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