How to set up digital channels on Samsung TV? General instruction

In this short review, the procedure for setting up digital channels on the Samsung TV will be phased out. This algorithm is universal and can be applied to any model of the named manufacturer. The general requirements for the TV hardware specifications will also be outlined.

How to set up free digital channels?

Hardware requirements

Before we figure out how to set up free digital channels on Samsung’s modern multimedia center, we’ll find out the hardware requirements that will allow it to play such content.

There are currently two ways to broadcast TV shows. One of them is based on an analog waveform, and the second on a digital one. In the first case, there can only be one television program on one frequency. The picture is of poor quality. In the second version, there can be several channels. The image quality becomes much better.

Broadcasts can be conditionally divided into cable and terrestrial. In the first version, television programs are transmitted by wire, and in the second - without them.

To receive cable TV shows, the specifications of the multimedia center must include the DVB-C or DVB-C2 tuner. Again, the last one is preferable for the reason that it is the most modern and universal.

If you plan to receive over-the-air television wirelessly, then the DVB-T or DVB-T2 support should be indicated in the device parameters. By analogy with the characteristics of the previously discussed cable tuners, the second of them is preferable.

Installation and switching

To set up digital channels on the Samsung TV with a built-in digital tuner, you need to assemble such a multimedia center and connect it to the source of the digital TV program signal. First you need to get it from the transport packaging. Then install the complete support or fix it at the place of operation, depending on where it is planned to be used.

Next, you need to bring the communication wires to the place of application of the TV. One of them is the power cord. One end connects to the entertainment system connector, and the other end connects to an AC network. Next, a signal wire is supplied. Its connector must be connected to the input labeled ANT IN AIR / CABLE. After that, the device is ready to turn on.

Samsung TV settings.

TV Scanning Order

The next step in setting up the Samsung TV is to automatically search for available television programs in digital format on radio frequencies. To do this, after turning on the entertainment system using the SOURCE button on the control panel, select the signal source, that is, select the item AIR / CABLE.

Next, open the “Settings” menu and select the “Channels” section. Now you need to select "Auto tuning". At the next stage, you must select the type of signal received: cable or analog. We initialize this procedure.

Further, the system will scan the entire frequency range and independently, without human intervention, will find all available programs. In the end, only a request will be issued as to how to save the results. It is necessary to give an affirmative answer to it.

At the final stage of how to set up digital channels on any Samsung TV, you need to check the quality of the broadcast programs. To do this, the entire saved list must simply be gradually switched over and check the quality of the pictures. After that, this multimedia system is ready for use.

How to set up digital channels on Samsung TV?


In this article, the procedure for setting up digital channels on the Samsung TV was described in stages. As you can see, this is a fairly simple procedure; there is nothing super complicated in it. Therefore, to fulfill it without outside help is completely within the reach of everyone.


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