Primer is the foundation of a perfect manicure.

A modern woman should be well-groomed to the tips of her fingers, more precisely to the tips of her nails. Without a beautiful neat manicure, no image can be completed.

If nature has not rewarded you with strong nails of a beautiful shape, you can always use the services of a beauty salon and make extensions. Of course, you determine the material for the procedure, shape, length, design yourself, but entrust the choice of a quality foundation to a qualified craftsman. Rely on his experience.

the primer is

The basis for nail extension is a primer. This is a special material that performs the function of a kind of cosmetic β€œprimer”. He prepares the surface of the plate for applying any artificial coating. Thanks to the use of such a tool, the degree of adhesion to the surface of the nail increases and the life of the finished manicure is extended. It prevents cracking, delamination and crumbling. Surface disinfection is another salient feature of the primer. When building it is very important.

Varieties of Primer

There are several types of framework:

  • Prep primer is used for high-quality degreasing and dehydration of a natural nail. This is a prerequisite for building. The prep-primer does not contain any perfumes or dyes and is completely hypoallergenic. When applying such a product, only the top layer of natural nails is degreased. This allows you to maintain water balance and prevent them from drying out and

    primer application

  • Acidic primer is a tool based on methacrylic acid. When applied, the opening of the scales of the nail plate occurs. Due to this, a strong adhesion to the material for building. A white coating after using an acid primer indicates that the surface has dried and is ready for further coating. This type of primer is used mainly when building acrylic nails. With other coatings it is not used.

  • Acid-free primer is used for gel nail extension. Such a tool raises the surface flakes, as a result, there is a strong bond with the artificial material.

Primer application

Before starting work, it is necessary to move the cuticle away with a special tool, gently cut the surface, paying attention to the lateral edges, and remove the remnants of the cut particles. Then a small amount of primer is dripped into the middle of the nail. This is necessary for uniform spreading of the product on the surface. After that, it takes one to two minutes to dry the primer. Then a second layer is applied and also allowed to dry. The use of any kind of primer does not require the use of ultraviolet lamps; it dries out in air in a short time. Avoid contact with skin; this can cause a burning sensation. After the primer has completely dried, the varnish, gel polish or other coating can be safely applied to the treated surface.

primer varnish

To prepare the nails for subsequent coating, use only a high-quality primer. This will help to get the perfect manicure that will delight you with its quality and durability.


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