Purely male occupations: what can be done from a motor?

Every day, the creation of something with your own hands is becoming more popular. So why not create a special thing when everything has it? At a time when women are diligently engaged in embroidery, sewing, knitting, quilling, men can only tinker, repair, improve.

what can be done from a motor

What to do from a motor?

Some parts in the broken and unsuitable for further use technique can be used at home. Quite often, men have a question about what can be done from a motor. In fact, there are a lot of options, the main thing is patience, the ability to work with technology and imagination.

As one of the options, you can make a great fan out of the motor. Also, people make cars, helicopters and other interesting things from this detail. All that is needed for a full-fledged work (especially for beginners) is special electronic circuits and radio parts. Of course, one cannot do without this belief in oneself and patience. Not the fact that everything will work out the first time, but if you try, the result will please the master for a long time.

Helicopter from a motor

Having decided on what can be done from the motor, it is worth considering how this thing is created. Special stores and spare parts are sold in stores that will help to cope with this difficult task and to understand the little things. Sometimes it doesn’t even fit in one’s head how to make a helicopter out of a motor, but in fact it’s very simple, you just need to pay due attention to this matter.

how to make a helicopter out of a motor

So, to make a solid helicopter, you need to stock up on the following materials: models with drawings, tools, a motor, glue, a power supply and a control panel. If the case is already ready, it remains only to place a motor in it and connect it to the control panel. After that, you must try to launch the helicopter, and then it becomes clear whether it is ready for use or has some problems that need to be fixed. In case of difficulties with connecting the wires, it is better to contact a knowledgeable person, otherwise the details may be damaged.

Men are often interested in what can be made from a motor, except for a helicopter. Consider another option.

The machine from the motor

Making a typewriter out of a motor is very simple. To do this, you need circuits and boards that are sold in special stores. After acquiring everything you need, you can get down to business. There are two options for making a machine: you can make a case yourself or buy a ready-made one that will facilitate the work of the master. By purchasing a kit, a person receives car parts, wheels, wiring, spare parts, a control panel and the motor itself (if one is not available). It is worth noting that it will cost more than buying an ordinary finished machine, but you can also get great pleasure from the process itself.

Thus, it is quite obvious how to make a machine out of a motor - all that is needed is to purchase a ready-made case and place the main part of the car there. Do not forget about the control panel, which must be connected to a toy with high quality. As a result, a person will receive a home-made machine that will be cooler than any purchased one. In addition, it can be improved, repainted and designed as your heart desires.

how to make a machine out of a motor

In addition to all of the above, the charm of making a machine from a motor is that the child will certainly appreciate all the efforts of the parent, after which he will be immensely happy. You can build a miracle car with your children. This is a very entertaining and interesting activity. Consider what else can be done from the motor.


Homemade products (this is how some men call themselves) are constantly trying to absorb as much new information as possible in order to make something new. It is not surprising that they are interested in how to make a fan out of a motor. To successfully carry out this operation, you will need the main structural part, a battery, a sleeve, a bulb and two old blanks.

First, discs are used (cut along the radius), then the blades must be bent carefully using fire. For the further stage of work, champagne cork is perfect, which you need to pull on the motor axis. After that, it is necessary to attach the blades to it and build a stand for the fan. A motor and all other details will be glued to the latter. Here is such an easy and interesting way to make a fan.

how to make a fan out of a motor


Thus, it is obvious that you can make a lot of amazing things out of a motor. The main thing is desire and patience. In addition, do not be incredulous about fantasy and intuition. No need to be afraid to spoil the product! We’ll advise beginners to use old unnecessary things (as is the case with a fan). Experiment, you will succeed!

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