DIY PVC window installation: installation technology, instructions, tools

PVC windows, which are more commonly used as double-glazed windows, are extremely popular today. Which is not surprising. Such structures have many advantages over old standard wooden windows, which today for the most part not only have a rather unsightly appearance, but are also not able to fulfill the functions assigned to them. So, apartment owners strive to replace outdated structures in order to make their house warm and quiet inside and beautiful and modern outside.

Today, the cost of services of professionals in the field of construction and repair is extremely high. Perhaps this explains the fact that now many are trying to carry out such work on their own, without turning to specialists for help. Of course, far from everything can be done with your own hands, especially in the absence of appropriate skills. However, there are works that can easily be done by a home master, despite their apparent complexity. Among them - and the installation of PVC windows. Almost every homegrown craftsman can independently carry out such a procedure. The main thing is to correctly follow the technology of the process, carefully observing all its requirements. Which, in fact, is quite simple to do if you have instructions for installing PVC windows before your eyes. Competent and detailed. And if there is none, we suggest you familiarize yourself with our article, in which we want to talk in detail about what constitutes a procedure such as installing a PVC window with your own hands.

do-it-yourself pvc window installation


Installation of PVC windows is a work that many home craftsmen are afraid to do due to the seemingly extreme complexity of the process. It is worth noting, completely in vain. Not so difficult, as it seems to some from the outside. Moreover, when installing double-glazed windows, even no special tools are required. So, almost the usual set of home masters, which is available in every house (in more detail we will dwell on it below). The procedure itself includes several stages, including preparatory. To summarize, it looks like this: first you need to correctly conduct all measurements in order to acquire the “correct” double-glazed window; then it is required to prepare an opening for installation, to carry out installation of a window and its accessories; then refine the slopes. All these procedures (with the exception of the latter) take professionals only two to three hours. The home master, of course, will have to work longer, but during the day he can quite cope with the task. But since installing a PVC window is still half the story, because after installation you still have to mess with the slopes, it’s better to count on a few days. Say, devote a weekend to this business.

So here we go. With measurements.


To install the PVC window with your own hands went smoothly, you need to correctly calculate the dimensions of the structure. The fact is that you will have to order double-glazed windows, since it is unlikely that you can simply go to the store and buy them. You can, of course, call the specialists of a company that manufactures and installs windows, however, firstly, you will have to pay for it, and secondly, such companies, as a rule, provide comprehensive services - from measurement to production and installation of every PVC window ordered from them. Due to fierce competition, prices are almost the same for almost everyone today, and they usually charge about 30% of the cost for installation. As a rule, this is about $ 50 on average. And if you decide to save, then you have to do everything yourself. Including calculate the size of the future glass. And in order to do this correctly, one must first study the old structure and the opening itself, because it happens in two forms - with the so-called quarter and without it. This is a special design that is present on the sides of the opening. To find out, you must first remove the cashing from the old wooden window. And then measure the width of the old frame, first from the side of the room, and then from the side of the street. If the result is the same, there is no quarter. If there is a difference, then there is a similar design. From here and dance.

With a quarter, the height of the future window will be the same as the opening itself. But to the existing width should be added three centimeters. In its absence, the double-glazed window should be shorter by five centimeters and already by three. This difference makes up the so-called clearance. When installing PVC windows, it is necessary, since the installation of such structures is carried out using foam, and it requires a space between the opening and the frame itself.

installation of pvc windows

Well, in the case when it comes to a new building, then at the moment the technology of building houses does not provide for the presence of such a structure as a quarter. That is, you will have a clean window opening. Feel free to measure its dimensions vertically and horizontally and go with them to the company for the manufacture of PVC windows. There, experts themselves will carry out all the necessary calculations.

Optional accessories

Since the correct installation of PVC windows is impossible without the presence of additional elements, when ordering a design, you should definitely pay attention to this. Plus, to the double-glazed window itself, you must additionally be provided with accessories, a special seal, an installation profile and a window sill with a tint. As for the last two additions, here you need to know some nuances.

These elements are available in several standard options (in width). Therefore, it is enough to measure the existing old design, and then choose the one that suits you. As for the length, it is better to take elements with a margin of at least twenty centimeters. You can cut off all the excess when the installation of the PVC window sill itself is carried out directly. Well, low tide, respectively.

After the design is ordered and the terms are agreed, you can begin to prepare. Of course, you can only clear the window opening from the old frame just before installing the new double-glazed window. There is no need to explain that sitting in a windowless apartment for a week is impossible. The installation time of the PVC window, as we already mentioned, is about three hours with specialists. Even if you are transported without experience, all day, but the old frame needs to be removed, of course, only before the installation of a new one. But to prepare everything necessary for the process should be in advance.

installing pvc windows yourself

So what do you need?

Toolkit and materials

When installing a PVC window with your own hands, the master should have a certain and, most importantly, a mandatory set of tools and materials, without which the installation process will not be possible. Therefore, you should take care of the acquisition:

  • Drills.
  • Assembly gun, which will be needed during the procedure of foaming seams.
  • Building level.
  • Chisels.
  • Rubber mallet.
  • Stapler.
  • Hacksaws for metal.
  • Professional foam mounting.
  • Watertight tape.
  • Self-tapping screws, the length of which should be at least 12 mm.
  • Mounting wedges.
  • Laminated foil with waterproof tape.

This is the basic set that is required when a simple installation of PVC windows is carried out. If you plan to mount the structure using anchor plates, then you naturally need to attend to their acquisition. In this case, you should pay attention to their strength. It is advisable to buy fasteners made of thick metal, since the installation of PVC windows, which have a sufficiently large weight, and not some light hanging structures, will still be carried out.

installation of pvc window in a wooden house

Preparatory procedures

So, new double-glazed windows have been delivered to you, which means that you can begin the preparatory work. First of all, you need to free the room from furniture. DIY PVC window installation is a procedure that requires a large amount of free space, so we remove everything that is possible from the room. Then you can begin to dismantle the old structure. Naturally, it is quite possible that the installation of PVC plastic windows will be carried out in a newly built house with new window openings. In this case, this stage, of course, is omitted. However, most often home craftsmen are interested in exactly how to install a PVC window instead of a wooden frame that has expired. And for them, the information presented below will be extremely valuable. Although there is a statement that breaking is much easier than building, nevertheless, everything must be done wisely so as not to damage the window opening. By the way, he will suffer quite a lot without it, so try to carry out the dismantling procedure as sparingly as possible.

Delete the old window

If the wooden structure is so dilapidated that the glass literally almost falls out, then they must first be removed. To do this, first remove the glazing beads that are holding the glass. If it is still quite durable, then you can try to remove the existing sashes with the glass from the hinges. However, be careful. It’s better to get rid of the glass, so as not to accidentally damage your skillful hands. As a result, a window without sashes and a window sill should remain in the window. Arm yourself with a hacksaw or, even better, a grinder equipped with a circle on concrete, and saw through the old frame in several places. Then remove it in parts with a pry bar. As a result, the window sill will remain. Do the same with him. First, cut it out, and then break it out. A window sill made not of wood but of concrete can bring a problem. In this case, of course, you have to tinker. And best of all, a jackhammer will help to cope with the problem. In the absence of the latter, use a grinder and a puncher.

After the old window is removed, carefully inspect the opening. Remove from it all sticking pieces of reinforcement, fragments of plaster. In general, make sure that, despite the somewhat unsightly appearance, it will be a reliable basis for the new design. Well and, naturally, remove all dust and dirt.

pvc windows installation instructions

Next, you can begin to prepare a double-glazed window.

Preparing a new window

Professionals install PVC windows almost always without disassembling them. Which is understandable, because they already have considerable experience. It is better for the home master to play it safe and remove the opening flaps from the hinges, and directly remove the double-glazed windows from the deaf. Many are afraid of this procedure, however, there is nothing complicated in it. To remove the sash, just remove the pin, which is located in the upper hinge. To extract it, it is enough to have only pliers (hooked and pulled). And then remove the sash from the bottom hinge. As for glass, there are also no difficulties. It is only at first glance that the PVC window seems to be a monolithic structure. In fact, it has exactly the same glazing beads as in wooden. This is a plastic frame located on top of the glass. It is enough just to pick them up with a knife and push them out of the grooves. Then get the glass.

Of course, the installation of large structures is not always required. In private homes, sometimes a single-wing small window is replaced. In this case, you can not be puzzled and proceed with the installation without disassembling it.

After the window is prepared, you need to remove the protective film from the outside. All. You can proceed directly to the installation.

Types of installation

There are two of them. The simplest is fixing the frame directly to the opening using dowels. The second is installation using anchor elements, which are first mounted on the inside of the frame and then attached to the opening. Professional masters in some cases combine both of the presented methods, which does not contradict the requirements of the technology. We will try to tell in detail both about that and about another option.

clearance when installing pvc windows


First, construction wedges are laid out on the lower surface of the opening, that is, in the place where the window sill will be located. The prepared frame is inserted into the opening, leveled using a building level and marking is carried out. That is, they mark on the wall the location of either the holes for the dowels, or the mounting anchors. Then the frame retracts. Further, the algorithm of actions depends on the selected installation method. If it is planned to be fixed with dowels, then a hole is drilled for them at the place of the marks for the corresponding diameter. In those cases where installation using anchor plates is provided, professionals recommend that you first hollow out the recesses for them, and then drill holes for the screws. Why is this needed? Yes, so that these same plates do not protrude very much above the surface of the slopes. If this happens, it will significantly complicate the finishing process.

When everything is prepared, re-insert the frame. Just before that, you need to glue it on the sides with a waterproof tape. Then fix the frame on the sides with construction wedges, carefully align. After which they are finally fixed (either with dowels directly, or with anchor screws with self-tapping screws). Moreover, experts do not recommend dragging out these elements much. It is even better if the head of the anchor or dowel will protrude a millimeter above the surface. As soon as it becomes clear that the structure is solid and set exactly to the level, the removed glass and sash are returned. Then with the help of mounting foam fill the gaps on the sides and top, without forgetting to remove the wedges.

As for the foam itself. It must be filled carefully so that there are no voids left. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to do this in excess. Therefore, it is best, especially considering that this is the debut of a home master, to carry out this procedure with short breaks. They filled half a meter - they waited a little, at least twenty minutes. Foam tends to expand over time. And if you made a mistake the first time, then in the subsequent it will be much easier to regulate its flow.

From the outside, after the installation of the window, the ebb is installed. On the same foam. And for greater certainty, they are also screwed with self-tapping screws to the construction wedges, which, as you remember, remained with us at the bottom of the structure. As for the window sill, first it is measured in length, and the excess is cut off. Then insert under the lower edge of the frame. It is enough to bring the window sill under the window for only two or three centimeters. From below the window sill is foaming.

Important! If there is a very large gap between the windowsill and the lower edge of the window opening, it is not recommended to fill it all with foam. It is best to lay wooden blocks. Or even bricks. And after that, fix the structure with foam, without forgetting, of course, to set it up according to the level.

On this, the installation process can be considered completed. Now for a day about a double-glazed window it is better to forget and not touch it, so that, clapping without the shutters of a new window, not to violate the integrity of the structure. Then you can begin to remove excess foam and finish the slopes.

And then we will talk about some features of the installation of double-glazed windows in wooden buildings and on balconies.

Installing a PVC window in a wooden house

Here there are some nuances that are due to the fact that wooden buildings, due to the characteristics of the material from which they were erected, are able to shrink. Logs can practically move at a temperature difference, contributing to the deformation of window and door openings, walls, etc. Which can cause the appearance of all kinds of flaws in double-glazed windows. For this reason, in the first year after the completion of construction, they are not installed at all. PVC windows in a wooden house, in addition, are not mounted directly in the window opening itself, but in a special design. It is called casing. Simply put: first, a special wooden frame is made of well-dried material. Then it is inserted into the window opening, aligned and fixed. After that, a PVC window is already mounted in it. This casing will reliably protect the glass from deformation and the appearance of flaws. Which, you see, is very important, especially when you consider the cost that PVC windows have. Prices for even the simplest designs, albeit not sky-high, but still impressive - on average, a small window costs about two hundred dollars. And under such protection, the window is not afraid of any shrinkage.The only thing to consider is that the gap between the window and the casing is recommended by experts to leave more - at least 5 centimeters on each side. In all other respects, the process of installing a double-glazed window is the same as described above.

easy installation of pvc windows

Installation of PVC windows on the balcony

Glazing of the balcony also has some specifics. If an integral structure is inserted into the window opening, then the PVC frame on the balcony consists of several parts that need to be fastened together. This is done with the help of anchor rails, and some experts additionally recommend smearing the joints with liquid nails. Since the lower part of the windows is installed directly on the railing, it is necessary to carefully check their integrity and strength before installation. And if necessary, carry out the necessary repairs. After this, a frame of wooden timber is built, firmly fixing it around the entire perimeter of the balcony. Then a visor is attached from above from the outside. Next, PVC windows are mounted, which are attached directly to the beam. First, the front group is installed, after which they proceed to the installation of the side ones. As for the mounting method, either of the two described above is used at one’s own discretion. The only thing to consider is that it is better to make at least four attachment points on the sides, and at least three on one window on top. The gaps are also foamed, after which an ebb is installed on the outside, and a window sill is installed on the inside. As you can see, everything is quite simple.


We tried to tell as much as possible about how to install a PVC window in a concrete opening, in a wooden house and on the balcony. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the procedure. With skilled hands, dealing with it is quite simple. We hope that now, after reading the detailed instructions, the installation process will be quick and easy.


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