Car dealership "Vavilov City": a divorce or not? What do the reviews say?

Most people think about buying a personal car. As a rule, it is acquired for a long period of time. Because of this, choosing a car becomes very difficult. Since the car is a means of increased danger, when choosing the most often focus on whether it can provide a comfortable, safe ride. Also, potential customers are interested in learning from reviews whether or not a divorce has occurred at the Vavilov City car dealership. After choosing a car, you need to find a place where it will be purchased. Below will be described auto show "Vavilov City".

vavilov city car dealership divorce or not

About car dealership

Car dealership "Vavilov City" offers cars of different cost and classes. Here are the models that are most in demand in Russia. Among them there are cars of brands Ford, Renault, Toyota, Kia, Mazda and others.

All customers after contacting a car dealership are satisfied with the high quality of service and the number of services provided. There are situations when a visitor cannot decide on a car. Then the consultant of the dealership will help him in this, telling about all the advantages and disadvantages of all models in a certain price category.

In the Vavilov City car dealership in Moscow, according to reviews, you can arrange a car purchase on credit. It is quite convenient. Lending in this car dealership has several advantages:

  • No need to provide a lot of documents and a certificate of income.
  • The car dealership cooperates with most banks that have an excellent reputation, so you can choose different lending programs.
  • Minimum down payment is 0%.
  • If possible, you can make all payments ahead of schedule.
  • The answer to the application can be found in half an hour.
  • When applying for a loan, you do not need to apply for a CASCO.
    vavilov city car dealership divorce or not reviews

Trade-In Program: Milestones

The Vavilov City car dealership in Russia in Moscow has a Trade-In program. It allows you to exchange your car for any of those presented in the showroom. In this case, you will need to pay the difference in cost. The exchange program has recently gained immense popularity, since the sale of an old car is much faster. How does the program work?

Initially, you need to fill out and send an application on the site, where you must specify all the information about the car that is required. After that, the company manager will contact the potential client and answer whether the offer is interesting or not.

After that, you will need to come to the car dealership, where experts will evaluate the car. Whether there is a divorce at the Vavilov City car dealership or not, it is at this stage that customers think about this. No need to worry - specialists using special equipment will check the technical and body condition of the car. Also, a separate paragraph checks the documents. After conducting diagnostics and verification, the client will be told the value of his car without cheating.

reviews about car dealership vavilov city

If the proposed amount does not suit the client, he may refuse to continue the transaction. If everything suits you, registration of the contract of sale begins, and the car is deregistered. The client at this time can start choosing a car and evaluate how much you will need to pay extra. Many customers buy a car under this program on credit. Then, instead of the down payment, you can turn in the old car.

Recycling program

At the Vavilov City car dealership, you can also turn in the old car under the state recycling program. So you can get a significant discount on the purchase of a new car. Many, before agreeing to such an option, think for a long time about the divorce at the Vavilov City car dealership or not. But the salon does not act to its own detriment - the program aims to remove old cars, the resource of which is coming to an end, and they no longer pass according to modern standards.

Program Benefits:

  • The client only needs to drive his car, and car dealership employees will do the recycling.
  • So you can buy a new car is much more profitable.
  • Experienced specialists will appreciate the real condition of the machine.
  • The whole process takes a minimum of time.
    car dealership vavilov city russia moscow

In order to hand the car into recycling, you first need to drive it to a car dealership. It should be fully equipped and move on its own. After you need to conclude an agreement with the company and pay the state fee. Based on information from user reviews about the Vavilov City car dealership, after that it is already possible to purchase a new car for which a discount will be provided.

Loan processing

At the dealership, you can get a loan to buy a car, if you can’t immediately pay the full amount. The company has a special lending department. There you can choose the right program and calculate monthly payments.

Advantages of buying a car on credit at Vavilov City

Making a loan at a car dealership has several advantages:

  • There is no need to search for profitable programs on your own, select conditions and calculate everything. This will be done by employees of the credit department.
  • All partner banks of the car dealership have a good reputation and a huge list of satisfied customers.
  • Registration of a transaction is quick, and you do not need to provide a lot of documents.

Making a loan on more favorable terms

Everyone at the stage of getting good for a loan of money wonders whether there is a divorce in the Vavilov City car dealership or not. Do not worry about this. After all, a loan to buy a car at the Vavilov City dealership can be more profitable if you buy a model from a Russian manufacturer. Then various discounts will be provided.

car dealership vavilov city moscow reviews

Ways to purchase a car on credit

Car loans can be issued not only at the car dealership, but also online. To do this, you need to send an application, and if it is approved, then it will be possible to continue processing. Also on the company’s website you can calculate the approximate amount of loan repayments using a special calculator. In this case, you don’t have to wonder whether or not a divorce is at the Vavilov City car dealership, because you can pay for a car upon receipt.


At the Vavilov City Motor Show you can buy any car of interest on favorable terms. Not only new copies are available here, but also with mileage. The number of cars is constantly replenished.


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