Types of Chinese Noodles: Names

In our article, we will look at different types of Chinese noodles. This information will be useful for those who like instant dishes, and also want to experiment with new ingredients. Chinese noodles are a wonderful healthy ingredient.


One of the ancient foods is Chinese noodles, the types of which we will consider further. The first mention of it dates back to the Han Dynasty. By the way, then wheat noodles were called "soup cake."

chinese funchose noodles

In 2002, archaeologists found an ancient clay bowl. It contained well-preserved Chinese noodles. According to the results of research, it became clear that it was made from millet and bristle flour.

Making noodles

Such pasta is made from pulp starch, wheat, and rice. In the southern part of the country, rice noodles are made from rice flour, and in the northern part from wheat.

When wheat is cooked, eggs are added to the dough. When preparing rice noodles, only water and flour are mixed. After which the mass is washed in alkaline water. The next step is to knead the dough with the cereals. Adding the latter is necessary to give texture or color. To this end, tapioc, egg white and arrowhead are also added to the dough.

The next stage is the formation of Chinese noodles (its types will be discussed below). It is carried out in five ways. The first is extrusion. In this case, the dough is driven through a perforated press. As a result, the noodles become in the form of threads.

When cutting, the dough is rolled into a thin layer. Further, it is cut into strips of the required size. There is also a method such as cutting. In this case, the dough is rolled up. Then quickly cut small leaves into already boiling water. There is another way - this is rolling. In this case, the noodles get the desired shape by rolling out the dough (a small piece of it).

funchose and udon


What kinds of Chinese noodles are known? Funchoza. This is a thin glass vermicelli. It is prepared either from golden bean flour or from rice. Funchoza is not boiled, but only soaked in boiling water for seven minutes. After that, gently washed in water. In salads, funchose is combined with green onions, seafood, daikon, fish and carrots. Also, such fried noodles are combined with beef, mushrooms and vegetables. Funchoza can be deep-fried. It will turn out in this way a great beer snack.


Thin and even noodles. Outwardly, it can resemble spaghetti. Prepared from salt, water and flour. Sometimes made from beans and rice. Somen is often served with all kinds of broths (chicken and mushroom).

Chinese buckwheat noodles

Looks like a Japanese soba. But only this noodle is flat. Looks great in hot dishes and soups. Emphasizes the mild taste of buckwheat noodles rice vinegar, sesame oil or soy sauce. Can be fried with vegetables.


Continuing to consider the types of Chinese noodles, we will tell you about udon. This is a flat thick noodle. For the first time it was mentioned not in China, but in Japan. Often with udon, soup is prepared on a dashi broth with ikombu tuna chips.

chinese udon noodles

Egg noodles

What other types of Chinese instant noodles are known? For example, egg. Distinguishes this noodle from other pronounced egg flavor. This is especially to the taste of the Chinese. Often, egg powder is placed in the noodles instead of eggs. Despite this, it still has an appetizing yellow color. Egg noodles are a universal ingredient for many dishes. It is combined with vegetables, meat, and seafood, and poultry.

It cooks quickly - only three to four minutes. You can cook in a hot broth. Then you can add boiled egg and greens to the noodles.

Types of Chinese Noodles (Egg):

  1. Oily. Made from wheat flour, add eggs.
  2. Thin noodles.
  3. Yimen (fried noodles).
  4. Mianbao (made in the form of stripes).
  5. Jushengmyan. Noodles are made from dough, which is beaten off with a bamboo stick. It is considered a rare species.
  6. Xiajimian (noodles with caviar).
egg noodles


Such noodles are an important component of a popular dish - Vietnamese pho bo soup. Also in this dish there are thin ribbons of meat, soy sauce, beef broth and ginger. Served with lemon and green onions.

Note that pho bo soup is not cooked. That is, all components are sent to a boiling broth a couple of minutes before being ready.

Consider the types of Chinese noodles (rice):

  • messian;
  • gotyao (made in the form of thin stripes);
  • vermicelli;
  • shahefen (wide stripes);
  • life (translucent, thick in diameter, round).


Chinese wheat noodles are of the following types:

  1. Cat ears. The shape of the noodles really resembles the ears of a cat.
  2. Sliced ​​wide. The way to cook it is by cutting. What is this noodle? Short flat strip.
  3. Lagman (folded manually noodles).
  4. Beef. It looks like spaghetti.
  5. Mianxian. This is a thin salty noodle.
  6. Shenmian. It feels soapy to the touch.
  7. Tsumyan (thick variety).


Let's look at what starch noodles are. The types of it are as follows:

  • dongfen (thin machine);
  • fensy (transparent thin);
  • fenpi (transparent, wide);
  • lanpi (transparent, noodles are made from seitan waste);
  • laoshufen - thick, the diameter of one product is three to five millimeters.


How to use Chinese noodles, the types of which we examined above? Usually it is boiled in water. In this case, salt is not added to it. After all, this component is already in the test, from which Chinese noodles are made. These pasta can also be deep-fried. Also, noodles can be fried already cooked. Serve it with gravy, a variety of sauces. It is also added to soups, meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

kinds of chinese noodles

Little conclusion

Now you know what kinds of Chinese noodles are. Cooking with a photo will be easier. We hope you find this article interesting.

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