Procurement Manager Resume: Sample, Example. Responsibilities and Achievements of Procurement Manager for Resume

In order to be able to get a position as a purchasing manager in a reputable company, you need to have many professional advantages. But the very first thing potential employers pay attention to is a resume. Procurement managers in large companies are chosen with great care. This means that the filling out a document representing a new candidate will be treated very carefully.

For those who want to find a decent job, we will tell you in an article what to consider when filling out a resume for a procurement manager and how to profitably present your professional talents.

Procurement Manager Resume

Procurement Manager

The procurement manager in any organization is a fairly responsible job. They try to approach the choice of this specialist with special attention. It depends on him relations with suppliers of goods, material assets, consumables, raw materials and so on. It is he who must look for the most profitable options for cooperation and organize the proper paperwork according to all the rules of accounting and financial reporting.

In addition, the named specialist must negotiate, knock out various discounts and bonuses for his organization, provide all the necessary structural units of the organization on time , and also monitor the quality of the products received. Therefore, the resume of the procurement manager should contain a lot of information about the candidate for the position.

sample procurement manager resume

The importance of filling in correctly

When the organization’s personnel department starts searching for a potential employee, it usually searches for the most complete information about the person. So, the less data is contained in the resume of the procurement manager, the less likely it will be invited for an interview.

In many organizations, by the way, half-empty forms are simply thrown out without consideration. In addition, each company may have its own key factor by which it selects a candidate for the position. Therefore, the completeness of this document should be at the highest level.

Responsibilities of Purchasing Manager for Resume


The most important part in a resume for any personnel service is the job experience of the candidate. The bigger it is, the better. Describe in detail all the jobs related to the position and the terms of employment in these organizations.

It is advisable to indicate the full name of the companies, as well as their legal address and telephone number. Some recruits prefer to call out former employment places and make inquiries about their candidates. A positive response from a previous employer would be very good help. It is also advisable to explain the reason for leaving the previous work. But you need to explain it reasonably - do not go into details if every organization fired you with a scandal.

Do not write in this section about positions and jobs that are not related to the resume of the procurement manager. Example: if you worked for six months as a fitness trainer. For this place of work, such an experience is unlikely to be of informational significance.

You should not describe in detail those places in which you worked for a short period of time. This is especially true when a person has changed a dozen firms within six months.

Procurement Manager Resume Example

Human qualities and personality characteristics

This section should not detail your personal data. A few particularly distinctive features are enough. Sociability and punctuality can be found in any resume. This wording has long been annoying recruiters. Describe in detail your achievements.


The sample resume of the procurement manager must contain information about education. But the importance here is mainly its degree. People with a specialized direction do not always go to such a position. Often education relates to completely different spheres of life, so it’s better to describe all the courses that you took in this area. Further training, workshops and coaching for managers are the most beneficial information for a specialist of this type.

Procurement Manager achievements for resume

Skills and Achievements

Recruiters read this section especially carefully. The sample resume of the procurement manager should include a detailed assessment of your skills and achievements. Do not be afraid to describe here your positive skills and what you learned from past work experience.

Describe in detail all your responsibilities as a purchasing manager . For a resume of this nature, it is important to remember everything you did and what you were responsible for in other organizations. The employer must understand what degree of responsibility you carried before, how much work you can handle.

Also describe all the actions that you performed for the good of your past job. Perhaps among your achievements there were any useful ideas for improving the work of the company, perhaps you brought her a lot of useful and active solutions.

resume for the position of purchasing manager

Candidate photo

Many resumes for the position of purchasing manager are left without a photograph. For some reason, applicants do not see the point in publishing their photographs or choose copies that are completely unsuitable for business correspondence.

But the fact is that the described position is quite public. The contact of the organization with suppliers, their loyalty, quality and cost of purchased materials depends on this person. So, the ability to stay in public, the appearance of the candidate, neatness, business style are important achievements of the procurement manager.

For a resume of this type, an official photograph in a business suit with an appropriate facial expression and serious pose is very important. Photography often becomes a decisive factor for staffing and superiors when deciding whether to invite a candidate for an interview. To deal with a pig in a poke at the moment in the labor market, few agree. Losing your time for interviews with job seekers who are completely unsuitable for the position is irrational.

Points to consider

The summary should include information about the place of residence, readiness for moving and business trips. It is also necessary to indicate the presence of children and a spouse. Information about the presence of a personal car will be useful, since the manager’s work is often associated with traveling around the city or even regional regions.

Indicate salary expectations. In this case, you will not be disturbed by organizations offering lower salaries than you require. Do not underestimate yourself either. If you are a really good specialist, write in this box a figure equal to the average labor market in this industry. Employers do not like to get involved with people who set the salary threshold too low. It is believed that the person who did this either really despaired of finding a job (which rarely happens with good specialists), or is rather weak in character and not bold, which is unacceptable for this position.


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